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Finally! A way to fill YOUR OWN k-CUPS!

Instead of selling pre-filled k-cups, Ekobrew instead is a k-cup filter that you can reuse as many times as you’d like – filling it with whatever brew you prefer. While this does open up many new possibilities, the biggest drawback to the Ekobrew is the loss of the convenience. It took a bit longer from “I think I want to have a cup of coffee…” to actually drinking one.

However (and this is a pretty big deal) the biggest benefit of the Ekobrew and other similar filter options is the decreased environmental impact. K-cups and the Keurig movement have been declared the most “wasteful form of coffee.” Ultimately, these two balance each other out.

Price is another big win. This option has an estimated price tag of $0.20-0.25US per cup, and could be brought down even lower depending on the total life and operating time of the filter.

NOTE: Keurig 2.0 owners who have attempted to use other or older k-cups with no success, have no fear. There is a simple fix (it’ll take you less than five minutes) that will let you work around it. Just search “Keurig hack” on YouTube or check out this one.

Cool Chairs- Rustic and hand Crafted

Vermont Cedar Chair Co. turns forgotten wood into sustainable furniture that fuses comfort, function and form

It’s the big, rustic, bark-covered chair, and it’s the most comfortable seat in the house. Based on the concept of using leftover wood from the natural selection process of forgotten trees, Vermont Cedar Chair Company has regenerated outside furniture with green, sustainable and comfortable products that add function and instill beauty to the environment.

There is such a variety of color, shape and style in these comfortable chairs…. all quite beautiful!  –the editor



Honing strict sustainable harvesting methods, every part of the tree is used to create the original Vermont rustic cedar line that uses white cedar and manila. Known for its ability to withstand the elements, white cedar weathers to a silvery gray over time. Manila fiber, chosen for strength and longevity, is the most rot-resistant natural fiber on earth and used for riggings on old ships. To increase market appeal, the rustic line is now joined by the Arcadia line that uses dimensional lumber, and can be produced more quickly due to its uniformed components. Having the same suspension seat design as the rustic line, Arcadia pieces will also be sold in colors. The traditional chairs have an unconventional seat that floats in the frame, is attached to the back, and suspended from the sides by rope. The successful result is the luxurious comfort of a suspended hammock chair.

For more information please visit:


SHYP – Recycling with eBAY Made Easier!

*Do you have junk?   *Do you have Collectibles and wish you didn’t? 

eBay selling is now easier IF you live in San Francisco, Chicago, Los Angeles or New York.  SHYP does all the legwork, they will pickup, packup and send. NOW you have no excuses to declutter.

Enjoy this article on SHYP from Harry McCracken  Shyp’s eBay Integration Fixes A Major Hassle Of Making Money Off Your Unwanted Stuff

When I Google SHYPE, Google suggests SKYPE and will not give me results…. so you may still want a bit more information, go here ABOUT SHYP  which has been named #46 of Innovate Companies for 2016.

Twitter: @shyp
Instagram: @shyp
G+: +ShypApp

SCRAP – a clearinghouse for Materials

Get Creative! Be an ARTIST. Donate materials.

Scrap accepts Dolllars! and they also accept materials that may be reused!

Imagine….not in the landfill, not thrown out… but put to a GREAT CREATIVE use.

You can also donate in person or come by and see this great organization in action!


801 Toland St., enter on Newcomb

San Francisco, CA 94124

SCRAP: What Treasure Will You find?

Donations of quality re-usable materials such as textiles, buttons, paper, craft and office supplies, plastics, and wood are collected from businesses, institutions, and individuals then sorted and made available to teachers, parents, artists, and organizations.

The community depends on SCRAP as the place to find all manner of materials for educational programs, creative projects, and their classrooms. By offering low cost supplies, creative reuse workshops, volunteer opportunities, educational field trips, art exhibitions, and more SCRAP gives students of all ages the opportunity to learn and pass on the value of creative reuse. Scrap is a 501(c)(3) Non-profit organization.


