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Food From The Heart – a Week of Fun

heart-picThe Ferry Plaza has beautiful views, you can walk along The Embarcadero and soak up the salt air and views. It has is a one-stop treasure of Food, Wine, Appetizers, Tastes, My Favorite Ice Cream, Bread that entices and lovely restaurants and shops.

Our annual Slow Food SF benefit Food From the Heart event will kick off Friday, February 10th, at 5pm and the marketplace will stay open until 7:30pm. Our merchants will offer hors d’oeuvres for $2-6 each, and local Napa Valley Vintners will pour wine for $4 per taste.

farmers marketSaturday, February 18th, noon, Charles Phan, Executive Chef and Owner of the Slanted Door, will present a cooking demo featuring the seasonal bounty of the farmers market. The CUESA Classroom is under the white tents in front of the Ferry Building.

In celebration of Valentine’s Day, Acme Bread is pleased to offer rosemary hearts. Each heart is 5 oz of soft-crusted rosemary bread – the perfect size to share with your sweetie, and as tender as your mutual affection. Hearts will be available from Friday, February 10th through the 14th.

We LOVE Beekind. In an age of clean eating, finding the rare and hard to get honey is today’s challenge. Beekind’s Honey kiosk is a great source for special and varietal honeys. Check out the Coffee Blossom Honey and beekind’s San Mateo Wildflower.

Book Passage commemorates Black History Month with inspiring biographies, histories, and books on social activism and justice, for all ages. Don’t see a title you’ve heard about? Special order for delivery within a few days.

Fort Point Beer Company brings San Francisco Beer Week to the Ferry Building with events and featured products! Like Fort Point/Humphry Slocombe Happy Hour Friday, February 17, 4pm-6pm!

Ferry Building neighbors and long-time friends Recchiuti Confections and Humphry Slocombe have teamed up to create February’s Flavor of the Month, Recchiuti Caramel Crunch!  Ohh…. heart be still, this is a great “collaboration”!

Of course the Ferry Building is a transit hub…. get maps, tourist information, catch the ferry…..

Not only have new Rickshaw totes arrived at Bay Crossings, but also starting in February, Bay Crossings will start selling BART passes, along with their normal Clipper and SF Ferry services, and maps and cards and cloth bags and books on the area.

Whatever you delight in…. you can find it here. Let’s celebrate Valentine’s Day and share some love, food, and happy times.

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Year of the Rooster! Good Luck and Auspicious Foods

Good Luck Here are  Auspicious Foods – There are many to enjoy!

Our team is enjoying learning, eating lucky foods, and we are having a Tea Party to celebrate Lunar New Year. We build our social skills and understanding of many cultures by celebrating our diverse work group.

  • Tangerines Mandarin oranges (AKA “cuties”) are said to bring wealth and good luck. That’s because the Chinese word for orange and gold sound similar, while the word for tangerine also sounds like the Chinese word for luck.
  • Long Noodles  The longer the noodle, the longer the life span, or so the belief goes.
  • Tray Of Togetherness During the holidays, it’s customary to both receive guests and pay visits to friends and families. The Tray of Togertherness is filled with snacks like
    • Candied fruit melons (growth and health)
    • Dried coconut (friendship and unity)
    • Kumquats (gold and prosperity)
    • Lotus seeds (fertility)
    • Longan (‘many sons’)
    • Guests will munch on these throughout their stay. The tray should have eight compartments, the Chinese number for good luck.
    • Nian Gao Made of glutinous rice flour, the sweet dessert is supposed to help the eater climb the social ladder as the Chinese word nian gao is a homonym for “higher year.”
    • Pomelo In Cantonese, the word pomelo sounds like the words ‘to have’ and means ‘continuous prosperity.’
    • Whole Fish The key to this dish is to serve the fish whole with head and tail intact to represent a good beginning and a good end for the coming year. Serving fish this way is also supposed to symbolize wealth, as the Chinese word for fish, ‘yu,’ sounds like the word for abundance.
    • Jiaozi While you don’t really need an excuse to tuck into a plate of Chinese dumplings, this dish is particularly traditional for the lunar New Year as the shape of the dumplings are said to resemble old ingot-shaped coins or yuanbao. As such, the dumplings are meant to bring eaters prosperity and wealth. It’s tradition to eat them at midnight on New Year’s eve, and hide a clean coin inside one of the dumplings.
    • Dried Oysters The Cantonese word for dried oysters sounds similar to good business.
    • Lion’s Head Meatballs A dish made of giant meatballs, wrapped in a mane of steamed cabbage, these lion head meatballs are said to represent power, strength and family unity
    • Lettuce Wraps In Cantonese, the word for lettuce sounds like rising fortune, which makes lettuce-wrapped foods popular at this time of year.

