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Bees: Tiny Insect, Big Impact

Extended!… more Bees! The exhibition is extended now through June 2017.

Odell Hussey Photography

Buzz on in to OMCA’s Gallery of California Natural Sciences for the can’t-miss, family-friendly exhibition, Bees: Tiny Insect, Big Impact. Immerse yourself in the wildly diverse and intricate world of one of the most exciting creatures we know, with exciting activities in the gallery:

  • Touch on topics of Bay Area beekeeping and the diversity of bee species by trying on a beekeeper suit and examining real bee specimens under a giant microscope.
  • Put on your research cap to contribute to citizen science projects at home, like counting bees in your backyard or hunting “ZomBees.”
  • Discover the similarities and differences between bees and humans while you crawl through a person-sized honeycomb.
  • Check out a beautiful handcrafted bee hotel installed in the OMCA Garden and plan your own bee-friendly garden.
  • Explore the causes of bee population decline, learn about the significance of bees to California’s economy and ecosystems, and discover how your own actions can help bees to survive in a changing world.

Bring the whole family to see Bees: Tiny Insect, Big Impact, and take a closer look at one of the most important creatures to human agriculture and the natural environment.

Enjoy Earth Day

Earth Day 2017
© herjua/Getty Images

Earth Day 2017

Saturday, April 22 — earth day started on April 22, 1970.

Dear Readers, There are no ads in Greeneroo blog posts. Why? I hope that we can share information, rather than pushing you to BUY something. I do like to let you know about really cool books, but I’d really rather have you go outside and have some fun!

Happy Earth Day!!  — the editor

Some activities:

Enjoy a meatless meal! Why? Pasture and alfalfa – the food for cattle to graze on are two of the highest water using plants. Save water, eat a veggie meal.

Plant a Tree! Why? Trees help keep soil in place, they provide homes for many animals and birds, they produce air for us to breath and they provide shade in the summer. A tree can absorb up to 48 pounds of carbon dioxide per year, remove harmful particulates in the air – wow!

Take a Walk! Why? Discover your neighborhood and meet your neighbors.  You’ll learn more about the history of the area, and what other people near you like to do. I often share mint from my garden with people that pass by.

Plant a seed! Why? You’ll learn more about how plants germinate (sprout) and grow. You’ll be responsible for watering and caring for your plant.  You’ll learn about how seeds really look different from one type of plant to the next.

Turn off your lights, Computer, TV, Washer, Dryer and think about walking/ biking rather than driving! Why? Trying out new methods of doing something are the first step of making a healthy habit. Use less energy, turn off the lights and other devices when you aren’t using them.

Don’t buy anything on Earth day! Why? We tend to buy what we want rather than what we need. This leads to throwing so much stuff away. Millions of pounds of clothing are tossed in the trash each year, by people who “bought it … but didn’t need it”!

Type “parks in California” in your computer browser (substitute your STATE for California or write in your Zip code)  Why?  You’ll get a list of parks. Get outside and have some fun! You’ll feel better and you may meet some friends that live near you.  Now that you have a list of places close enough to walk to and enjoy! I used the zip code and found 5 parks that are great and I can walk to each one!

Go to a Farmer’s market. Why? These open air markets are so much fun. You can taste things you have never tried, make friends with a farmer and buy local fruits, vegetables, nuts other stuff that is tasty and fresh. Remember to bring a reusable bag to put your purchases in.

For each of the suggestions, there are many more reasons to try out the activity. Can you think of other reasons to try something new or go outdoors and play?  I bet you can.

Some links to enjoy:

  •  – beautiful estate and garden in Woodside, CA
  • – San Bruno mountain is often ignored, commuters say they drive past it all the time. But they don’t stop. It has great hikes, picnic tables, views of SF and flowers to enjoy.
  • – the audobon society has bird watching information and events everywhere!
  •…/1-top-10-most-amazing-hikes-in-north-america – take a hike, learn more!  The Sierra Club has many hikes.

Project Drawdown and Paul Hawken

EVENT:  May 1st, 2017 at 7:00 pm – Angelico Hall, Dominican University
Paul Hawken will speak upon the release of Project Drawdown, a book containing the 100 most substantive solutions to roll back climate change, based on meticulous research by leading scientists and policymakers around the world.
Sponsored by Book Passage, the Environmental Forum of Marin, and Dominican University, and held at its Angelico Hall. The book will be included in the ticket. Tickets will be sold through Book Passage and are now available.
Paul Hawken is an environmentalist, entrepreneur, journalist, and author who has dedicated his life to sustainability and changing the relationship between business and the environment. His practice has included starting and running ecological businesses, writing and teaching about the impact of commerce on living systems, and consulting with governments and corporations on economic development, industrial ecology, and environmental policy. Paul Hawken has written seven books, which have been published in more than fifty countries and twenty-nine languages. Natural Capitalism, coauthored by Hawken, was cited by President Bill Clinton as one of the five most important books in the world.

