Ava Anderson Non Toxic

I’m trying something new!
Finding clean, simple, non-toxic beauty products is a challenge. Ava Anderson Non-Toxic gets it!
To order products at any time feel free to visit Jenny’s website at avaandersonnontoxic.com/JenniferHurst.
If you have any questions please do not hesitate to contact her, she  can be reached at Jsh_stesha@yahoo.com

There are lots of products to choose from, so I picked several items that are “pain points” and harder to find in non-toxic form.

I started out with this order:
1 AVA-BBC02 (BB Cream Bisque (AVA-BBC02))
2 AVA-BA01 (Bleach Alternative (AVA-BA01))
1 AVA-DO01 (Deodorant – 2.65 oz Stick (AVA-DO01))
1 AVA-HS02 (Hand Soap Refill 16 oz (AVA-HS02))


I am so excited to find a bleach alternative, and it is easy to use. Just through the little packet in the washer, Voila!, it is color safe. No muss – no fuss, and you’ll get whiter clothes.

The foundation is creamy, easy to use (do you see a theme here yet? lol), even as I get more tan in the summer it blends in nicely – you don’t need much -and stays put. A great product.

If you are going start going green — get Deodorant without aluminum. This is really important. This one is natural and smells so good.  As for hand soap, this is a “no brainer” for clean hands, don’t rely on anti-bacterials….wash your hands with good soap. KISS – keep it simple sweetheart! 


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