FabMo Fabric Warehouse

This place is quite amazing, and different every time!
FabMo is an all-volunteer, donor supported organization that diverts beautiful designer materials (currently 70-75 tons) from their otherwise destination, the landfill, and makes them available to us…. at a great price. Great for quilters and small projects, there is so much selection. There are also larger bolts of fabric and other related stuff.

Get Involved. You can volunteer with a great group of artists, quilters, decorators – all committed to keeping FABMO going and serving the community!

Get on the email list.You’ll get an invitation, to come browse!


FabMo location:  2423 Old Middlefield Way, Mountain View, CA 94043, Suites C & F, immediately behind Bajis’ Down the Street Cafe.    Map here.

Wondering what you could do with a fabric sample, try placemats or make your own YOGA Mat Holder – to your demanding standards! LOL

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