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What a Beautiful Gift!

I didn’t expect a Mother’s  Day present,  I was so happy to talk to my very busy, hard-working daughter on our special day- she’s a Mom herself.


… but when I ripped open the box – look what I found! A colorful, beautiful “happy birds” cold bag , monogrammed with Greeneroo and a beautiful stripped blanket – matching colors with a waterproof base. Wonderful, functional and so sweet of her and her family  to think of me! So Happy, So Blessed!

As a working Mom, there were times, I was giving up being with my family, but it meant that we had health insurance, a better life, vacations and more. There were many times I wanted to be with them and a project at work took that time. Now my kids are working hard and striving for their own great success. You cannot go backwards, you can just do your best everyday. The work-life balance is not easy, but the incredible support of my family made it possible for me to go to work. It is wonderful to be acknowledged.

“Love only grows by sharing. You can only have more for yourself by giving it away to others.” — Brian Tracy

You gain strength, experience and confidence by every experience where you really stop to look fear in the face…You must do the thing you cannot do.  — Eleanor Roosevelt 

To my family: YOU are the best part of my life ….. everyday. No other accomplishment comes close. Even in hard times. Even with distance. You fill my heart.  Love, Mom.


Sea Lion Center comes to SF – Aquarium of the Bay – Pier 39

Exciting News!! 

Aquarium of the Bay and PIER 39 announce the Grand Opening of the Sea Lion Center at PIER 39 on Friday, January 17, 2014. The Sea Lion Center is a free nature center where guests can learn about the world famous California sea lions that inhabit the docks at the end of PIER 39.

Now we can get closer, hear them, see them and Learn More! A great opportunity for a tour! Come join the fun on Jan 17!  — the editor

The Sea Lion Center overlooks PIER 39’s K-Dock, the usual hangout of these charismatic mammals that mysteriously made this their home in January 1990, shortly after the Loma Prieta earthquake. The Sea Lion Center features interactive displays, educational videos, fascinating presentations and one-on-one interactions with naturalists. Guests can touch real sea lion artifacts including pelts and skulls, and size themselves up next to a life-size sea lion skeleton.

We are excited about this opportunity to continue to share the importance and wonder of San Francisco Bay. The Sea Lion Center helps visitors learn about the sea lions at PIER 39, their role in the ecosystem and the steps we can take to protect the sea lions and their habitats. –John Frawley, President and CEO of Aquarium of the Bay

The Sea Lion Center is proud to have the San Francisco Bar Pilots as its first official partner, who will help to support the Center’s objective of protecting the Bay. Guests will be able to learn more about the San Francisco Bar Pilots by visiting a display at the Sea Lion Center.

The Grand Opening of the Sea Lion Center kicks off the celebration of the 24th Anniversary of the Sea Lions’ arrival to PIER 39.  From January 17-20, the public can enjoy the Sea Lion Encounter, a free educational walking tour that ends at the Sea Lion Center.  Tour participants will also be treated to complimentary refreshments at Neptune’s Waterfront Grill & Bar, discounts at participating PIER 39 businesses and a chance to meet Salty the Sea Lion.  Tours depart on the hour from 11am – 4pm from the Sea Lion Statue near the Entrance Plaza. For more information about Sea Lion Encounters, visit


Open Heart Yoga — ALL DAY YOGA Sat. Sept 7

Inline image 1
Get your Early Bird tickets!  
Online sales close Thursday, 9/5 at 8pm.  
After that you can still register at the door for $10 more than online prices.
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Fabulous yoga workshops, lectures, free events, 
shopping, food, live music, and more! 
Lululemon trunk show, Que SeRAW SeRAW, 
jewelry, clothing, essential oils and more!
All levels, and ages welcome!  
Register and get more details here:
About Open Heart Yoga: 
Open Heart Yoga started just two years ago on the College of San Mateo campus. This non-profit group saw a need to make yoga more accessible and fun. As the newly certified yogis from CSM wanted to work in their community, Open Heart gave free classes to welcome new students.  This group continued to support students with the “No Stress Finals” yoga programs, Acro-Yoga, Gratitude Yoga Classes in the parks, and brought some of the big names in yoga to the college campus. Open Heart continues to offer quality instructional classes to yoga professionals, bringing new information and the best practices to the community. Like us on FaceBook: Open Heart Yogis.

The Tickler — More than a Brain Teaser

RJ MicalRJ Mical has been delighting his group of subscribers with a MONDAY TICKLER for years. When you put your email on his list, you will get a weekly puzzle that you may … or may not… be able to solve. It’s fun, gets me thinking but this time he and his group has delved into the Efficiency / Electric / Hybrid Car puzzle. See below for their answers, all smart and thoughtful. If you want to sign up for a weekly Tickler, just email RJ at:<> and you’ll be part of the fun!

