Be Greener Now!

IF you had limited time and money [do you like this so far?] then you might want to do the BIG Green actions first right? Here is a list of things you can do right now, that will really help. AND I’ve listed next steps, when there are other actions that are just so important and need to be mentioned!

  1. Stop wasting water. Turn off the Tap. Fill up your dishwasher and run it – it saves water over handwashing. next step…. install water saving devices in your bathroom and kitchen.
  2. Stop buying individual servings of water, drinks, packaged food. Concentrate on water bottles first, they create a mountain of plastic in landfills, and pollute our waterways and oceans. Get a Water Filter instead of bottled water.
  3. Use a clothesline. Summer is coming. Sundried clothes smell great. Give your dryer a rest.
  4. Insulate your pipes, water heater and attic. These are “forgotten” in many homes, and can save alot of heat loss. Use Curtains, and close them at night. Put “draft dodgers” [long padded tubes] pushed up to the doors where cold air leaks in.
  5. Put on a sweater, turn the thermostat down.
  6. Walk. Telecommute. Carpool. Start evaluating if you really need to drive. Consolidate trips. next step... get out the bicycle, dust it off and ride to your destination! It is fun, and you’ll feel great.
  7. Get rid of your grass, put in a small vegetable garden. Some communities offer a “rebate” or reward for doing this. If you advocate – BUY LOCAL – then think about how local this is. Grow your own. If you are really attached to your lawn…. switch to a hand mower. It is great exercise and it’s outdoors.
  8. This is an expensive action item, but so important. If you have appliances from the 70s in avocado green or harvest gold…. replace them with Energy Star appliances. A new energy star frig consumes 75% less energy than the 1970s clunker. Also pick one with the freezer on top or bottom, it will consume less energy than the side by side.
  9. The easiest switch of all, go to Compact Flourescent bulbs. CFLs now cost close to the same as the old style incandescents and use FOUR times less energy. next step… try modifying your behavior to more closly match the suns light… do you really need to stay up till midnight?  You will feel more relaxed and sleep better if you pay attention to your dirunal clock.  AND are their lights in your home that are always left on? Install a occupancy sensor and they will automatically turn off. Our garage light is a culprit, it gets left on and we don’t notice.
  10. Switch to Green Cleaners. Here are some suggestions: ecover – healthy products and company dedication to green. Seventh Generation has a full line of products and I’ve seen them in many grocery stores. Mrs. Meyers products look retro and smell great. Method offers many great products in nice packaging and simple all-natural ingredients.

I just listed my top 10. What are yours?


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