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Think New! Think UnCharted!

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with Nobel prizewinner Randy Schekman, Pulitzer Prize composer John Adams, marriage equality pioneers
Kris Perry and Sandy Stier, social psychologist
Claude Steele, author Adam Mansbach and
dozens of other dangerous thinkers

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UNCHARTED: The Berkeley Festival of Ideas 

Two Days of Thrilling Discussion, Debate, and Dining
October 24 & 25, 2014
“Early Bird” Tickets Now On Sale

Innovators from the worlds of technology, science, culture, food, arts, politics:
two days of conversations and workshops designed to engage and inspire

Uncharted: The Berkeley Festival of Ideas is the Bay Area’s first “ideas festival,” a dynamic two-day public program featuring some of the world’s great thinkers taking on some of the world’s great challenges. The bold exchange of ideas from an extraordinary and varied line-up of speakers, experienced as a series of conversations and interactive workshops, is presented in a festival-style program, combined with exceptional dining and drinking opportunities and exciting Berkeley locations, all delivered at a substantially lower cost than other “idea” conferences. Uncharted, presented by Berkeleyside, happens on October 24 and 25.   **  Tickets are now on sale, with an “early bird” reduced price available for a limited time. **
At Uncharted, new ideas are viewed through the diverse lens of over 40 prominent thinkers representing technology, science, culture, politics, education, economics, the environment, food and all aspects of our lives. There are no “talk-to-you” lectures: at Uncharted stimulating conversations and creative exploration dominate, and participants are encouraged to participate. This interaction goes even further in “Uncharted Lab” sessions when collaborative brainstorming as a group is the format. And attendees are challenged to consider bold provocative new concepts by speakers during “Mind Bomb” presentations.
“Uncharted provides people who are passionately engaged with ideas with an opportunity to engage with some of today’s most provocative, pioneering thinkers,” said Lance Knobel, curator of Uncharted. “The Bay Area has become the world’s leading crucible for important new ideas in so many areas, and Uncharted is the only ideas festival in the region.”
Northern California’s Bay Area is renowned as a hub for creativity and innovation, making it a natural place for an annual gathering of exceptional thinkers who push boundaries and ask questions.

Uncharted, which launched last year and is produced by Berkeleyside, Berkeley’s independent news site launched in 2009, grew from Berkeley’s well-known tradition of challenging the status quo while looking toward the future with optimism. Uncharted evolved out of the belief that the most intriguing ideas – and solutions to today’s big challenges – emerge from the collision of different visions and perspectives. The 2014 Festival represents the blossoming of this concept.

“Participating in the inaugural Uncharted last year proved to be a thrilling introduction to Berkeley for a recent transplant from the East Coast,” said Nicholas Dirks, Chancellor, University of California Berkeley. “On full display was this incredible ethos of innovation, curiosity and abhorrence for the status quo—the foundational elements of what makes this town and its university so unique. A perusal of this year’s line-up makes it evident that Uncharted is picking up right where it left off; great news for anyone interested in unconventional wisdom.”

The Uncharted Festival takes off in downtown Berkeley’s Arts District on Friday, Oct. 24, and lands that evening at a bash in UC’s exclusive University Club, high atop Memorial Stadium. Sessions resume on Saturday, culminating in the closing session on Sunday afternoon.                  Tickets are now on sale, with an “early bird” special price of $290 available for a limited time. The price includes both days of programming plus Friday evening’s gala. One-day passes are available for $205, also including the gala. To purchase tickets, see the complete list of speakers, and find out more information, please visit www.berkeleyideas.com.                                                        

Charting Uncharted: Fact Sheet

Who is headlining at Uncharted?

  • A few of the speakers include: Nobel laureate in Medicine and Physiology Randy Schekman, composer John Adams, food poverty campaigner Saru Jayaraman, aging expert Laura Carstensen, Go the F*** to Sleep author Adam Mansbach, and marriage equality pioneers Kris Perry and Sandy Stier.
  • See the full speaker list.

What happens at Uncharted?

  • The speaker line-up at Uncharted is carefully curated and diverse, featuring innovators talking about their pioneering work in variety of fields – the environment, food, science and technology, social policy, activism, politics and the arts. Sessions are one-on-one or one-on-two conversations with ample opportunity for audience Q & A.
  • The Uncharted Lab is a series of engaging, interactive workshops and exercises where attendees grapple with questions and search for solutions, orchestrated by Jump Associates, a strategy and innovation firm.
  •  “Mind Bombs,” similar to TED presentations, are short, sharp injections of provocative ideas.
  • At the Friday evening gala, the halfway point in the Festival’s schedule, events will relax even further taking on a party atmosphere as festival-goers mingle with each other and with speakers at a special gala at the VIP University Club, perched on the highest level of Memorial Stadium. There will be tasty locally sourced food and delicious wine and beer.

What’s on the program at Uncharted?
Here’s a sampling of conversation topics:

  • Science and the open society
  • Robotics in the cloud
  • The colorization of America
  • What does it mean to be human?
  • The lure of social democracy
  • Can art bridge social and political divides?
  • The future of medicine
  • The singularity is further than it appears
  • Will data swallow all our freedom?

