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The Beeswax Workshop – a great Book!

Image resultThis new book has EVERYTHING!

You will learn how to make over 100 items: household cleaners, beauty balms, natural gifts for your friends and family and even hot glue.
The instructions are step by step so the projects are fun and easy to complete.

If you have tried to clean the toxics out of your home….. this is definitely the NEXT STEP. And it is way more fun than reading the labels (with impossibly small print) on all that horrid stuff in the supermarket and drug stores.

There are historical facts about the use of some of these awesome make-it-yourself items…. and facts to help motivate you to try something new.

For example, did you know:

Perfume and cologne are two of the more toxic personal care products on the market. Synthetic fragrance has been linked to dermatitis, asthma, insulin resistance and even cancer. Perfumes and fragrances represent more than 3,000 undisclosed chemical compounds. Manufacturers are not required to list the actual chemicals on the label. Using these recipes, those with sensitivities to fragrance can create their own unique solid perfume blends based on scents that they tolerate well.  from page 85

Some of the recipes are so wonderful, Calendula Hand Balm sounds like what my poor dry hands have been begging for …. (on page 79). There are so many things to try: bronzers, vinegar rinses for hair (my Mom did this), sunscreen and candles.  This book is packed with great information and recipes and …. you’ll get new ideas on hobbies and personal care and more!

It’s available on Amazon  and other stores / bookstores where fine products and great books are sold!

Sustainable Sandwich Wraps

Bee’s Wrap Sandwich Wraps are a natural food storage container and are reusable! They are made from organic muslin infused with beeswax and jojoba oil. The antibacterial properties of the beeswax and jojoba oil help to keep food fresh. Perfect for lunch on the go!




I found this information in my “love note” from Farm Fresh to You, in addition to great fresh, delivered food, they have great green ideas and recipes!

Getting the Sleep You Need


In the winter, I hear complaints from friends about sleeplessness and waking up in the middle of the night.

There are many things that contribute to this problem, but the resulting sleep-deprivation can alter you health if it continues. I have a few suggestions, they don’t all work for everyone, but generally using a couple of these suggestions will add a few precious minutes or hours to your sleep cycle. Eventually, when you start getting the rest you crave, you can remove one technique at a time, and enjoy the fact that your body has LEARNED to have healthy sleep.

Things to try!

  • Remove the electronics from your bedroom, keep your bedroom just for sleep.
  • Use aromatherapy to lull you to sleep: lavender, vanilla, chamomile, lime and jasmine are great choices.
  • Rubbing the soles of your feet with lavender oil, this is my favorite way to relax.
  • Soaking your feet in warm water, or taking a warm bath.
  • Stretching gently to remove kinks in your back in neck. Child’s pose in yoga helps; 4 yoga poses that help.
  • Eliminate congestion, to help reduce snoring and difficulty breathing.  Spearmint, eucalyptus, and other mint oils help.
  • Avoid noise, and use calming sound or music to bring deeper breathing and restful thoughts.
  • Set up a sleep routine and get to bed each night at the same time.
  • Lower the light settings at night, avoid bright lights before bed.
  • In the afternoon, get outside, in the natural light (absorb Vitamin D) and set your internal clock this way.
  • Sleep in a dark room. Think about the environment in your bedroom. Is it stuffy, dry, noisy, hot, cold?
  • Check your mattress for support and comfort. Change to natural bedding (wool mattress pads are very nice).
  • Check your pillow and get a comfortable, supportive, hypo-allergenic pillow.
  • Avoid caffeine and beverages before bed.
  • Avoid long naps, monitor how much you sleep. Calculate how much sleep you need to feel rested. If you are feeling sleepy, during the mid-day, try a short walk outside.
  • Losing weight (even 5%) helps with snoring!
  • Melatonin – produced naturally by your body, it can help with jet lag too. Begin with a very small dose. More is not better.
  • Read a great new book, Sleep Secrets,  for more information and many links and videos – a GREAT reference!

Plesant Dreams zzzzzzzzzz!



The Toxin-Free Home


A great new comprehensive book about keeping your home SQUEAKY clean without harmful chemicals. But it doesn’t stop there, it gives detailed, thoughtful suggestions on the garden, health care, outdoor pests and more. The Toxin-Free Home – A guide to Maintaining a Clean, Eco-Friendly, and Healthy Home is written by Alison Haynes.

It is a great resource, well laid out and really interesting! There are some recipes that sound so wonderful that I’ll try them ASAP. This one for sure: Making an organic facial mask for oily skin using ingredients from your fridge… Great to learn this!! — the editor

What do you want to know about? It’s all here:

  • Using lavender oil as a natural mosquito repellent
  • Cleaning and shining patent leather with petroleum jelly
  • Removing read wine stains with white wine and rubbing alcohol (love this!)
  • Recycling soap scraps into a whole new cleaner.
  • Simple methods AND also natural, eco-friendly replacements for store-bought chemical-filled cleaners.

