Make Your Own Yoga Mat Bag

You can give it personality and spunk! You can add pockets or wider straps, pick the fabric, or repurpose a pants leg from worn out pants, recycle some other fabric or buy a remnant.  Use something that you love (make sure it is washable!)

This is a great first project for beginning sewers! You can even hand sew a bag with a running stitch and strong thread. Useful and Easy.

Make a Yoga Mat Bag! (with pictures) 

Use a pants Leg to make a Yoga Mat Bag  p.s. the MAKE magazine can teach you how to do all kinds of projects

Pinterest delves into Making Yoga Mat Bags

Yoga Mat Bag from Old PantsMarimekko Joonas Yoga Mat Bag

  Look what Jenn made! Wow, it is glorious and inspiring! YES, make it your very own. Yoga is better when you make it “Yours”.  (Thanks for sharing JS, it is a “labor of love”!)

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