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Ashevillage Institute and Urban Farm School – Dates

Asheville, NC – During May 4-29; June 1-26; and August 3-28, Janell Kapoor from the Ashevillage Institute and Stacey Murphy, director of the Urban Farm School, are teaming up with renowned instructors to offer month-long community living immersions in Organic Gardening, Herbalism & Wild Edibles, and Perennial Agriculture. While gaining hands-on skills, participants will experience life in community by living together at an eco-urban demonstration site next to downtown Asheville.

Participants dig in on May 4th with the Organic Farming immersion to deepen their understanding of firsthand food production. Topics are on the ground and practical, from seed selection, compost tea and vermiculture, to systemic regeneration and food access sovereignty.

June 1st kicks off a month of Herbalism & Wild Edibles immersion. For four weeks, participants will identify and prepare wild edibles, process and store herbs, forage for mushrooms, make healing elixirs and live more symbiotically within their natural environs. For the long haul, participants can join August 3-28, and engage in the Perennial Agriculture Immersion. They will learn about forest gardening, fruit trees, beekeeping and other animals in the landscape, as well as perennial plant propagation. All three of these immersions are part of the second annual, 28-week Urban Farm School.

“I came to the Urban Farm School so I could start myown farm project. I’m leaving with the knowledge on how to do that, plus so much more. I will neverlook at things the same way again; from how we grow food, to policy, to society as a whole. The UFShas given me what I need to move forward with my dreams, plus the most important thing,community!” –Ollie Fleming,a 2013 UFS graduate describes his experience

At each 1-month immersion, participants will live at the Ashevillage Sanctuary, an urban permaculture demonstration site, featuring: a 30,000-gallon rainwater catchment pond system set amongst natural buildings and edible flora. The Sanctuary is located a few blocks from downtown Asheville and borders 60 acres of woodland trails. It has a beautiful eco-renovated guest house where participants will live, share food and experience community for the month.The visionaries behind the immersions bring 34 collective years of hands-on social and environmental activism to the programs.

Janell Kapoor, Founder of Kleiwerks International, has led natural building trainings for people from over 52 countries. Kapoor is joined by Stacey Murphy, a Brooklyn transplant to Asheville, and founder of BK Farmyards and Farmyard Bootcamp, where she led the inoculation of renegade farming tactics throughout the backyards of Brooklyn. Their team expands into the local
networks of long-time instructors and practitioners who will be sharing practical wisdom about growing food, making medicine, designing systems, and living in community and place.
Applications are being accepted now. For more information on the Immersions, please visit

More details on this program

Ashevillage  hosted the Whole Earth Summit a couple weeks ago and it was amazing, so they’ll definitely be doing more online events.    That’s really something to look forward to!  –– the editor