From RJ: I asked questions about getting fuel efficiency with my electric
hybrid. Should I use up the EV mode in the city or on the highway,
etc. The results were awesome! I got some pointers for additional
research too, and I think car makers should tell us a lot more about
what they know. I’m going to publish the info I’ve collected on the
website, but meanwhile here is a compilation for you.

=== RESULTS ===

Marvin came up with an excellent suggestion! “Wouldn’t it be great
if the car figured it out by itself, using temperatures, types of
road, wanted arrival time, prices of gas, etc…”

Lots of people, such as Jeroen, Daryl, Frank, George, and Scott, got
all scientifical with a ream of information regarding the engine and
temperature. As they describe it, the factors are so complex and
interdependent that it seems Marvin’s solution – have the car do it
for us – may be the most sensible one. “There is no real scientific
math to this. It would require so many factors like temperature,
wind direction and speed, average driving speed, hills, corners,
braking and accelerating. That is why your car always ‘guesses’ the
mpg. Real facts. Temperature is one of the biggest, if colder you
use up more, first of all because you got your heating on. Second,
as it really gets cold, say 14F and while you’re driving, it drops
even further to 5F, your engine just won’t get to its temperature,
the coolant through the radiator gets cold and the engine loses its
heat.” Jeroen provided a website (ask me for the link) that could
make one rethink hybrids altogether. “Of course, this all varies
with temperature. Batteries do not work as well when they are
chilled. And they’re not really very happy if the temperature is
110 in the shade and you push them hard.” Especially not if that’s
110 centigrade.

Jerry made a superb point, caught me off-guard! “If you burn gas on
the first part of the trip, you’ll shed a noticeable amount of
weight, making the rest of the trip more efficient. For that reason
you should prefer hybrid mode for the first part of the trip as long
as you use up the EV capacity by the end of the trip.” Well done,

Paul: “Get a Tesla.”
Charles: “Take that WhamJoy out on the road and give it a spin!”
Stan: “Don’t start hyper-miling on us.”

My favorite: Mathilde brought up the most thoughtful point of all,
that by using the EV mode in the city, for city driving, we help to
improve “quality of air” where congestion is worst and human
exposure is highest. “I guess ethics is a way to ruin your
mathematical approach to this problem,” said charming Mathilde.

Oakland Life in Great New Blog

loakal2It’s fun it’s inspiring, if you have an opinion (YES YOU DO!) then comment. It has just started for all our SF Bay livers and lovers, do take a look, this post really made me smile:

loakal1BLOG HOME is here!

You have to feed a writer with your interest and comments since we can’t hear your applause. Let us know!


wordpress wordcampWordPress is blogging software, and if you have to speak up…. I recommend this tool. It is easy, elegant and well-supported.

Many times a year, there are training and learning events, they seem a bit like a party, and they ARE fun! The goal is to get the community together and answer all the questions and showcase the innovations. Of course, socializing and making friends is an important component. The seminars are called WordCamps – and when you are part of this community, you can even help set up the seminars in your city. These WordCamps are international. I was looking for the closest one, and it is in Phoenix. The cost is always low, this one is $20 /day, $50 / 3 days and the community is incredible. For more information on this event:

There are many ways to get involved, check out volunteer jobs.

WordCamp PHX 2013 Jan. 18-20, 2013 • Downtown Chandler, AZ


One of the great things about WordCamp and the WordPress community is the strong commitment of the WordPress volunteers.  WordCamp Phoenix would not happen without the dedicated hard work of our many volunteers.

WordCamp Phoenix is about giving back to the community, and that goal can only be reached with a strong team. The support of our volunteers is appreciated not only by us, but by the entire WordPress community.

Redwood City History

Learning your local history is an exciting way to become involved with your community. You’ll meet local volunteers, learn new things, and become part of shaping the future, by knowing the past. Redwood City has a long history, and many walks, talks and buildings that make this effort the perfect “green”, family-oriented outing.

Here are a few bits of history to tantalize you: Redwood City became the first incorporated city in San Mateo County on March 27, 1868. The town was basically self-contained, employing most of its working populace in a diversity of activities (government, education, farming).  By the turn of the century, the lumber business had moved out of the area, and other businesses like hotels and general stores had taken its place.

Built in 1910, the Redwood City Courthouse, which is now the San Mateo County History Museum presides over the Plaza. Courthouse Square is flanked by the old Fox Theater building (now a venue for live music), several art galleries and It truly feels like the center of Redwood City. This area was completely revamped and it has revitalized the entire area with food, movies, events, stores and more. This location is so convenient, and is walking distance to Cal Train, Shopping Center, Library and other government buildings. This area is full of life and energy!

The courthouse is two stories, topped by a stained glass dome and bell tower.  Eagles and crests adorn the rooftops making it quite a lovely, stately building.  Inside you’ll find mosaic tile floors and a grand staircase.  Admission is $4 for adults and $2 for seniors and children.  Entrance to the gift shop is free and you’ll find books about local history and toys for kids

The Courthouse Square is shaping up to be the cultural center of Redwood City, with music, art, events, movies and so much more.   The fountains are glorious and the plaza has a welcoming feel and room for the hundreds that make this area their “first stop” for summer fun.  The farmers’ market takes place here on Saturdays (April – November).

