In the ArborJacqueline Smith is the editor at Greeneroo. She receives contributions from a network of interested and thoughtful people. She makes her home in the Bay Area [California] but knows that the environmental trouble that is caused elsewhere is a problem at home and the trouble we cause is shared with the world.  The focus for Greeneroo is environment in the San Francisco Bay Area in California, however, we do report on many issues of global significance.

After a summer of fires, smoky air and stress, the Compost Fire of Palo Alto [it is true!] spurred her to get going on this dream of a GREEN site made for all of you.  We may have been told to stay inside during this unplanned burn, but we don’t have to sleep!

… what else would a community of techies do? Viva Blog!

Contribute, question, and get curious. We will keep posting.

“Everything relates to Everything else. “  Arnold Schultz, professor UC Berkeley, Ecosystemology


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