Bathroom to Bin – What is Recyclable?

Bathroom to BinWhen we think of recycling at home we often think of the kitchen and food packaging.

However, there are a significant amount of the household items that can be recycled can be found in your bathrooms – beauty, bath, teeth cleaning and much more.

Plastics Make it Possible group has created a cool, funny, online interactive application called “Bathroom to Bin” designed to show us what we can recycle. Just roll over the item in the virtual bathroom cabinet and you’ll learn more. As consumers, it’s nice to know you can recycle a lot common types of plastic packaging in your medicine cabinets and beauty drawers, which are often overlooked. It’s a CONTEST as well and you’ll be entered to win a gift card.  Good and good!

You won’t have to wonder anymore IF it can go in the bin or not!  Just click the link to find out.

Please Note: While you are recycling the containers,  that in many communities you may recycle expired drugs (both prescription and over the counter), or medicines that you are finished using but some still remains…. DO NOT pour drugs down the drain or flush them down the toilet… ask at your local doctor’s office,  hospital or police department IF they have a safe disposal method for drugs. You don’t want that stuff in the landfill or water system either!  Take them to official collection sites on National Take-Back Initiative Day, April 27. Check the SMARxTDisposal website for other approved disposal ideas.   THANKS.  — the editor

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