At the San Mateo Historical Museum, which is part of the courthouse square  you can enjoy the building and many exhibits.
2200 Broadway Street
Redwood City, CA 94063
(650) 299-0104

EVENT: on Thursday, February 17, 2011, there will be a film premiere and exhibit opening. The evening starts with the world premiere of the movie The Last Train from Bay Meadow.

Then, celebrate the opening of the exhibit that is at the History museum:  “Broads, Bootlegger and Bookies”.

Dog Walker! Cat Sitter!

This is a little out of the ordinary ….. as far as a post on the Greeneroo blog goes!

plutoI am a great dog-walker. If you need someone and you live in San Carlos, Belmont, Woodside, Redwood City, Palo Alto or Menlo Park, let me know.  I have years of  experience and have cared for a variety of animals.
I have experience and references, my rates are reasonable. I don’t advertise, just word of mouth, and so I usually have time available for your pooch and other pets. I stay in your home, watch your dog(s), pets, water your garden, take in your mail and papers. I can do other tasks if we plan ahead, I know how important it is to get home after a trip and find a happy pet and a well kept-home.


  • For 1 -2 dogs:      $20/day, $50 day & overnight
  • One more dog:     add $10
  • Dog Walks             no charge
  • Dog Brushing       no charge
  • Plant watering, mail/paper pickup, errands while pet-sitting – no charge
  • Cats, turtles, fish, birds, rodents – the day rate applies.
  • Additional experience with many other animals, monkeys, goats, insects but those are all special cases, so we could talk about them.

If your pet needs a friend while you are gone and you need someone reliable who loves animals, contact me.   Jackie


Happy Earth Day – April 22!

Today is the 40th anniversary of Earth Day. There is alot to celebrate, and there is always room for improvement.
Now you have thousands of great green sites to choose from, and we appreciate your coming to us for all the interesting tidbits, events, hints, and issues that are part of our Northern California experience. We do select a few amazing things to report on from farther away, but this is focused on what we can really experience and enjoy… so we can bring you the Best of the Best! – Thanks for reading! ~ Jackie

Everyone can get involved in Earth Day celebrations. SFGATE does a great job of listing what is available. We have amazing organizations that can keep you busy for days, months and years to come. Here are a few favorite places for events/ classes / hikes etc. Here are my favorites:

  • Take a look at all the LINKS in the Blog roll on the right side, this can be a reference guide to great green!!
  • Earth Day 2010
  • Great food at Golden Era in San Francisco
  • Freecycle — they understand the reduce, reuse, recycle message!
  • Rentalic – collaborative sharing of what you want… but don’t have! A marketplace.
  • Meetup – a great place to search for hikes and fun, you can sign up for notices. I’d suggest the looking for hiking groups in your area.
  • Filoli Gardens in Woodside – an amazing place, with acres of flowers, formal gardens, a mansion AND classes and special events.

Maybe you think that you don’t know enough to get involved, or have no “green training” but what it really takes is HEART and COMMITTMENT.

I’d like to say thanks to Vera who is an amazing Salsa Dance instructor in the Bay Area and at Canada College. Vera has a strong GREEN Commitment. You are amazing Vera, keep up the green encouragement.  Here is an excerpt from her Newsletter!

 Vera Quijano’s EARTH DAY News  —April 20, 2010


JOIN the more than one billion people who are making a commitment to do their part on the 40th Anniversary of Earth Day on Thursday, April 22nd, 2010.

Did you know that trees and plants provide you with the oxygen you need to breathe and live? Did you know that most cleaning staff are women and people of color, being exposed to harsh cancer-causing agents on a regular basis? Did you know that you could take part in an Earth Day activity in your neighborhood and start to make a positive environmental impact now?

Don’t just sit there… DO SOMETHING!

1. Plant a tree. (Click to find out how.)

2. Get GREEN house cleaning products. Why? COMMIT to Switch to Get Clean, Go Green Kit!

3. DO YOUR PART. Go to Earth Day Web Site and read articles. Learn more! Join a local Earth Day Activity.

4. Encourage your school or business to become a Get Clean, Go Green School. Read why they should.

5. Invite your friends and family to do the same.

Mother Earth can barely breathe. The condition is rapidly worsening. Become part of the solution.


Thank you,

Vera Quijano

Getting the GREEN word out!

Part of “being green” is building a community and supporting small green changes. It means sharing information, thinking with purpose, making improvements and for me…. BLOGGING. There is always room for improvement, here is a list of 11 ways to get the green word out in a better way.  Here is the info:

11 Characteristics of Highly Influential Blog(ger)s