Environmental Forum of Marin | P.O. Box 151546 | San Rafael, CA 94915 | 415-484-8336



The Green Jobs Interfaith Coalition presents The East Bay Green Jobs & Careers Fair to address the challenges of the climate crisis, economic inequality, displacement and high unemployment rates. The East Bay Green Jobs & Career Fair will be held on Saturday, this is a community event with several exhibitors. To learn more go to their website.

Join us for the East Bay Green Jobs & Careers Fair
When: Saturday, April 15, 2017
11:00 a.m. – 3:00 p.m.
Where: Mount Zion Missionary Baptist
1203 Willow St, Oakland, CA 94607

The Green Careers/Jobs Fair is the next logical step after our successful Oakland Green Jobs Summit held on October 5, 2016 (check out this report back from Planting Justice), and will continue to strengthen our shared vision to build economic equity for under-served communities and to foster green job development in the East Bay for years to come. Because of the broad age range of participants we expect, exhibitors are encouraged to share two types of employment information when possible: 1) to connect participants to current employment, and 2) to expose participants to future career opportunities. To support job creation we also plan to have a small business corner that will highlight opportunities the green economy holds for those with the entrepreneurial spirit.

Israeli Holidays for Beginners

Takw a class on Jewish holidays to learn more. You will enjoy this free class offered by the SF JCC. There are many classes to choose from and the JCC is easy to get to get to. Home » Adult » Adult Classes » Jewish Culture & Thought » Advanced Modern Israeli Holidays for Beginners (AMIHFB)
The Jewish national calendar of Israel is populated by new holidays that Israel has placed at the center of our national and Jewish consciousness and which define and set aside the most significant time of the year in Israeli society. These holidays – bunched together within one week – are Yom Hashoah (Holocaust Memorial Day), Yom Hazikaron (Memorial Day for Fallen Soldiers) and Yom Haatzmaut (Independence Day). It would not be an exaggeration to say these three days together constitute the “High Holidays” season of Israeli life. To understand the kind of emotional response this dramatic week provokes, we will read some of the songs and poems that are traditionally sung and recited at public memorials and celebrations in Israel.

With Rabbi Zac Kamenetz
Zac wants to know ‘What good can I do in this world? What have folks before me tried?’ Most often, Zac looks to ancient Jewish sources of wisdom for inspiration to these questions, but he gets some help from Leonard Cohen, Mark Rothko, and his wife Jen, too. Zac received rabbinic ordination in Jerusalem, and has degrees from the University of Maryland and the Graduate Theological Union. As a native of a couple of coastal states, Zac is always ready to jump in the ocean. When you see him around the JCCSF, you should tell him about the last best bite of food you had.

Thursday, Apr 20
12:00 pm – 1:00 pm
Member fee: $ 0.00
Non-member fee: $ 0.00

Pier 39, Celebrating 39 Years

Pier 39 is turning 39 and they’re celebrating with a bang. Beginning in January 2017, join in every Friday for 39 weeks to celebrate 39 years of amazing views, fresh seafood, unique local shopping and their famous sea lions.

Each week, they’ll be serving up something different: from discounts and giveaways to fun special events like movie nights, a ’70s roller disco party, beer and wine pours, and more.


“Pier 39 is 39” Anniversary: 39-Week Celebration
January 20, 2017-October 14, 2017
Pier 39, Beach Street & The Embarcadero, San Francisco

Mother’s Day Special Shopping Treat | Pier 39

Global Thinking, Training, Success

The ATD training network is holding their yearly conference, many subjects, many speakers.  This one, grabbed me, Uniting Global Teams: Communicating Virtually for Impact, Inclusion, and Engagement it’s on Tues, May 23. And although I cannot go, as trainers and knowledge workers, you may want to go. (BTW, we are ALL trainers and knowledge workers.)

As an employee you must understand global consequences of our actions on earth, and the meaning of what happens HERE, has an effect “over there”.  Employers want their teams to have global understanding, cultural acceptance, and curiosity / the drive to get along.

