Searching for Green Gifts

This is a difficult time of year to be looking for just the “right” thing for someone special. It is even more of a challenge if you are trying to

  • buy local
  • buy something made of sustainable materials
  • find a product with no harmful chemicals, pesticides, dyes, preservatives
  • and find a present that is FUN to give, doesn’t cost a fortune to ship and is something you might enjoy receiving

Here are some ideas:

  1. Shop at the local Farmers Market, local honey, artisan breads and cheeses and the best chocolate / desserts can be found there. Or grab a bag of organic apples and supply a favorite family apple pie recipe with this yummy gift.
  2. Shop online and get a gift card to a green merchant, TreeHugger has many links and vendors listed.
  3. For dog treats try this: The Leash We Can Do has a great site for dogs.  For more pet related information and news, I’d recommend Pets for the Environment Our favorite low-cost recycled gift for our hound is to gather up all the holey ragged socks and knot them all together. It becomes a favorite pull toy or a chew toy. Since the socks are knotted together our hound, Rosie, doesn’t go after our individual socks. It makes a colorful fun safe toy – tie the knots tight!
  4. Donate at the local Zoo [go online for details], they have a flexible dollar amount and you know the gift goes to feed, care and shelter of our amazing furry, scaly and feathered friends
  5. WWF – World Wildlife Fund has a large assortment of “adoption” programs, how else could you really adopt a polar bear cub? You can go to the Donate or Adopt tabs to learn more.
  6. Take a look at this diverse and “there is something for everyone” site, World of Good.
  7. Stop giving things and give “EXPERIENCES”….  give a redeemable certificate for a Wine Tasting, Spa Day, Massage, Walking the Dog, Cooking a special dinner, a “personal assistant” type service [pick up cleaning, wait for the repairman, schlep the recycling, rake the leaves etc.] Of course, you’ll probably have to make the certificate, but that is a fun and creative thing to do.
  8. Support your local Art Museum, Aquarium, Habitat or nature preserve, give a membership to your favorite place. You can also support a favorite place and turn the visit there into a great experience & holiday gift for the whole family. We love going to the Monterey Bay Aquarium and there are so many membership advantages, discounts at the gift shop, newsletters or the BEST — staying over night at the aquarium. We have done this twice and staring at the beautiful Jellies all night does not guarantee a restful sleep, but is one of the best experiences of my life! There are often discount admissions and group discounts, check the site for current information.


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