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Glashoff Sculpture Ranch

Great recycled and inventive sculptures.  You’ll love these events, the whimsy and the artwork collides and turns into something that will make you smile, especially if you bring one home. Hound dogs, wild women, wizards their themes are varied and unique!  Look at their website to get an idea!


Palo Alto Festival of Arts
August 25th and 26th from 10:00am-6:00pm.
We’ll be on the corner of High Street and University Ave,
The next Glashoff Sculpture Ranch VIP Studio Show will be happening on October 13-14th. 
Glashoff Sculpture Ranch
5402 Williams Road
Fairfield, CA 94534




Yerba Buena Art Walk, and its FREE

13 museums, galleries and institutions open for FREE for this special day. 

  • DATE: Saturday June 17
  • TIME: 2-6 p.m.
  • AND….. AFTER PARTY 6-9 p.m.

The Yerba Buena Alliance proudly presents the Yerba Buena Art Walk

Explore the heard of downtown San Francisco’s Yerba Buena neighborhood at 12 locations open for FREE.

This is a GREAT area to walk in, so much to see and do! You’ll love the museums – each is different, creative and awe-inspiring!  — the editor

Win prizes from each institution. Collect stamps from each Art Walk location in your Yerba Buena Passport at the TechShop Even Gallery featuring live band Positively Space Music. Grand Prize winners must be present to win

Schedule of Events

Pre Event Art Walk Reception
12:00-2:00 pm
California Historical Society, 678 Mission Street

Yerba Buena Gardens Festival
1:00-2:30 pm
M.A.K.U. SoundSystem
A Party for the People

Free concert in Yerba Buena Gardens on Mission between Third and Fourth Streets

2:00-6:00 pm
12 locations, 13 institutions

Art Walk After Party and Prize Drawing
Tech Shop Event Gallery
910 Howard Street
6:00-9:00 pm

Prize Drawing at 6:45 pm
Featuring Positively Space Music
(Bob Bralove, Henry Kaiser, Chris Muir)

  1. 111 Minna Gallery
    111 Minna Street
  2. American Bookbinders Museum
    In collaboration with The Mexican Museum
    355 Clementina Street
    Bookbindersmuseum.org, mexicanmuseum.org
  3. California Historical Society
    678 Mission Street
  4. Mirus Gallery
    540 Howard Street
  5. Museum of Performance + Design
    893B Folsom Street
  6. Museum of the African Diaspora
    685 Mission Street
  7. SFMOMA (until 5pm)
    151 3rd Street
    Free admission only inlcudes acess to the pbulic spaces
  8. SPUR
    654 Mission Street
  9. TechShop
    926 Howard Street
  10. The Contemporary Jewish Museum
    736 Mission Street
  11. Yerba Buena Center for the Arts
    701 Mission Street
  12. Yerba Buena Gardens Festival
    Inside Yerba Buena Gardens on Mission between Third and Fourth Street

Museums – Enter a New World

There are so many museum late nights and weekend activities it may be hard to keep track of the details. Here is a little help on finding the artistic, low cost, fun that is at your doorstep:

My favorites first: 

3rd Thursday in Yerba Buena – Downtown SF museums are open late and free or low cost. Special events are often scheduled. The list includes, MOAD The African Diaspora, SF MOMA, The Contemporary Jewish Heritage Museum, CA Historical Society and the Yerba Buena museum. Often Printers, galleries and local shops often join in.

San Jose Museum of Art – just right size, one of the best museums, their late nights are Wednesdays and have a rotating exhibits and  variety.

Asian Art Museum – spectacular space, many weekend family events, The cultural variety between Asia, India, cultures, countries, art, textiles, prints and expressions is inspiring and thought-provoking. Late nights on Thursday until 9pm (from Feb – September – make sure to check exact late dates!)

links to many museums:

International Museum Day:  On May 8  many museums open their doors in the world! It’s the acknowledgement of the importance of museums, with events all over the globe.

