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Safe and Green and on your Skin!

There are so many “natural” cosmetics that use chemicals, preservatives, dyes and unsafe components or processes. There are many alternatives to these crummy products. It is worth the investigation to find the best AND it is not simply a matter of picking a well known brand or a product line that proclaims “green, natural, organic” etc.

For a quick rule of thumb try this…. Read the ingredient list –  IF you can’t Eat it OR you can’t Spell it THEN leave it on the shelf. This works as a guide, but as the ingredient lists are in “mouse print” and often italics on a colored background [yes of course this is on purpose!] then sometimes I can’t read the individual items anyway.

Here is an alternative. We found this company at the Green Fest in SF – and the coconut skin lotion sample smells great, and would probably be a good topping on ice cream. [NO- don’t do that!] Take a look, I think you’ll be pleasantly surprised: http://www.100percentpure.com/index.htm 100% Pure has a huge variety. AND it is made locally, in Berkeley, CA. Wow, I am impressed!