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Bay Area Book Festival June 3 & 4

A Festival for Books? At Greeneroo, we LOVE books, not just green ones but all kinds of books on travel, geology, conservation, and even the winemaker detective series.

Over the weekend of June 3rd and 4th, 2017, the third annual Bay Area Book Festival will fill downtown Berkeley with a literary extravaganza that offers pleasure to anyone who has ever loved a book.

Whether you’re a fan of science fiction or history, of fiction or memoir, of poetry or food writing, of children’s literature or science, come experience one of the best book festivals on the planet!

There are 86 sessions, many have several speakers, so many subjects and multiple locations.  You’ll want to get your most organized friends to help you plan your 2 day agenda. Some sessions will be full, so go early.

  • For more information on authors, speakers, tickets:  https://m.baybookfest.org
  • Schedule of Writers

Craig Shields, Physicist, Author of Books on Renewable Energy

I hope this email finds you well. I would like to introduce our client Mr. Craig Shields, a physics major with a 25-year career as a business consultant to the Fortune 100 in the renewable energy field. Craig is the author of three best selling books on renewable energy:

Renewable Energy – Facts and Fantasies (2010) – Craig explores the tough realities that our civilization faces in the migration away from fossil fuels.

Is Renewable Really Doable? (2012) is a deeper dive into the imperative to move to clean energy, as well as the challenges we face in the process.

Renewable Energy – Following the Money (2013) – Craig has been hard at work bringing together cleantech entrepreneurs with sources of investment capital, including angels, venture capitalists, high-net-worth individuals, family offices, corporate venture teams, and institutional investors.

Earlier this year, Craig consummated a deal between an Asian industrial giant and a small manufacturer of light-duty electric trucks. In addition, he has gained considerable traction in arranging investments in several other early-stage companies in wind, concentrated solar power, biomass, energy storage, eco-friendly building materials, and sustainable agriculture.

In Craig’s own words:  Several important trends currently affect billions of people, e.g., climate change, ocean acidification, water and food shortages, skyrocketing rates of disease, deforestation, loss of biodiversity – and they all stem from the thoughtless and wasteful ways in which humankind generates and consumes energy. The future will be written by people like you and me who share a level of compassion for humankind and who work hard on its behalf.

Craig is in an ideal position to educate people on the practical issues that we face in terms of clean energy, efficiency, conservation, electric transportation, and smart-grid. To this end, he is a frequent guest of radio and television hosts, as well as a speaker at conferences and college classes on environmental studies and sustainability.