Gaudi – Mixing Nature, Form and Function

Gaudi Salamander BarcelonaThis incredible Spanish Architect, built creative buildings, interiors and landscapes that worked with light and natural forms.  He created something that is stunning, whimsical, inventive and inspring.

There are so many ways to learn more about him, he is celebrated for his fantastical buildings that were erected in the Catalan region of Spain.  His creations make any visit to Barcelona all the more magical. The iconic buildings and artworks share many common elements, but the inclusion of humor is definately one thing that sets them apart.

Gaudí’s position in the history of architecture is that of a creative genius who, inspired by nature, developed a style of his own that attained technical perfection as well as aesthetic value, and bore the mark of his character. Gaudí’s structural innovations were to an extent the result of his journey through various styles, from Doric toBaroque via Gothic, his main inspiration. – From Wikipedia

gaudi benchesAntoni Gaudi was a creative genius, that helped us experience architecture, art and space in a new way. His work is thrilling.

Google created a “doodle”  to honor him on his birthday this year (2013), he lived from June 25 1852 to June 10 1926.

Visitng his creations would be a “bucket list” item for anyone. Each enthusiast has a favorite, but you can pick your own! The serpentine benches at Guell Park are mine. To get you inspired, here are some of his buildings:

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