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Hakone Matsuri Festival – Sunday May 21

Hakone Gardens festival URL   | Visitor Information

Address: 21000 Big Basin Way, Saratoga, CA 95070
Phone: 408.741.4994

Hakone Matsuri Festival – May 21st, 2017

The Hakone Estate and Gardens are a cultural treasure, and located in Saratoga, CA.
Japanese cultural presentations include:  
  • Japanese music
  • Martial Arts
  • Japanese food
  • luxury Japanese wedding kimonos (uchikake gowns)
  • kids’ corner – which includes: Origami, Shuji (calligraphy) and Soroban (abacus)
  • Japanese tea ceremony
What’s new this year?  These beautiful luxury Japanese wedding kimonos (uchikake gowns) are available for purchase at a discounted price.  Price starts at $1,500 and up. (The estimate market value is $2,000 and up.)
Some confirmed performance: Tsugaru Shamisen, Aikido, Japanese Calligraphy, Shorinji Kenpo.
Japanese cultural activities for kids: Origami, Shuji(calligraphy), Soroban(abacus)
  • Date: Sunday May 21st, 2017
  • Time: 11am – 4pm
    Advance Admission ticket: only $5. Children aged 4 years old and younger, and Hakone members are free. Hakone members still need to get tickets. Tickets are $10 at the event.
  • Shuttle: 10am – 5pm (The first shuttle departs West Valley College at 10am. The last shuttle departs Hakone at 5pm.)
    The gardens are beautiful and the various events, food and demonstrations are not to be missed!
    Check the Hakone Facebook page for updates.

NOTE: You may not park or walk into the gardens on this festival day, you may take the shuttle from Parking Lot 5 at West Valley College.  Hakone will be closed for vehicle access and walk-in access for safety reasons.


Eco Friendly Sunnies & Readers!

ICU Eyewear is celebrating Earth Day with our new eco-groovy sunnies and readers. Last month, ICU Eyewear launched our first Eco Collection of trendy sunglasses and fashionable readers. The idea of creating an environmentally friendly line of eyewear came about when the creative director of ICU Eyewear, Patricia Kensten, saw Oscar de la Renta’s beautiful corn silk dress for a runway show. This lit a proverbial light bulb for her: through creativity, fashion can be both ethical and sophisticated.

 Fashionable and built with care and eco-ideas…. you can have it all!  — the editor

Today, ICU Eyewear is committed to delivering fashionable eyewear and dedicated to being an environmentally conscious company. To improve our environmental impact, ICU Eyewear became a Carbon Neutral certified company which means that the CO2 emission created by the manufacturing and transportation of this eyewear have been reduced to net zero through the purchase of global carbon offsets. We are also proud to announce that all of our frames and lens materials are fully recyclable. Here is the icing on the cake- a large percentage of our frames are made from recyclable and renewable content. For example, ICU Eyewear takes the plastic that would typically go to a landfill and we reuse it to make new frames. We also have incorporated renewable materials such as bamboo and bio-based plastic, which are more sustainable for the environment.   So put your “green” party pants on and help us celebrate our fabulous Eco Collection line in support of a greener tomorrow. Happy Earth Day to you all!Inline image 1Inline image 2Acetate Stained Bamboo Temples (7100) - icu - Citron - 1-25

The first in the line-up is the Crystal Two-Tone Cheetah Turquoise readers, $23.95 next, the Classic Tortoise Sunglasses $21.95 and the third pair shown is  Acetate Stained Bamboo Temples Citron eyeware $62.95  all are available on ICUEyewear.com. Take a look!

TP! A “tree free” Alternative

27,000 trees are flushed down the toilet every day, and 10 million trees are wasted in toilet paper each year. Imagine the waste alone this past weekend.

Looking to go green, the organizers of Vestal Village at Coachella reached out to Nimbus Eco to provide tree free toilet paper for their “Vestal Village” event guests.