LOOK on Flickr to see some amazing and creative SCRAP projects. They help artists create their vision, they help businesses and residents recycle. Check out SCRAP!!

Make Garbage Great – a Cool New Book

Did You Know?? 200 billion pounds of plastic are manufactured every year, almost the same number of stars that there are in the Milky Way.

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A great new book, that walks the talk — yes woodfree paper. Crafts and projects that will engage and excite kids.  Great information, hints, tips and FUN.  — the editor


Make Garbage Great is the title of this engaging book. It is printed on woodfree paper in a fresh design with DYI projects for all ages, Make Garbage Great has broad appeal—it’s smart and instructive, playful and crafty, environmentally contentious and inspiring. With craft projects ranging from a simple, folded coin purse from a CapriSun pouch to a beautiful pallet coffee table, the colloquial voices of Tom Szaky and Albe Zakes make the engaging information, little known facts, compelling graphics, and sustainable suggestions accessible for teachers, parents, DIY artists, and even young readers. As the new upcycling Bible, Make Garbage Great will help readers live better, greener lives.

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Kickstarter: New Solar Technology to Build an Underground Park

New Solar Technology to Build an Underground Park

New Solar Technology to Build an Underground Park

By The Lowline

What if the sun could shine underground? The people behind the Lowline asked themselves this question when they first imagined a park in an abandoned Lower East Side trolley station. Now they’re taking the next steps to reclaim this unused space by developing their solar technology, with the aim of creating a totally new kind of public space right under the feet of New Yorkers.

100% paper bottles and jugs WOW!

Ecologic Brands is the emerging sustainable packaging company that has been making big waves in the industry with groundbreaking alternatives to plastic bottles and containers since 2010. The California-based company designs, develops and manufactures paper bottles and containers for brands around the world ­ 20 customers and bottles since launch ­ from Seventh Generation to Nestlé.

This is so cool!! Packaging that is sensible and recyclable and not plastic.  Makes my heart beat faster! If you live in a community that has ditched plastic bags and you are not using one-use water bottles…. you may feel virtuous….. but plastic still ends up in streams and the ocean.  This is a GREAT idea, even when we recycle, plastics get into our landscape and seascape, Ecologic has hit a home-run!  — the editor

Ecologic recently announced its boldest bottle to date with Néstle Purina¹s Pro Plan brand ­ a 100% paper bottle. The new jug is plastic free (not even a plastic cap), completely recyclable, and is made from 100% recycled paper (no coatings, no plastics). Ecologic is first to market with a plastic free alternative, and is the only paper bottle manufacturer in the market today.

Description: Macintosh HD:Users:amybonet:Desktop:ecologic line up.jpg

About Ecologic Brands, Inc.

Founded in 2008, Ecologic Brands is an award-winning paper bottle manufacturer driven by Julie Corbett¹s vision of reducing the waste and environmental impact associated with traditional bottles. Made from recycled cardboard, the eco.bottle® empowers consumers to make a difference by buying products in packaging that the Earth can live with. Ecologic has worked with 20 companies to date. See the future of packaging at

Clothes! What goes around, comes around

Now, those clothes your kids have outgrown are turning into cash for your child’s school.
You’ll love this “green find.”

“Schoola Stitch” just launched – a massive online consignment store for brand name kids clothes at major savings. Parents all over the country have collected and sent in tens of thousands of gently used clothing items for the sale. Those items are now online – with the money going right back to help schools! Families can get great deals on jeans, shorts, shirts, dresses and more. Shoppers also help schools in need with 40% of the purchases going right back to the school of the purchaser’s choice.

The program is designed as a win-win-win. Parents can unload those clothing items that no longer fit. Other moms and dads can get great deals on fashion finds. And schools have a chance to raise much needed dollars before the start of the next school year….. yes….. classrooms still need pencils and paper.

Former school principal Stacey Boyd founded Schoola as a fix for the devastating school budget cuts that are affecting schools nationwide. Parents donate gently used clothing and Schoola sells the items online  (think 75%-90% off retail) with money going right back to the schools from where the items were collected.

