Stanford Art Walk Tour

This is a great time of year to walk through the Stanford Campus and enjoy the artwork, architecture and scenery.

There is so much artwork, you’ll have to look at a map. There is one available at the Cantor Art Gallery, this is also a great place to start your treasure hunt (aka art walk).

Angel of Grief

Don’t miss:

  • The Angel of Grief sculpture
  • The cactus garden on the walk back to the Cantor
  • Nearby you’ll find the Stanford Mausoleum (make sure to view both front and back sphinxes)
  • The Stone River next to the Cantor Arts is a wonderful 3-D treat to walk in and around
  • The Memorial Church is beautiful and a great place for a quiet meditation (Compline on Sunday evening is worth going to enjoy). there are many concerts here, and services too.
  • You must not miss the ┬áPapua New Guinea sculptures – near Roble and Lomita Dr. this is a bit of a walk through the campus. If it is dusk or night, make sure to bring flashlights to see the amazing statues.

Take a look at this MAP it will help you find all the beautiful sculptures, architecture and points of interest. While you are in the Student Center area, relax and have a organic frozen yogurt. Fraiche yogurt is wonderful and not so sweet as others.

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