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Buy, Feel Bad, Return…. Repeat

Merchants are quite familiar with days like “Black Friday” and “Cyber Monday,” but now they’re waking up to a much less joyful day—”Chargeback Tuesday.” It’s the day when merchants, and online sellers in particular, get hit with the highest number of chargebacks they’ll see in a single day this year…

Ms. Oink says, “Don’t Be a PIGGY! Buy what you need!”

First, the Binge, Then the Hangover. On Tuesday, ‘Chargeback Day’ Hits Merchants



Let the Holidays begin!

San Francisco is such a beautiful city, and this Tree Lighting ceremony is the perfect way to start off the holidays: friends, carols, lights, music, pagentry, hot chocolate. (Best to dress in layers – it can be chilly!  BAH! My Chicago friends say!)

It is ALWAYS the Friday after Thanksgiving – a yearly tradition for many. Forget about Parking! This fun celebration is usually very crowded and parking is difficult so take BART/Muni and come early to find a good spot  before the celebration begins.  Make sure to walk along Union Square + Maiden Lane and look into the lovely decorated windows.   MAP TO UNION SQUARE