What is the vision for Uncharted?

Uncharted aims to be one of the world’s leading ideas festivals along with TED, the Aspen Ideas Festival, London’s FutureFest, and Sydney’s Festival of Dangerous Ideas.

Uncharted is produced by Berkeleyside, Berkeley’s independent news website. One of Berkeleyside’s founders, Lance Knobel, has a wealth of experience organizing some of the world’s major business and political meetings. He was Director of the Program for the renowned World Economic Forum Annual Meeting in Davos, and has been responsible for the programs of The New York Forum, the APEC CEO Summit, and The New York Times’ DealBook Conference.
Sponsors for Uncharted include AutodeskClouderaDeYoeWealth Management,Berkeley Repertory Theatre, GreenerPrinterUniversity of California BerkeleyBerkeley Startup ClusterDowntown Berkeley Association, and KQED.

Visit the Uncharted website  (www.berkeleyideas.com) for  more information and to purchase tickets.
Watch Video from Uncharted 2013 and hear more about the festival.
Follow Uncharted on Facebook; and on Twitter  (@UnchartedIdeas) to keep in touch and for program updates.

How to Rehab Right, Available online

Check out this great reference FREE Book on repairs, construction, methods and materials – it will help you save the home you love!

In 1978, the City of Oakland published Rehab Right: How to Rehabilitate Your Oakland House Without Sacrificing Architectural Assets. This 150-page book recently became available for download as a PDF on the city’s website. Urban Ore’s owners have treasured this resource for decades, and we’re excited to learn that it’s now freely and easily accessible online.

About Us -Urban Ore!

Our Mission – To End the Age of Waste


Urban Ore’s purpose was set in the 1990s by founder Dan Knapp and Board members Mary Lou Van Deventer and Michael Casady. That purpose, To End The Age of Waste, is now printed on every receipt that Urban Ore writes for its thousands of customers to carry home with them. The board’s intention was to set a high performance standard and lofty goal to carry the company into the future.

Throughout its long history, Urban Ore has worked on building the reuse and recycling industries.  It has been active in the politics of recycling, participating in regional and national organizations as well as countless activist and advocacy actions. It has helped write several influential pieces of legislation that became law by votes of either citizens or elected officials.  It has designed community-scale Zero Waste facilities domestically and abroad.  It has based its works on the concepts of founder Dr. Daniel Knapp, a sociologist who was listed in Who’s Who in Science and Engineering for his development of 12 Master Categories of Discarded Resources.  Some of Urban Ore’s working papers for a Zero Waste future are posted in the Zero Waste Resources section of this website.

Cal Sailing Club Lessons

Learn about wind power and the ocean by sailing! The Cal Sailing Club offers free lessons and you’ll love learning.
Check their website for more details and directions… note: they don’t have a phone.

Cal Sailing

The bay is beautiful and you’ll learn alot.

Beginner topics (covered Saturday and Sunday)
– Land and water safety and CSC orientation
– Getting on and off the water
– Points of sail
– Uphauling, stance, and balance
– Powering-up, steering, tacking, and jibing

Cafe Gratitude

The idea is that each dish is created with care and the finest organic ingredients to honor the earth and ourselves. The name of each dish is something fun and inspiring too:

  • I AM THANKFUL COCONUT CURRY SOUP -with avocado, tomato, cucumber, shiitake mushrooms and cilantro $6.50/ $9
  • I AM FULFILLED LARGE CAFE SALAD – mixed greens and all the good stuff with almonds $13
  • I AM ABUNDANT -sampler plate of appetizers $16
  • I AM WISE – quesadila plate with two handmade corn tortillas,cheeses, guac, salsa, and mexican coleslaw $12
  • many other choices- grain bowls, juices, breakfast, beer/wine

When it is served to you the name of the dish is turned around, so your server says, YOU ARE WISE. This is a sweet, small, welcoming place. It was so much fun to go, the food and smells were fantastic. There are full descriptions and detailed labeling for meals. Parking was very difficult near the SF cafe For more details, check www.cafegratitude.com


2400 Harrison St, SF/ 1730 Shattuck Ave Berkeley / 2200 Fourth St San Rafael and others

Greener Deli Food?

Our efforts to be more sustainable run headlong into tradition and culture. SFGATE writing in their Thin Green Line section, has done a great job pointing out the tortured path of a great beloved Berkeley Deli, SAUL’S,  going greener.
I love this article because it points out that green decisions can be simple but instill anger… which is funny when it all seemed so logical.

Whats the deal? Dr. Brown’s soda – green or gross?! They have switched from all natural to high-fructose corn syrup (nasty stuff!) and artificial junk. So don’t drink it! That seems simple.  Stop kvetching! This deli is making a good choice for their customers. Maybe what should happen is a letter wrtiting storm to demand a better product. Our Berkeley activists are great at pushing for change!  And Saul’s did offer a nicer soda, made in house… sounds yummy.

AND to read it from their own blog, I’ll direct you to SAUL’s: http://saulsdeli.com/deli/thoughts/

Saul’s Location and Contact Info:
1475 Shattuck Avenue
Berkeley, CA 94709

Phone: 510-848-DELI

SaulsDeli at gmail.com