Sharing and Collaboration in Traditional Business

dragonfruit We aren’t all so different, but we often separate and enhance our uniqueness so that we might have an edge in business. Times are changing.

Business disruption to corporations is happening through SHARING.  Imagine if we could expertly and efficiently use resources that were dormant in other companies. You wouldn’t buy products but share. You wouldn’t buy CARS but share, it is a subscription model for durable goods. It’s been done by innovators like NetFlix for years.

We can do this for hotels, taxis, cars, tools, and more.

Is this a deal breaker, a crisis OR an amazing new opportunity?

It’s happening at BMW, Nike, Rentalic, Hyatt and so many other places. We are moving from Now to CO-World. A community in a shared experience, collaborative economy, life in a cloud.

Find out about this trend, as highlighted by Jeremiah Owyang at LE WEB. 

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