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Buscycle – Group Bicycle Pedal Power

Saluting Pedal Power!
There is a “Ride your Bike to Work” day and gas prices help us “convert” from our cars to bikes everyday! Pedaling can be a mere method or it can be an experience.
Take a look at the BUSCYCLE for inspiration! I have gotten to be part of the pedal team, lumbering along at a top speed of 5mph or maybe slower, it was GREAT. Highly recommended. You can see it at Palo Alto Music events during the summer.
Take a look at their gallery: http://www.buscycle.com/gallery.html

Party bike – Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

If you love this kind of silliness and innovation, its a mash-up that needs your energy (volunteer) and your donations (send a check).

Here are pictures of a Buscycle in Boston. Not the same as the Berkeley buscycle but still loads of fun!

This buscycle is made of mostly recycled and repurposed parts. Most of the group cycles start out that way, because that is the path of most quirky adventures or “invention on a dare!   The motorized car-like lazyboy was just such a project!


And in San Francisco:  SF BIKE COALITION  they have events, maps and news on the latest trends and difficulties of biking in and around SF.

Bike Sharing

Update on Bike Sharing, April 2013

At the start of 2013, the U.S. was home to 22 modern public bike-sharing programs. By spring 2014, that number will likely double as a flurry of cities joins the more than 500 bike-sharing communities worldwide. With the expansions of current programs and new openings in larger markets like New York City, Chicago, Los Angeles and San Francisco, the nationwide fleet of shared bikes is poised to quadruple in the next couple of years, from nearly 9,000 to more than 36,000. And with a growing list of American communities exploring the possibility of setting up bike shares, this number is expected to continue to climb.


From 2009:

Information on Bike Sharing programs and tax incentives for riding to work are changing often. Several groups are getting the word out for our California based information, there is alot more information available, this is a start…

TRAVELING?  You could benefit from bike sharing. The best kind of Tour de France! The Dutch had long been sharing pedals, and the French company JCDecaux is providing a way to pick up pedal power in France. The kiosks are located all around town (Lyon was the test city, also in Paris).

Some communities are combing Bike Sharingwith their RideShare programs, these programs are expanding all over the United States.

Canada has Vancity Bike Share among others.

All the Best Bike News!

  • Bikes are everywhere! You’ll enjoy these links, I’m always glad to gather them up to share with YOU!
    For a great local Bike trails map, check out the Santa Clara Valley BIKEWAYS map, it is published by the Santa Clara VTA and are available at most biking events. VTA also has bike lockers. To contact VTA: email customer.service@vta.org  The 24 hour phone number is 408-321-2300.
  • Bike Share, the VTA has a bike share program in three South Bay Cal Train stations: San Jose Diridon, Mountain View Castro Street and Palo Alto University Avenue. Train riders can borrow a bike for the day! CalTrain information is www.caltrain.com or 800-660-4287.
  • Velib is the name of the Bike Share program in France. Each bike is ridden about six times per day, that totals to about 120,000 daily rides – what a great program. More information on Velib and Paris.
  • Pedals for Progress, has donated more that 120,000 used bikes and $10.8 million in spare parts to 32 developing countries. To learn more go to P4P.org  They have stopped collecting for the summer but will start back up in September.
  • Employers are able to give their Bike Commuters $20 /month as a benefit, the employers may write it off as a business expense. This program was started in 2009.
  • From 2005 to 2008 the City of San Jose reported a 206% increase in the number of Bike Commuters  (reported by EucalyptusMagazine.com )

Dust off your bike, and get pedaling. Call a friend help them get started in the wonderful world of biking. It has important health benefits as well as a positive environmental impact and cost savings.