The company is already partnering with more than 9,000 schools across the country and has already helped raise hundreds of thousands of dollars!

Deckopedia’s 50 Ways to Go Green

When we’re young, we all want to change the world. Save the planet! Save the whales! And then we grow up, and realize that huge issues like climate change, deforestation and renewable energy are far more complicated than we’d ever imagined. But what if you really could change the world for the better, step by step?

Deckopedia’s 50 Ways to Go Green shows you how. This compact deck of sturdy cards is an inspiring way to create—and sustain—a fabulous eco-friendly life. Many of the ideas are mere 10-minute fixes, such as ways to stop junk mail, but the deck also includes more advanced projects, like how to plant a native garden or install solar panels. Throughout, the tone is approachable and inspiring, not finger-waggling.

So many of us want to make better choices, and this deck highlights how the seemingly tiniest of efforts can have a big impact. Take card No. 41, for example, which points out that if just one out of 10 U.S. households used cotton swabs with paper spindles instead of plastic, the petroleum saved would be more than 7,800 barrels of oil. Card No. 43 suggests using matches rather than lighters. Why? Lighters get depleted and wind up in landfills and waterways. Matches, on the other hand, are biodegradable. In fact, a person could use a lifetime of matches and still not go through one single tree’s worth of wood. Who knew?

50 Ways to Go Green offers Earth-friendly ways of cooking, eating, working, shopping and commuting. You’ll also find clever methods for reducing your water consumption, using your fridge more wisely, and saving on office supplies. That’s right! Going green also saves “green,” helping you lower your monthly bills.carddeck


This uplifting, user-friendly deck retails for $19.95 and is a great gift for high school and college students, families, and young people in their first apartments. The deck is the perfect size, too, for stashing in a glove box, in a backpack or for use as a holiday stocking stuffer gift. Deckopedi a Publishing is a proud member of 1% For the Planet and is donating 1% of its sales of 50 Ways to Go Green to Grades of Green.

This card deck is easy to bring along on plane rides, car trips, to restaurants while you are waiting for the food to arrive….. they ideas are easy to grasp for youngsters, and good ideas that are fun to share!  I’ve done this with my kids and now they remind me! — the editor

carddeck deckopedia


Deckopedia: Take the world in your hands. Available at




About Deckopedia

Deckopedia Publishing is the brainchild of French-born entrepreneur Caroline Chabert Graeff, a former professional snowboarder. Her passion for sports—surfing, yoga, tennis and snowboarding—is equally matched by her love for reading, travel and self-improvement. But as a busy mom of two, she knows how precious time is. She is always looking to learn, to grow and to inspire others as well. Graeff envisions Deckopedia as an attractive, easy-to-digest way for time-crunched people to find reliable information on several exciting lifestyle topics, including The Raw Rood Beginner’s Deck, 50 Must-See Destinations, and 50 Road Trip Games. For more information on Deckopedia find us at:

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TraX – Social Media encouraging Re-Use

Great News!

TraX awarded at StopWaste Business Efficiency Awards 2014

TraX, founded in Berkeley, is a new social impact media platform that encourages positive “reuse actions”!

  1. When you use a reusable cup, bag or straw while shopping…
  2. Photograph the reuse items via Instagram or Facebook mobile apps
  3. Add the store location and the  #traXactions hashtag and share the action online for cash rewards.

By using popular social media channels, traX is accessible to most US shoppers.  Each action is rewarded via “Square” cash from the TraX partners, including top reusable products companies, non-profits and other organizations committed to reducing waste from single-use disposables.

What are traX rewards?

WHY is this a GREAT IDEA? Many reasons – here’s one: 7 Million non-degradable TO-GO Coffee Cups disposed off in Landfill everyday.

traX coffe cup infographic

TraX also connects and acknowledges their “Action Hero” users to leverage their actions to motivate others.

Six months after launching, 60% of traX users are based in Northern California and 10% in Alameda County.