Notes from the Bike Maintenance Class

The free Bike Maintenance Seminar at REI was great and THANKS to my friend  for recommending it. Sign up for the next one!
I learned a lot, the highlights were

  • DONT use WD 40, will encourage rust on the chain
  • Use Tri-Flow (about $4) on chain while pedaling backwards (you don’t need a bike stand) and once it has gone around several revolutions, take a rag and wipe down the chain (all dirt will come off)
  • You can use lube with wax ($5-10) and dirt will slough off the chain
  • Lube after every rain, and every week otherwise (depending on how much your ride)
  • Also in your tool kit make sure to have a tube and a tire lever (yellow ~$2)
  • They have a advanced repair class for ~$85 and you learn brake adjustment, tuning etc.
  • REI members bike tune-up is about $65 for them to do

While I was at REI I learned that there are now digital GPS’ for bikes.  That’s good it won’t tell you to go on the freeway and maybe it will know the “back” paths.

I found a book that I like, with good pictures and clear directions: A Woman’s Guide to Cycling by Susan Weaver, it answers all the questions I didn’t even know I had. It also talks about fitness, which is a good place to start, because I don’t want to give up before I really learn how to love this sport.

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