San Francisco Bay Area Museums and free days!   (some links are old but most work, just haven’t had time to clean it up.)

Not part of museums, but the variety and location of San Francisco Public Open Spaces is growing and such a relief from the hustle-bustle. These spaces are nice for lunch, or people watching. The sites are dotted all over the city and contain, benches, art, plants and spots to relax and re-energize.

Recycle your CRAYONS!

I didn’t know that you could do this! The Crayon Initiative recycles unwanted crayons and remanufactures them into new ones!  These new crayons are donated to children’s hospitals, art programs and other organizations that are invested in our children.

Art projects for kids and their families can be so therapeutic and relaxing. It takes the stress of a new room or hospital bed and puts the emphasis on fun, coloring, pictures, art. It is really a blessing for a family that is working through health issues with their kids. A small distraction, a way to forget about the pain or fear. I’ve seen many pediatric units covered with crayon art,  it helps.

This is really a cool idea.

How can you be a part of the Initiative?

  • Collect crayons
  • Volunteer
  • Donate Funds
  • Share Your Colors. Recycling unwanted crayons into unwanted possibilities.

Power Up with Corlita Kent

I love this: POWER UP it’s a message from a creative, feminist, progressive graphic artist and teacher named Corlita Kent from Los Angeles. Sister Corlita has a quote for all of us, she tried it out on all of her art students first, by the way:

The only rule is work. If you do work it will lead to something. It’s the people who do all of the work all the time who eventually catch on to things. – Sister Corlita Kent, a Catholic Nun, at Immaculate Heart,  who inspires her students 

Check out the Article: The Movement by Grace Dobush.


Falling in Love with Ceramics – Tactile Matter

Having the DREAM JOB …. then getting another dream. Isn’t it fantastic to be able to keep dreaming. But I bet it’s scary too.  Kenisha Sneed has created Tactile Matter . You can see her artistic eye in these object d’art, they are compelling. I want to touch the bowl of lemons, but of course its just a picture, and the internet has NOT come that far.  I’ll share her quote with you, it’s for her younger self: “Surrounding yourself with the people who inspire and encourage you is one of the best ways to learn and be a better you.” There is something the we all need in handmade cups and saucers and hand loomed textiles; its as if they are alive.  I’ll let you find out more about her…. I have to get back to my 9-5 job.

The works are from local designer and illustrator Kenesha Sneed, who takes pride in her creations featuring quirky shapes and bright colors. She makes everything from cups to bowls to pots and planters each of which appear to be dipped in a transition of color that represent the gradation of ground to setting sun to blank sky (which in this case is a speckled black and white). Some ceramics appear to remind of staring at the Pacific while others could be views of endless desert. Her mugs are particularly special as she offers atypical handles making them certainly standout from your cupboard. Issue 09, page 17 of Maker –Quarterly.


        Image result for "tactile matter"

New Art, Recycled Art, Found Art, Great Art

Pancakes and Booze was a resounding success in SF last weekend. It is a great event full of artists and their art. You get a chance to talk, understand and buy their amazing creations right then and there.

Displaying P1011098 (2).jpg Displaying skyline.jpg Displaying coit stars.jpg Displaying red.jpg

Website: www.jenniferclifford.net
Facebook : Jennifer Clifford Art + Design


We fell in love with this artist’s work, all beautiful using mixed media and great graphics.

Downtown SF – Art, Pancakes, Wine

Its fun and interesting.  You’ll see art being created, meet artists, meet the people than become “live canvases”

 Pancakes and Wine and Art

111 Minna
Saturday, June 28, 2014 8:00 PM

It’s the popular art show from LA with it’s own, only in SF, version. Come join us for over 100 emerging artists, live body painting, live music, a no-host bar, and most importantly, an all-you-can-eat pancake bar. $5 gets you into the door. You can’t even get pancakes at IHOP for that!

