Consider Donating to Save the Bay

It’s that time of year. You can vote on what’s important by HOW you spend money. Watching TV tells me that we should buy cars, diamonds, and expensive “toys”. But there is another way:

Here’s a worthwhile, do-good gift –for your family or share this gift with a friend the title of Save the Bay SF “Bay Sustainer”, which offers the following benefits:

  • A made in USA, limited-edition Save The Bay-inspired T-shirt, designed by Oaklandish
  • Watershed, Save The Bay’s newsletter covering policy issues, project updates, news on habitat restoration, education programs and activities
  • Invitations to special events
  • Save The Bay’s 2014 calendar, featuring gorgeous photos of the Bay and its flora and fauna

Give this eco-conscious gift for as little as $5 a month. Bay Sustainers are a special group of Save The Bay members who offer regular monthly gifts to support Save The Bay’s work to protect and restore SF Bay. When you give on behalf of a eco-friendly friend, you are helping to:

  • Stop agribusiness giant Cargill, Inc. from paving up to hundreds of acres of restorable salt ponds in Redwood City–the biggest development threat to the SF Bay in over 50 years. These salt ponds should be protected and restored to wetlands to benefit wildlife, water quality and the region’s quality of life.
  • Reduce toxic runoff pollution through Save The Bay’s education, outreach and strong policy campaigns, and help put into action bans on plastic bags to stop pollution at its source before it suffocates wildlife and continues polluting for generations.

There are many worthwhile organizations in the bay area, and very few can have the impact on our beautiful area like Say the Bay. Think about donating, their good works continue all year long.

Naomi save the bayYou can join Save the Bay to volunteer –  for planting days,  help in the office, or  join the Save the Bay mission by donating.

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