Come on IN, Chickens!!

I love chickens (they eat slugs), I love fresh eggs (they taste better), I love this decision (it’s about time!)

Chickens can now live “un-hassled” in unincorporated San Mateo County. Chickens in unincorporated San Mateo County can now legally come home to roost thanks to a unanimous board of supervisors vote Tuesday that permits homeowners to keep the birds in their backyards.  The unanimous vote, happened Tuesday July 27, congratulations to our supervisors for doing the right thing and not being “dumb clucks”!

The regulations approved by supervisors allow for up to six domestic poultry on parcels that are at least 2,500 square feet and up to 10 chickens and ducks on sites that are 7,500 square feet or larger.

The birds must be kept within property limits and housed in backyard coops no bigger than 100 square feet set back a minimum of eight feet from adjacent buildings. In addition, the sites must be “kept in a sanitary condition and free from offensive odors.”

The board asked county staff to report back within six months to discuss any poultry-related complaints. County Community Development Director Jim Eggemeyer told supervisors that, to date, the county has received “very few complaints and situations involving chickens.”

The effort to legalize poultry in unincorporated parts of the county began in 2009, when a neighbor complained about a couple in Emerald Hills, Jessica Holcombe and Vincent Van Gerven, who were keeping chickens, hens and two roosters on their property.


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