“Found Items” into Art at the Albany Bulb

Trash into Art, is a fun way to use what you find to fashion an artistic statement. It’s a group thing. It’s expression of something visual and unusual. It is great fun to come out here with friends and take some time with a great walk
on the Bay  and enjoy the vistas and artistic surprises! 
Explore the Albany Bulb, a mysterious spot with a dark history.  A “hippie-esque, artsy, oasis with spectacular views of San Francisco,” the Albany Bulb was originally a trash dump, but then covered and planted on to create a park/refuge. The restoration of the Bay has been an important part of many areas and communities. Many groups do this, and one of the best long time stewards in Save the Bay. They have events of planting and cleaning up the fragile baylands. The myriad of uses come from these groups, Birders, conservation groups, and nature lovers. This area has benefited from the TLC and attention. Now it features growths of wildflowers and mustard, hidden pathways, and old structures that crop out onto cliffs.
18 Buchanan St Exd
Albany , CA 94710
Some trash remained and artists noticed, turning it into a surreal outdoor open gallery. Take some time to hike around the park and look at all of the incredible and unusual art.  It’s different and some art falls apart and is scavenged for other creations.

Lower Polk Art Night, a Monthly free event

This Lower Polk Art Walk monthly event is different every time, but it’s always interesting and fun.  
Find out more – click the link for the map.
Here’s a map, you can sign up for their newsletter too and that will alert you to special events.
Great art, great friends, new exhibits to explore, perfect night. Often there is music playing, movable events, food and drink (sometimes $ low cost)…. another words it is a local art party.
Do I need to say anything more? Meet your friends at the Starbucks (right near the Nikko hotel) if you are going as a group and then head to some of the interesting galleries on and near Polk street. The exhibits are imaginative and wide ranging and you will never expect the different people and art you will meet.
There are plenty of great restaurants and bars in the area so you can stop and have food and drink whenever you wish. Some galleries have snacks or food for sale. Some places have gone “all out” and have specially made treats and drinks.  You’ll meet the artists and groupies, you’ll get to ask about materials, creative ch alleges and new ideas. The walk has art of all kinds, green art, recycled art, fine art, antiques, floral arrangements, visiting artists, poetry slams and movies. Be prepared for variety.
NOTE: park carefully, there are many posted signs and although most meters stop at 6pm there are others that go til later!

AND MORE Art Walks and Museum Nights: Go have an Art Attack!

SAN JOSE, South First Street -First Fridays  First Fridays is a great stroll, fun for all. It includes bars, businesses, poetry slams, yoga studios and more. It is always changing, so check for details on the link above. LINK: ART WALK MAP   All the stops along the art walk are fun, but don’t miss the Museum of Quilts and Textiles, they usually have an “Art Event” or make and take event, which is great fun! For more fun in San Jose, check this link on cultural events/places.
San Jose Museum of Art:  This museum is one of my favorite in the SF Bay Area. The exhibits (usually 2) are fantastic and usually related in some way. The museum is the “just right” size….. I can walk through it, and enjoy each exhibit. They have night events, and even comedy or other shows for  $5. It is a perfect place to visit, kids enjoy it and there always seems to be a bit of fun or whimsy that appeals to all ages. This museum is free to the employees of the museum sponsors.
*Can you get in free at other times? Call the Membership line and ask! Usually you’ll need to bring a pay stub or business card with your company name imprinted. For Wells Fargo team members I know it is free, however, it is always best to check on hours, special events and evening hours.
Stanford University Art Walk (you can schedule one) or check the MAP and make your own walk.  You can reach Stanford University by CAL TRAIN from 4th and Townsend in SF or various train stations from SF to the Palo Alto station.  The walk is pleasant and can be a great start for a “scavenger hunt” type of adventure with a group. Make sure to visit the CANTOR Art Museum on the campus, it is always free, has some evening hours and many events and new exhibits.