Events like this spur our creativity, help us come to know each other and create bonds that make our work environment happier. What can you do with your team?

Kids & Art

Kids & Art is a great organization –  they work with children surviving cancer and bring them art. The artists, parents and community get involved as volunteers by giving the gift of their time and creativity. Volunteers can get involved in a multitude of ways: helping at Kids & Arts events, sanitizing our art supplies, prepping for our art workshops, or creating art bags for the hospitals. Volunteers also deliver the program services and expand our mission of healing through the arts. This organization has an exemplary board and many devoted corporate sponsors.  Their work is compassionate and essential – a great place to help, get involved, give back.

kids and artThe volunteers perform a happy creative service to families and kids.

There are also parties and lots of volunteer appreciation!  The Volunteer Appreciation Party is held on Saturday, January 28 from 2:00pm to 4:00pm at Cafe 360, 101 Post Street, San Francisco.

Contact them, connect and you’ll be grateful for what they do in our community. Purvi Shah is the wonderful Founder and Executive Director of Kids & Art.


Volunteer Spotlight: Matthew Robertson, Volunteer Artist and UCSF Workshop Manager I am a fine artist living and working in Oakland, CA. I discovered the Kids & Art Foundation in the Fall of 2016 during my search for local volunteer opportunities. The mission of Kids & Art deeply resonated with me and I feel honored to be able to take part and lend a hand. I serve as a Volunteer Artist, as well as a Workshop Manager for the Kids & Art workshops at UCSF where I assist with set up and management of the waiting room art programs. My favorite aspect of the workshops is interacting with the children. Kids are natural artists and it’s both refreshing and inspiring to see them effortlessly and happily delve into the projects


  • Volunteer Events Manager – Do you have a love for event organization and coordination? We are looking for an Events Chair for our upcoming Art Fair this Spring.
  • Volunteer Exhibition Manager – Do you have prior knowledge of art installation? We have two exhibitions planned for 2017. One at City Hall in Redwood City in April and one at San Mateo Main Library in May.
  • Volunteer Fundraising Manager – Can you develop and implement an effective fundraising strategy? Are you excited about kids, art, and making sure we can continue to heal our pediatric cancer population? If so, please do contact us.
  • Volunteer Marketing Manager – Can you create and execute a public relations and marketing calendar for the organization?

Email if you have any questions. 

Experiences for Christmas – Not What you could GUESS!

MagicBand, meet magical money I believe gifts are best given when they are EXPERIENCES. Skip the bright bows and big boxes and give your time, enthusiasm and have some fun. Your friends and children will remember this forever. And since I have many adult friends that go to visit the MOUSE quite often… I know they too… this fun filled paradise.  There is something new and cool available now – a way to pay without hassle. THAT SOUNDS MAGICAL TO ME.   CHECK OUT MAGICBANDS!!  Easy to wear it streamlines tickets, hotels, purchases and it’s waterproof!  It gets you through the turnstile or quickly on your way after a purchase – it is a contactless payments pad (just type in your pin)o n your wrist.

It works almost anywhere at the Disney park and has a 2 year battery. (is that in case you don’t want to come home?)

Just bring your Divers License or suitable ID and leave all your Credit Cards at the hotel. No more wondering where you put the CC after the coke spilled down your leg and you were trying to buy an embroidered set of mouse ears. (Yes it is personal experience! ) Have more fun, soak in all the laughter and experiences.

