East Bay Bike Party!

This is a monthly event, full of fun and silliness. The theme and location changes every month.  Google for monthly information. join the FaceBook page or read the blog

The East Bay Bike Party is a monthly mobile party for riders of all experience levels, ages, and bike types, to meet, ride, and play together on the streets.  It will start at dusk, around 7:30. In addition to a fun bike ride, there are costumes, DJs, and all sorts of fun stuff to do.  Mingle with other bikers, stop for a quick bite.  Get to the finish and dance all night long!
NOVEMBER’S party will begin at Frank Ogawa Plaza in Oakland, very close to the 12th Street Oakland BART station and the theme is  all about SUPER MARIO BROS!  In addition to the (safe!) riding we will encounter games villains  and obstacles to overcome at various stops along the way.  Should be an incredible evening. Bring your bike and come dressed as your favorite Mario Bros. character.
Every month is a new theme and everyone is expected to dress up in the theme.  Your bikes too!  You can add lights, feathers, decorate your bike helmet, bring a radio, even bring along your Dog! There is a great deal of latitude and creativity in this party! When the theme is announced we’ll get dressed up (again!) and go crazy on the streets! Drinks and food are easy to find.


* Lights – Rides are at night. Best to be SEEN.
* Locks – Thieves can ride off on unattended bikes. Lock bikes together at the party stops.
* Layers – It’s all outdoors, and the temp typically drops a few degrees by night’s end.
* Water, refreshments, snacks, plastic bag – You’ll expend some energy, and need a way to pack your trash.
* Tube, patch kit, pump, tools – The ride is unsupported, please come prepared.


And if you LOVED this one, try the San Jose Bike Party!   OR the SF Bike Party! 


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