CoHousing and the Bus Tour

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CoHousing is growing, and they have come up with a great idea. Would you like to see CoHousing “in action” but don’t want to drive all over? There is now a bus tour, were you can go in a group and check out several of the amazing residential communities. Each one is different — this is not a “one size fits all” idea. The communities are based on common goals and philosophies and the base their goals on inclusion and integration. It is a fascinating concept and if you have ever lived in a “nameless and faceless” anonymous condo complex you would really enjoy this startling difference. Community, that is what it is all about.  This concept is expanding there are CoHousing communities all over, in Oakland, Portland, Davis, Grass Valley to name just a few areas.

So check out the web site on CoHousing and give Neil Planchon a call at 510-465-7241 (or email to learn more about the tour or visiting a local association.

There are many other ways to experience cohousing, besides the tours, there are homes available for rent and there is a 2010 National Cohousing Conference in Boulder, CO.  Check the site for more information.

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