Food Business School – Lectures & Conversations


farmers market

Kristin Richmond is a co-founder and the CEO of Revolution Foods. Join us on January 11th for a conversation on the revolution afoot in healthy meals for kids and families, and how Revolution Foods has built the leading food business platform for this in the US. Wednesday, January 11 @ 5pm PST Sign up



Celebrate Veterans Day at Golden Gate National Cemetery

On November  11, 2016, there are several events for Veterans Day.

To All Our Veterans, THANK YOU FOR YOUR SERVICE TO THIS COUNTRY.   The Avenue of the Flags Committee has posted information on the Annual event for Veterans Day.

Location:  Golden Gate National Cemetery

1300 Sneath Lane, San Bruno. CA
Band Prelude starts at 10:30 a. m.
Program will start (as it always does!) at 11:00 a. m. 
We have moved the location of our program back to the rostrum area near the hill with the large flag. You can see it from a distance – look for the flag pole as you enter through the main gates.

Please join Post 409 for a no-host luncheon!
American Legion Hall Post 409
757 San Mateo Avenue, San Bruno, CA 94066

Call (650) 589-3102

Advance reservations would be greatly appreciated. Directions: The Post is easy to reach, near hwy 380 where San Mateo Avenue and Huntington Ave. intersect.  Google Maps link
There are a limited number of complimentary lunches available for Veterans.  Please let us know if you are coming and we will reserve a ticket.  You must bring/provide identification that shows veteran status.

FIL – AM Heritage Month Celebrated in October in Daly City, CA

This wonderful annual event changes a bit every year. It’s always free and family-oriented. Daly City is a large city next to San Francisco, and you may have never stopped there. It is watched over by San Bruno Mountain…. which is San Mateo county’s largest open space area. Come for the fog, fresh air or Filipino cultural events.

This city is home to the largest Asian demographic in California, the Filipino community in Daly City goes back 50 years celebrates this heritage

Image result for daly city Image result for daly city     Image result for daly city
The annual Asian American Cultural Festival in Daly City, California, is a family-friendly festival organized by Over the Fog, whose mission is to foster understanding and appreciation of all aspects of Asian American and Pacific Islander culture in Daly City and the greater Bay Area. The festival was inspired by the Asian Heritage Street Celebration and how it has brought together the Asian American community in San Francisco.

Locally renowned disc jockey Keith O, former Daly City Mayor David J. Canepa and Daly City native Melody Ybona Gawliu teamed up to create this wonderful community event back in 2012. Attendees can enjoy arts and crafts exhibits, a Kids’ Zone with games and prizes, a photo station, live entertainment, giveaways and more.

Buscycle – Group Bicycle Pedal Power

Saluting Pedal Power!
There is a “Ride your Bike to Work” day and gas prices help us “convert” from our cars to bikes everyday! Pedaling can be a mere method or it can be an experience.
Take a look at the BUSCYCLE for inspiration! I have gotten to be part of the pedal team, lumbering along at a top speed of 5mph or maybe slower, it was GREAT. Highly recommended. You can see it at Palo Alto Music events during the summer.
Take a look at their gallery:

Party bike – Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

If you love this kind of silliness and innovation, its a mash-up that needs your energy (volunteer) and your donations (send a check).

Here are pictures of a Buscycle in Boston. Not the same as the Berkeley buscycle but still loads of fun!

This buscycle is made of mostly recycled and repurposed parts. Most of the group cycles start out that way, because that is the path of most quirky adventures or “invention on a dare!   The motorized car-like lazyboy was just such a project!


And in San Francisco:  SF BIKE COALITION  they have events, maps and news on the latest trends and difficulties of biking in and around SF.

