Free Composting Classes

These classes are available all over, check the schedule. You can also register to be a GREEN BUSINESS. For Palo Alto and most other communities, you’ll have to register. In PA, call for location and registration (650) 496-5910 or email┬áIn addition to classes, some areas offer low cost composting bins. All this effort reduces solid waste in the landfill and lowers your garbage bill.

One thought on “Free Composting Classes

  1. Jacqueline Smith Post author

    Palo Alto will relocate its COMPOST to SJ and Gilroy… How green is that Palo Alto? We carefully gather all our garden scraps and send it by truck to GILROY? This is the dumbest, most wasteful idea. OK, there are obligations and contracts, get them changed. Trucking compost around CA at the behest of Palo Alto is dumb. Ask the residents if they think this is a good idea. What next, PA Residents would then drive to Gilroy to pick up compost for their gardens. Ilogical, not local, wastful. Get real City Council…. here they are in the first agenda items discussing if they could possibly use trains to transport compost to Gilroy.
    Huh? LEAVE palo alto Compost in Palo Alto. It isn’t GREEN to do anything else.

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