This TP alternative is easy to understand and does not have to be for an event. We can all look at this paperless product because we can each go tree-free, and if you own a company or plan events like I do….. then it is especially important to look a TP in a new way! –-the editor

It’s a topic that Mark Samuels of Nimbus Eco (www.nimbuseco.com/) knows well: running corporate responsibility projects for brands like Volcom, Nike, and Rockstar, and having developed sustainable products like bamboo headphones, he’s an expert on how businesses and startups can save millions of trees and millions of dollars.

“We are actively working on a patented blend of tissue and paper that uses source material grown and manufactured in America.  We hope to have our new, locally sourced and manufactured tree-free paper products available in 2015,” said Samuels. “This will lessen our carbon footprint considerably getting us another step closer to achieving sustainability companywide.”

He began researching and sampling traditional paper alternatives including straw, sugarcane and bamboo materials, trying out new technologies in manufacturing, and combining new materials. They settled on bamboo for its strength and sugarcane for its softness.

So why should startups and businesses go tree-free like Coachella?

Business and startups that go green can get tax breaks from things like the purchase of a new hybrid, plug-in hybrid, lean-burn, alternative fuel, or electric vehicle.

63% of customers are more drawn to businesses that present sustainability and recycling options.

Green options – like providing paper-less bathrooms with products like Nimbus Eco – make for a healthier work environment and happy employees.

Business owners will know they’re doing their part to help reduce harmful waste and save millions of trees.

About Nimbus Eco
Nimbus Eco is a 21st century sustainable paper products company dedicated to eco-innovation. Offering a broad suite of sustainable tree-free tissue and paper products, Nimbus Eco operates by a simple philosophy: To create better products that are truly eco-friendly in order to help the world’s inhabitants lessen their impact on the environment and preserve the planet for future generations. Nimbus Eco products are available  via its sales team and order form, both available on the company’s website at www.nimbuseco.com.

Bamboo Kitchen Products – Sustainable, Reusable

3Pc Bamboo tool Set-Lo Res BambooSteamer chopsticksFrom plastic bags and bottles to wasteful paper and more, everyday products are wreaking havoc on our environment and consumers are becoming more & more aware of the destruction this is causing, and are trying to go “greener.” Bamboo, which is actually classified as a fast growing grass (not wood!), does not require any chemicals, pesticides, herbicides or fertilizers to grow, which makes it a great option for consumers who want to go green. 100% bio-degradable, eco-friendly, recyclable and also light in weight (it’s edible as well), bamboo is a better option for our environment.

In honor of Earth Day (April 22nd), here are  a selection of bamboo products that are perfect for your kitchen to help you stay eco-friendly even when cooking.

The IMUSA Bamboo Steamer is made from eco-friendly material and allows for a healthier way to cook while retaining flavor, vitamins and nutrients. Bamboo steamers are great for cooking vegetables, seafood, dim sum and more. The beautifully woven bottom allows steam to pass through, while the multiple layers allow you to separate and cook a variety of foods at the same time. Available at Macys.com for $30.00

IMUSA’s Bamboo Mortar & Pestle (NEW SPRING 2014 PRODUCT) is an essential tool for traditional cooking and great for crushing fresh herbs and spices. IMUSA’s Bamboo Mortar & Pestle set is natural and eco-friendly, while featuring orange silicone accents for a stylish design, better grip and non-slip bottom to easily grind spices, herbs, garlic and more. Cooking with fresh herbs provides a much healthier and richer flavor when compared to dried herbs. Available in Spring 2014; Target.com for $17.99

IMUSA 3-piece Bamboo Cooking Tools Set is made from eco-friendly bamboo and includes a cooking spoon, spatula and coop to make stir-frying, sautéing, deep frying, steaming and parboiling easier. Available at BedBathandBeyond.com for $5.99

IMUSA Colored Bamboo Chopsticks come in a pack of 12 and are essential for enjoying the perfect Asian-inspired dishes. Add a burst of color to the kitchen table! Available atBedBathandBeyond.com for $5.99

The IMUSA Bamboo Tostonera is ideal for making perfectly pressed Tostones with just the right thickness and shape. Tostones are crispy fried plantains, which are very popular in Hispanic cusiine as a side dish or appetizer. This tostonera easily flattens sliced plantains and prepares them to be fried. Available at Macys.com for $9.99