As technological advances and other disruptors drive companies to become flatter, more global, and more matrixed, employees at all levels need to get better at working together through virtual channels. But that’s easier said than done. This session will share best practices and frameworks you can incorporate into your training and onboarding programs to unite your global teams and cut down the time it takes to get them working together harmoniously and efficiently. You’ll also be able to see the practices in action, because one of the speakers will be using Skype to lead the session. Class Description


Nugent, Kate

Nugent, Kate

Director of Learning

The Ariel Group, Role: Speaker

Richards, Richard  Richards, Richard

Senior Consultant and Facilitator

The Ariel Group, Role: Speaker

Reference: Are You Globally Present? Richard Richards


SETI & Autodesk: Design Night -Discover the roots of life through design

Autodesk has a spectacular museum at 1 Market Plaza in downtown SF. Once a month, they have an evening event, with food, guest speakers , hands-on fun and more. You can go to the museum for free, open Wednesdays around noon… but the evening event… will knock your socks off. You must get tickets (price  $20-25), go to their site.

One of my favorite SF events! Never Been? Read on…..

Design is much more than pixel pushing and selecting wallpaper. It’s been a part of the human experience from the beginning. Our ability to design and create tools has allowed us to ascend to the top of the food chain and better our environmental circumstances. Come explore ORIGINS with us and see the tools that made us who we are today, and the tools that will change us tomorrow. — Autodesk  (follow  @autodeskgallery)  #designnight

Hear from Dr. Jill Tarter, astronomer at The SETI Institute and recipient of 2 NASA Public Service Medals, and Jonathan Knowles, Autodesk Explorer

Interact with ancient tools of our distant relatives

And much more!  Eat! Drink! Make! Learn!

Date and Time  Thu, April 6, 2017  6:00 PM – 10:00 PM PDT

>Take BART, the event is at the Embarcadero station.

Museums – Enter a New World

There are so many museum late nights and weekend activities it may be hard to keep track of the details. Here is a little help on finding the artistic, low cost, fun that is at your doorstep:

My favorites first: 

3rd Thursday in Yerba Buena – Downtown SF museums are open late and free or low cost. Special events are often scheduled. The list includes, MOAD The African Diaspora, SF MOMA, The Contemporary Jewish Heritage Museum, CA Historical Society and the Yerba Buena museum. Often Printers, galleries and local shops often join in.

San Jose Museum of Art – just right size, one of the best museums, their late nights are Wednesdays and have a rotating exhibits and  variety.

Asian Art Museum – spectacular space, many weekend family events, The cultural variety between Asia, India, cultures, countries, art, textiles, prints and expressions is inspiring and thought-provoking. Late nights on Thursday until 9pm (from Feb – September – make sure to check exact late dates!)

links to many museums:

International Museum Day:  On May 8  many museums open their doors in the world! It’s the acknowledgement of the importance of museums, with events all over the globe.

San Francisco Bay Area Museums and free days!   (some links are old but most work, just haven’t had time to clean it up.)

Not part of museums, but the variety and location of San Francisco Public Open Spaces is growing and such a relief from the hustle-bustle. These spaces are nice for lunch, or people watching. The sites are dotted all over the city and contain, benches, art, plants and spots to relax and re-energize.

Board Match, Serve on a Nonprofit Board, April 6

On Thursday, April 6, 2017, you’ll get to talk to current board members about their non-profit service, Make sure to ask, what they love, what they learn, and if they would do it again. It is a wonderful way to build skills, meet new people, and discover a world outside your regular job. The non-profit benefits from your volunteer hours and your specialized knowledge. You can share what you know and also learn together. So many boards need volunteer professionals to help them expand or build new ideas. Many groups and agencies go to this event, you are bound to find someone that is a great fit.

Signup on Event Brite

— Read the names & descriptions of the nonprofits that are attending

— Make a list of questions for the groups you intend to visit.

— Focus on the best fit, there are many organizations: from environmental, to learning, to broadcasting and youth exercise, camping, clubs and more….

5:00 – 7:30 pm Hilton San Francisco, Union Square

Hilton San Francisco Union Square  

333 O’Farrell Street   Grand Ballroom   San Francisco, CA 94102   View Map

Sponsored by:   Ascent | Google | Pacific Gas and Electric Company

The Board Match® – You Have to Meet to Match

Executive and board leadership from 150 nonprofits, in one place, at one time, for one purpose… to meet you.

Nonprofits count on volunteers like you to lead them to success. The Board Match is an event featuring 150 Bay Area nonprofits whose leadership will be on hand to talk to interested candidates about serving on their organization’s board of directors. There will be a variety of organizations from large to small, focusing on everything from the environment to arts to youth.

Nothing compares to Board Match events across the Nation in scale and matches.

Serving on a nonprofit board can provide fantastic opportunities for your personal and professional development. You can build new skills, network and broaden your knowledge of the community while providing essential skills to community nonprofits. We recommend bringing business cards and copies of your bio or résumé to the Board Match to share with your potential match.