Autodesk Shows off GREAT Design

This museum is one of my favorites! It has wonderful exhibits that take you on a local tour of great design, innovation, quirky imaginations and offers a wonderful view into design.

Autodesk Gallery is near the Embarcadero in SF and very interesting, especially for a geeky field trip! location: 1 Market St (One Market Plaza) 2nd floor.

There is truly something for everyone: legos, architecture, 3-D printing, art around the world, and fun. They also have a monthly evening event with food, drinks, interesting guest speakers, crafts, and fun (cost about $30).  There is a theme, you’ll find like-minded curious people in attendance!

Make sure to schedule a visit for the museum, whether you try the daytime free, come as you are choice … OR … the have a fun adult night out in the beautiful city, you’ll be glad you came.

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