Communications Hill Here we Come!

Urban hikes are fun and this one is no exception. It is part of a new development in South San Jose and included a grand staircase of more than 220 stairs, to get your heart beating faster.
This is a great way to get outside, discover a new neighborhood and build up your strength. It is closer than many hikes that we do on Skyline or at the ocean and shore. It also has the advantage of being close to many different restaurants and coffee places.

MEET: Waterford Park on Sand Pebble and Vistapark Dr. San Jose

WALK: Up Communications Hill, yes it is steep but easier on your knees than walking the stairs first thing! Keep going. Turn right on LINA St (away from the stairs you’ll go down later) and take a loop hike around Altino past the playground, Donnici, a short bit on Adeline, Batista past Azores for a stunning view of San Jose (beautiful at night), continue on until you reach the stairs again,  on Lina St. There are many stairs , and two beautiful wide stairways that are well lit.

There are often people walking in this area, so it feels safe. It is more that a 2 mile loop. If you want more of a workout, go up and down the stairs again! Or you can do a few push ups at the bottom of the Stairs on Mullinix Way.

Communications Hill 1Communications Hill 2Communications Hill 3
Afterwards, you can head to the local Starbucks at Captol and Timberloop (behind the Home Depot) for a refreshment. For something more substantial, go the the PLANT Shopping Center where there is everything: Boiling Crab, Johnny Garlic’s, Applebees, and more.

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