Carbon Footprint for Sonoma Water

WATER!!! This will become the BIGGEST issue for California. Make sure to “stay in the loop”!

Press Release 4/1/09   Santa Rosa, CAThe Sonoma County Water Agency has identified the size of its carbon footprint for 2007 – a total of 12,460 tons of greenhouse gases – down 46 percent from 23,098 tons in 2006.  The GHG reduction is due in part to SCWA’s Carbon Free Water by 2015 initiative which delivered an additional 2 megawatts of solar to power administration and wastewater treatment facilities.  For that, SCWA will receive recognition at the 7th Annual Navigating the American Carbon World conference.  The conference is a landmark partnership between Point Carbon; the California Climate Action Registry; and the International Emissions Trading Association. SCWA is a member of the California Climate Action Registry.  SCWA Directors Paul Kelley and Valerie Brown will attend the conference today in San Diego to participate in discussions on local and worldwide greenhouse gas reduction efforts.

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