Green Art!

Artists have always been at the forefront of carefully considering their impact on the earth. Photographers often discuss the merits of bringing nature back, by taking a photograph. Conceptual artists portray the problems in the earth through art.  Recycling Materials takes center stage for the artist-in-residence program at NorCal Waste Transfer Station allows artists to rescue garbage on its way from San Francisco homes to landfills or recycling plants.

Many landscape architects use recycled goods to bring the “outside in”, utilizing materials and re-purposing the old into new. At Common Ground an Organic Garden Supply and Education Center in Palo Alto, they recently had a backyard decorating class which utilized dominoes and scrabble tiles in pavers and recycled posts in from bed frames and other indoor furniture into elements in the garden.

Do you buy or use Recycling products in your art?

Do you have a GREEN source for

  • Painters canvas
  • Blank greeting cards with envelopes
  • Matting boards

 Please share information with your fellow artists!


LINK LIST for safe Art Supplies:

Art Kits and Instructions for a great experieince

Vermont Organic Fiber – supplies O~wool

Sketch books, hemp water color paper and more

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