Sometimes you just gotta get AWAY!

You may be a devoted greenster, but after all the composting and bicycling, you are still at home wishing for something more.  AN ADVENTURE?!

I love the water, but although going to the beach is my favorite pastime, I thought I’d check out kayaking. This is the best trip for beginners that I have found. And REI is a great store devoted to customer service, so I think this is my first choice.

Loon Lake


Loon Lake Kayak  this REI adventure starts near near Lake Tahoe it is described as easy and active…3 to 5 hours of kayaking per day. Heck, I do 3 to 5 hours of spreadsheets a day, I am ready to switch.  I can do this! Pack the bags! I will let you know what I think.


Do you have other great “GET AWAY” suggestions? Let us know!


UPDATE after a week: I’m home now and back to work. I’m still thinking about the fun I had. I LOVED this trip.

The camping was easy, fun and the food great. Dan and Maria did everything, they were so wonderful and welcoming. The water was clean and just cold enough, the vistas were beautiful. Loon Lake was gentle it was a great introduction to kayaking and I really got a taste for it. I liked the calm and the quiet sound of the water lapping against the kayak. I liked choosing where I was going and not being concerned if I didn’t navigate in a straight line.  This is so much different than white water rafting or cameoing. It was wonderful.   You can reach Dan and Maria at Current Adventures, and plan your own adventure:  530-333-9115

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  1. Larry Smith Post author

    Loon Lake is higher in elevation than Lake Tahoe. It is a beautiful lake with islands scattered and a variety of beaches, coves, caves and vistas. The closest town is Georgetown. This Lake is at the edge of the Rubicon Trail Have you heard of the Jeep Jamboree?

    The lake is clear and cold but warm enough to jump in. The wind can pick up, but we had calm, serene conditions. This was a great adventure. Just the tonic for my heart and brain.

    Current Adventures was the local group that led us. They are wonderful and took such great care of us, providing tasty meals, tents, campfires, kayaks and all the rest of the gear. They can be reached at 530-333-9115 or 888-452-9254, web address: located in Lotus, CA.

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