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Telling your Company’s Story

Every company has a story:

  • How did the company start?
  • Who started it?
  • Where did it start? (a garage, an old warehouse, a stately bank building?)
  • Why does it have it’s name?
  • How many employees were there at the begining?
  • You’ll see how history helps shape the vision and values.

There are so many ways to tell the story, and ways to help your employees understand the timing, history and struggles that all work together to make “the company story”.   Take a look at this Wells Fargo website that tells the story of a particular building and the history that surrounds it:

Considered the oldest continuously operating bank building in the U.S., the neoclassical structure known locally as “16 Broad Street” was founded in 1817 by John C. Calhoun, the nation’s seventh vice president. Calhoun opened the bank as a branch of the Second Bank of the United States.

Knowing YOUR company and being engaged in their struggles and triumphs, helps us do better work and get involved in supporting our communities. We can make our work and community better with our great ideas, engagement, energy and volunteerism.