You’ll love this book… no extraneous stuff, no filler, just good suggestions that are easy to implement.

Desserts and Essential Oils

Make some great, healthy changes. You can change with good oils – switch to Olive Oil in your baking. YES- baking!

Take a look at this video that discusses Converting your Desserts !  (41 mins)

Add essential oils, olive oil, get rid of the fake stuff, add flavor to your creations. “Olive Oil Queen” Micki Sannar talks about loving healthy food, and making great tasting food.  Not only being cool, but cooking cool by paying attention to “smoke point” (look at the video of Chef Ramsey) and increasing the smoke point of essential oils by blending oils.  You DON’T want to ruin the health benefits of such great oils by having them smoke. Staying cooler & paying attention to heat….. yes…. This will allow us to keep the therapeutic benefits.

p.s. the smoke point of Olive Oil is 325- 375 degrees. 

related posts:  How to find good olive oil. EASY! It absorbs into your skin! Harvest date, dark bottle, reputable source…..

Wedding Day – Calm Yourself!

Balance: put on back of neck to help with nerves

Lemon: to add to your water as a pick-me-up

Wild Orange: rub on the bottom of your feet for an energy boost

Helichrysum: to help with any skin irritation

DigestZen: to help calm any tummy troubles

Deep Blue: to rub on your temples and neck to help relieve any tension

Bergamot: diffuse in room while your getting ready to promote a cheerful and calm atmosphere

Ylang Ylang: for the honeymoon

There are many important health reasons to learn HOW to calm your emotions. Anxiety and blood pressure along with sleep disturbance top my list.  Learning what works for you is very important in your life.

See more at DoTerra Oils

Take a look at this blog post on AROMA.   I’d recommend printing this article; it is very helpful and has may references.

Of course these oils can be used for other occasions! When I am heading to work and I feel a little “off” I enjoy a glass of water with a few drops of lemon oil, when I arrive a glass of water with a few drops of Wild Orange.  If I am starting a headache, I put a few drops of Deep Blue in my hands, rub them together and inhale with my eyes closed, then I apply it to my neck. It works every time. I get “eye headaches” from excel spreadsheets about once a month, so I am grateful for this natural solution.  –the editor

disclosure: I am proud to be a doTerra Wellness Advocate.



Control Corrective Skincare Systems

IRVINE, CA (June 18, 2015) – Clinical-based professional skincare brand Control Corrective Skincare Systems is as serious about the wellbeing of the planet as it is about the wellbeing of its customers’ skin. That’s why the Irvine, CA-based company has taken swift action to remove microbeads from its two product offerings that contained them.

Recently deemed dangerous to the marine environment and its species, the tiny plastic cleansers designed to scrub away dead skin cells are a common ingredient in skin cleansers and exfoliating products. And while many major skincare companies are dragging their feet in eliminating microbeads from their formulations, Control Corrective took a proactive approach by both quickly removing the ingredient and finding a safe and effective replacement.

“At Control Corrective, we believe effective skincare solutions should never come at a dangerous cost to our environment or its creatures,” said Ellen Clark, founder and president. “We always approach formulation with the best quality ingredients and safety in mind, and take immediate action when research shows otherwise.”

In both its Medicated Pumice Wash and award-winning Cucumber Bead Cleanser, Control Corrective has replaced microbeads with jojoba beads, a natural exfoliant made from biodegradable wax. This gentle alternative exfoliates much like microbeads, but without the likelihood of harming sewer systems or the environment. The new, improved formulations of Control Corrective Medicated Pumice Wash and Cucumber Bead Cleanser are available now for purchase. MSRP: $31 and $28, respectively.

Control Final Logo_1ol copy.jpg

Control Corrective Skincare Systems puts the power of beautiful skin into your hands. A clinical-based skincare brand since 1997, Control Corrective Skincare Systems offers comprehensive, collection-based skincare for both the professional seeking to offer superior professional solutions or the consumer looking for a user-friendly home care regimen. Available at finer salons and spas nationwide, the line offers a full range of skin care products that utilize the highest quality ingredients along with natural extracts, vitamins and essential oils.

Control Corrective Skincare Systems products are available through skincare professionals nationwide, or by contacting the company at (866) 290-4290;

Ode to Lemon Oil

Lemon oil is such a great all around oil. It increases alertness and smells great. It is a wonderful safe cleaner, especially great on glass and counters . It feels like “Wake UP” optimism and good morning in a container.  Its a great antioxidant and good to increase respiration.

There is so much to learn about LEMON here is the link I use to figure out HOW MUCH and HOW TO USE IT!

