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Buscycle – Group Bicycle Pedal Power

Saluting Pedal Power!
There is a “Ride your Bike to Work” day and gas prices help us “convert” from our cars to bikes everyday! Pedaling can be a mere method or it can be an experience.
Take a look at the BUSCYCLE for inspiration! I have gotten to be part of the pedal team, lumbering along at a top speed of 5mph or maybe slower, it was GREAT. Highly recommended. You can see it at Palo Alto Music events during the summer.
Take a look at their gallery: http://www.buscycle.com/gallery.html

Party bike – Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

If you love this kind of silliness and innovation, its a mash-up that needs your energy (volunteer) and your donations (send a check).

Here are pictures of a Buscycle in Boston. Not the same as the Berkeley buscycle but still loads of fun!

This buscycle is made of mostly recycled and repurposed parts. Most of the group cycles start out that way, because that is the path of most quirky adventures or “invention on a dare!   The motorized car-like lazyboy was just such a project!


And in San Francisco:  SF BIKE COALITION  they have events, maps and news on the latest trends and difficulties of biking in and around SF.

Bike Repair Station at the Library – Opens to the Public

Stuck without tools and need to fix your bike? Lucky for you the city of Mountain View has YOU in mind with efforts to be bike friendly now include a free bike repair station in front of the Mountain View city library.

Let’s implement this Brilliant Idea in more libraries!!   This can be a big help to our school kids and bike commuters. –the editor

by Daniel DeBolt / Mountain View Voice


Photo courtesy of the city of Mountain View.

Now fixed to the cement in front of the library is the “Fixit” station, made by a Minneapolis-based company called Dero. It allows cyclists to hang their bike from the seat post while using various common bike tools that are — hopefully — permanently fixed to the station with steel cables. There is also a heavy-duty bike pump for both types of common inner-tube valves.

“One of our community’s top priorities is to improve bicycle and pedestrian mobility, and the Mountain View Library is pleased to have received a grant to support this effort,” said Roseanne Macek, library director, in an email. “We hope our new Bike Fixit Station will provide a useful service for our community and help establish the Library as a bike-friendly destination. We will also be offering a variety of bike-related programs throughout the summer to educate the public about bike safety.”

For smart phone users, a web address on the station links to Youtube videos with instructions on simple jobs, such as how to remove a wheel and repair a flat tire, adjust your brakes, or get your gears to shift properly.

According to the company’s website, the station costs $940.