Love the Place you’re IN! Add MUSIC to your Vacation

Not meant to be a great philosophical discussion – – like “What place are You in?” but rather to mention that when we travel, you can ABSORB the place you are in. I do this with music. You can Google “live music” for any city and come up with a list. You’ll be surrounded by happy locals. Rather than chasing all over the world, to mark off each country, try to make the MOST of your travels. Immerse yourself, learn the culture, don’t merely check it off your list of countries!  It is a part of conservation, to really get to know, to understand, to see an area.

If you are in Hawaii, a favorite vacation spot in the summer, I have loved going to the music places that are everywhere.

In Oahu, try this list of places

Oahu is a hot spot for live music. You can find some of the best local artists performing throughout Oahu, from fine resorts to local bars and restaurants.

You’ll discover music all along Waikiki’s main strip of Kalakaua Avenue, from street performers to local musical legends. Listen to traditional Hawaiian music and watch hula performances at the Moana Surfrider and other Waikiki hotels. Tiki’s Grill & Bar and Duke’s Canoe Club feature contemporary Hawaiian music. Or listen to jazz at the Lewers Lounge in the Halekulani Hotel —Esquire magazine once named this one of the best bars in America.

Beyond Waikiki you’ll find other music venues. Just a few minutes away in the Ala Moana Center — Hawaii’s largest open-air shopping mall — the Mai Tai Bar features popular island music in a lively hot spot. Downtown Chinatown’s urban setting is home to stylish bars and restaurants featuring jazz, rock, acoustic and DJs. For national artists, check the schedule of the Neil S. Blaisdell Arena and Concert Hall or the Pipeline Cafe, both popular venues for touring bands and renowned artists. From Hawaiian music at a local bar to sell-out arena shows, Oahu has a variety of live music spots to discover.

…. but also search out the clubs that do Blues Jams or have “pick up” music sessions. There is joy in walking into a more spontaneous group, working out amazing music that will only be heard once… by you the audience.


There are JAMS all over the SF Bay Area peninsula and south bay.  A few to look up? Try “Biscuit and Blues”, The Little Fox  theatre in Redwood City for Wednesday Blues Jam, the Saloon in Woodside for a lazy Sunday music and dancing, or the ever present music festivals:  Jazz on the Plaz, Redwood City Courthouse, Union Square in SF, there are more in Belmont (Twin Pines), San Carlos (Brittan Park), Palo Alto in Mitchell Park,  really-they are all over.  Shoreline Ampitheatre rounds out the music experience with grass seating and 4-pack tickets. Free or Affordable. Take some time, the music is a special attraction of this area.

San Francisco BAY AREA Blues Jams are all over.

Relax! make the most of your vacation.

Screening on 6/6 of Watershed: Exploring a New Water Ethic for the New West

Recology is very proud to host a screening of “Watershed: Exploring a New Water Ethic for the New West,” produced by REDFORD CENTER AND Kontent Films based in San Francisco. Writer/director Mark Decena will be in attendance for a Q&A following the screening.

5:30-6:00: Refreshments/light snacks

6:00-6:15: Introduction/comments by Mark Decena of Kontent Films

6:00-7:00: Documentary Film –  Watershed, executive produced and narrated by Robert Redford

7:00-7:15     Q & A

Location: 900 7th St. San Francisco (a few blocks from the train station), parking is available  in the lot.   DIRECTIONS 

Recology always has enjoyable, informative events, get on their email list for advanced notices.

This film is inspiring, beautifully filmed with loads of details and information. The speakers represent many different viewpoints of how the conservation of water affects them and their communities. You’ll be surprised by some of the adaptions and enjoy the passion of these stories. Very well done! Enjoy watching this great film by Mark Decena.  — the editor

In this documentary film, restoration workers, fisherman and ranchers discuss the future of the most diverted river in the world — the Colorado River. Man’s impact on this critical resource has come at a cost: the river runs dry in parts it hasn’t before, and huge populations are dependent on its water. The story of the Colorado River is in many ways the story of water in the West. And the challenges continue as we struggle with droughts and increased demand for this most precious resource.

What to do: Tickets to this event are free. Please join us. To reserve your tickets, follow the EventBrite instructions.

Together we can help protect the environment.

Recology. Waste Zero.