Image result for doterra lemon oils

Uncover your Glowing Summer Skin

Serum awakens tired, sun-damaged skin while protecting from further pigmentation

IRVINE, CA (April 7, 2015) – Secure a gorgeous summer glow – save the sun damage – with Control Corrective Skincare Systems Crystal C Serum, a therapeutic “daily vitamin dose” that brings renewed light to the complexion while protecting it from pigmentation.

Offering a revitalizing combination of stable Vitamin C (Sodium Ascorbyl Phosphate), known for its effective free radical-fighting capabilities, and aloe vera, Crystal C Serum delivers an antioxidant-rich, anti-inflammatory dose to dull, sun-damaged skin, repairing tissue beneath the skin’s surface to reveal luminosity.

Ideal for dehydrated summer skin that’s seen too much sun, the brightening serum not only delivers balancing nutrition to the skin, but also hydrates and calms down over-stimulated skin cells that can cause melanin-produced pigmentation.

“I recommend Crystal C Serum to all of my clients. I use this serum every day, and since including it in my regimen, I have noticed a huge difference in my skin. My complexion is brighter, smoother and less congested. One of my clients has melasma, and it has vastly improved her skin. This serum is an absolute must.”  — Augusta, a skin care practioner

Crystal C Serum should be applied to clean skin every morning under a moisturizer and following heavy periods of sun exposure. It’s available in a one-ounce container for $66 (MSRP).

Control Corrective Skincare Systems puts the power of beautiful skin into your hands. A clinical-based skincare brand since 1997, Control Corrective Skincare Systems offers comprehensive, collection-based skincare for both the professional seeking to offer superior professional solutions or the consumer looking for a user-friendly home care regimen. Available at finer salons and spas nationwide, the line offers a full range of skin care products that utilize the highest quality ingredients along with natural extracts, vitamins and essential oils.

Control Corrective Skincare Systems products are available through skincare professionals nationwide, or by contacting the company at

Introducing Parker Time Potions


Parker Time All Natural Pediatric Massage Potions are Love in a Bottle—For Sleep, Play & Everyday


You may have heard massage for babies and children is a good thing, but did you also know massage creates an important bond between parent and child while also improving long-range emotional, physical, and cognitive development? According to Founder & CEO Kelly Johnson, Parker Time Potions’ mission is to focus their all-natural, quality pediatric massage oils to nurture the bond between parent and child. Johnson developed the massage oils for her son Parker (whom the brand was named after) as a way to connect with and focus on him. Parker Time Potions give parents peace of mind, knowing they are using all-natural massage oils and allowing them to slow down and savor those precious bonding moments with their child.

Aren’t our kids, and the kids we are fortunate to know and love from other families… aren’t they the BEST inspiration. Kids remind us what is important. They smell like sweat and tan bark chips. They name their pet catepillars and tell you stories. For every kid I love, I know that quality products and the kindness of touch and massage, can make each day a little calmer and more magical. — the editor

Parker Time Potions come in 3 formulas: Original, Play & Relax. Each potion leaves your child’s delicate skin soft and smooth, helps improve overall delicate skin and is specifically designed to maintain their skin’s natural balance. A portion of Parker Time Potion’s proceeds go to causes that support children with autism such as the Pingree School for children with Autism—a cause that has touched Johnson’s life.

OriginalParker Time Original Potion ($15.99)
Parker Time Original Potion is perfect for any time of day to help improve overall moisture for your child’s skin. A blend of sunflower oil, jojoba oil, calendula oil and Vitamin E leaves delicate skin soft and smooth. Parker Time Original Potions works promote skin softness and strengthen the bond between parent and child.Parker Time Play Potion ($15.99)Play
Play is the most important activity in the lives of children, helping children learn and develop many different skills. Sometimes play is easy and fun. Sometimes play is trying hard to do something right. Parker Time Play Potion is designed to elevate the mood, uplift the spirit and energize little ones with a blend of sunflower oil, jojoba oil, calendula oil and Vitamin E and is infused with sweet orange essential oil to not only promote the parent child bond but to also promote play.
Parker Time Relax Potion is perfect for an after bath massage to help calm down, relax and ensure a good night’s sleep. A blend of sunflower oil, jojoba oil, calendula oil, Vitamin E and Lavender Rose essential oil leaves delicate skin soft and smooth. Parker Time Relax Potions work to promote calmness and relaxation. Excellent for a bed or naptime massage oil.

Parker Time Potions Gift Pack ($37.99)Parker Potions 3 Bottles

A fabulous gift for a new mom, all three Parker Time Potions in one gift set.

Parker Time is my passion and my goal is to bring the bonding experience Parker and I have had through these products to all parents and their children.”—Kelly Johnson, Founder & CEO



Meet Parker—the inspiration for Parker Time Potions

Parker Time Potions are available online.  Follow them on Facebook, Pinterest and Instagram.