Recycling! Kars4Kids

What is a car emissionsOld cars make up only 25% of vehicles on the road in the U.S., but did you know that 25% contributes to 75% of all harmful emissions? The answer to this problem? Car donation and recycling. By offering Americans who are looking to be rid of their clunkers curbside pickup and tax credits, organizations like Kars4Kids are making a serious dent in this disturbing statistic.

Millions of cars are now recycled every year in the United States, the metal, plastics, tires, glass, and other materials going to create thousands of new products. Did you ever wonder how many cars are recycled every year, what materials are recycled, and what can be made out of those materials? This handy Infographic created by the nation’s leading car donation charity, Kars4Kids, is all you need to learn everything you ever wanted to know about car recycling.

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