Tea, Ansel Adams, Prop 23 – OCT 9

Dear Friend:

Please join us for tea and a wide-screen showing of the breathtakingly beautiful documentary on Ansel Adams’ life and work this Saturday, Oct. 9, at 2:00 p.m. at the Redwood Shores Library (399 Marine Parkway Redwood City)

Pete Drekmeier will give a very short talk about Proposition 23, the Dirty Energy propostion, and students from the Green Youth Alliance will make a brief presentation on why plastic bags should be banned.

I look forward to seeing everyone this Saturday!

Sue Chow
Redwood City Cool Cities Team
Sierra Club

Director, Green Youth Alliance

You are invited to attend and to also pass this invitation on to your friends and family!

  • Saturday, October 9 Redwood Shores Library 399 Marine Parkway Redwood City
  • Movie & Afternoon Tea & Pastries 2:00 PM
  • Ansel Adams Documentary
  • Prop 23: Pete Drekmeier (according to the latest polls. Californians are evenly divided)

Call 650-454-0259

(Optional Hike: 5:00 PM)

Details: This is a large screen film showing of the Emmy Award-Winning “Ansel Adams: A Documentary.”
Critics hail this film as “An Invigorating Sensual & Intellectual Feast.”


His whole life would be a journey, and an exploration; a search for
meaning and order, for beauty and redemption; for contact with something
larger and more lasting: for community, connection,and home. For nearly
seventy years, he would wander the great unoccupied spaces of the American
west – photographing the landscape as the landscape itself changed all around
him and as the wild places of the continent dwindled and shrankand came under
attack as never before. More than anyother artist of the century, he would help
transform the meaning of wilderness in America, and change what people thought
and felt about their own land.” PBS Narrator

Sponsored by the Sierra Club (Redwood City Cool Cities Team) & the Green Youth Alliance

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