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Don’t be afraid of AI

AI and VR bring the ability to imagine, learn, grow and most definitely Experience something outside our own world view.

I read to 5 year olds each week, they are the best, most inspired Imagineers! They love Unicorns, bat rays, Snowflakes, but Bees- not so much. Half of them have NEVER experienced Snow, but their peers describe it. They have an internal VR that is amazing! It gives me hope for our future.

This is essential in today’s world where the requirements of Diversity, Team building and hyper Productivity are demanded by companies and communities. How can you learn and retain? The goodness is— we have many options online- and they use VR, AI, Big Data, cloud computing, and virtual cash. Get involved, learning is available at seminars, courses, clubs, newsletters, the library, YouTube and (mostly) accessible and free to ALL!

The advances that AI is bringing to our world have been a half-century in the making. But AI’s time is now. Because of the vast amounts of data in our world, only the almost limitless computing power of the cloud can make sense of it. AI can truly help solve some of the world’s most vexing problems, from improving day-to-day communication to energy, climate, health care, transportation and more. The real magic of AI, in the end, won’t be magic at all. It will be technology that adapts to people. This will be profoundly transformational for humans and for humanity. — from the recent TIME article on AI author Lilli Chang of Microsoft

Bay Area Book Festival June 3 & 4

A Festival for Books? At Greeneroo, we LOVE books, not just green ones but all kinds of books on travel, geology, conservation, and even the winemaker detective series.

Over the weekend of June 3rd and 4th, 2017, the third annual Bay Area Book Festival will fill downtown Berkeley with a literary extravaganza that offers pleasure to anyone who has ever loved a book.

Whether you’re a fan of science fiction or history, of fiction or memoir, of poetry or food writing, of children’s literature or science, come experience one of the best book festivals on the planet!

There are 86 sessions, many have several speakers, so many subjects and multiple locations.  You’ll want to get your most organized friends to help you plan your 2 day agenda. Some sessions will be full, so go early.

  • For more information on authors, speakers, tickets:
  • Schedule of Writers

A Garden of Inspiration – a lovely book

Contemplating beauty or hearing an inspiring thought as you read aloud, is part of what makes this book of quotes and thoughts so grand!  There are so many quotes in five chapters focusing on Joy in the Garden, Gifts, Beauty, Garden Wit and the changing seasons. You’ll love it and it is perfect for EARTH DAY, or if you are a one of the people (like me) that insists on EARTH YEAR… you will love it.  I have found a favorite quote or a new quote on every page.  Here are a few of the hundreds of quotes  (88 pages)  in this book:

There is peace in the garden. Peace and results.  — Ruth Stout

The earth is absolutely honest; it gives back what is put into it plus interest on the time, money and effort invested. Treat soil handsomely and it will give you a rich return.  — Patience Strong

Anything which grows is always more beautiful to look at than anything which is built. — Lin Yu Tang.

Project Drawdown and Paul Hawken

EVENT:  May 1st, 2017 at 7:00 pm – Angelico Hall, Dominican University
Paul Hawken will speak upon the release of Project Drawdown, a book containing the 100 most substantive solutions to roll back climate change, based on meticulous research by leading scientists and policymakers around the world.
Sponsored by Book Passage, the Environmental Forum of Marin, and Dominican University, and held at its Angelico Hall. The book will be included in the ticket. Tickets will be sold through Book Passage and are now available.
Paul Hawken is an environmentalist, entrepreneur, journalist, and author who has dedicated his life to sustainability and changing the relationship between business and the environment. His practice has included starting and running ecological businesses, writing and teaching about the impact of commerce on living systems, and consulting with governments and corporations on economic development, industrial ecology, and environmental policy. Paul Hawken has written seven books, which have been published in more than fifty countries and twenty-nine languages. Natural Capitalism, coauthored by Hawken, was cited by President Bill Clinton as one of the five most important books in the world.

Environmental Forum of Marin | P.O. Box 151546 | San Rafael, CA 94915 | 415-484-8336

When Santa Turned Green

Image result for When Santa turned greenA green Christmas story, that discussing what kids can do to make a change. It is a beautiful book with great pictures and suggestions.  Written by Victoria Perla and illustrated by Mirna Kantarevic, it was published in 2007 but I missed it.

It talks about global warming (scary) and the ice caps melting (more scary). But it manages to show that the children have the power to change the world.


My favorite inspired passage in the book is this:  “Santa knows the world’s children better than anybody. How smart they are. And how good they are. (Remember, he’s been checking that list for a looooooooong time.)  But most of all, he knows that when a child believes… miracles happen.”  — the editor

Other suggestions in the book, that kids can take part in:

  • Walk to school, less fuel, more time to talk about life.
  • Grandpa buys a hybrid car.
  • Compost and recycle, the families trash reduces by half!
  • Use the reusable lunch containers rather than the plastic bags.
  • Start a school recycling program.
  • Invent new energy sources.
  • Turn off all the lights when you leave a room.
  • Plant a tree every month.
  • Select toys that have been made locally.

I love the list and in the book even Santa joins in and becomes more environmentally aware and his toy factory goes solar.

This wasn’t in the book, but would be an important addition for ALL children and adults….. More is just more… we buy too much.  Just because you can buy them,  doesn’t mean that you NEED 20 Christmas or Hanukkah presents. Let’s consume LESS too. We can teach our kids that a thoughtful gift or a handmade gift means the world to the recipient.  We can “down size” our desires to have everything and even then …. the gift doesn’t have to come from the mall or mail-order.

A Fantastic Literacy program: Project READ – Redwood City

Project READ is a free, volunteer-based literacy program that recruits, trains and matches volunteer tutors with low-literate adults, youth and parents. Tutors work with learners to improve his/her reading, writing and critical thinking skills.

If you are interested there is an upcoming tutor training workshop. All volunteer tutors must complete 15 hours of training prior to being matched with a learner.

Give the BEST gift in the entire WORLD, teach a child to read. It’s really true, imagine being able to travel anywhere, have enough confidence to challenge the status quo, contribute to inventions, understand that you are not alone! There are other innovators, dreamers and doers out there. A child can find them in a book… no matter where they are.    — the editor

The workshop will be held at the Redwood City Public Library in the Community Room, located on the third floor. Our address is 1044 Middlefield Road in Redwood City. There are five training sessions from 6:00pm to 9:00pm held Tuesdays and Thursdays.


Start Date : 1/17/2017


  • Should you have any questions or if you need further information, please call us at 650-780 7077
  • Wendy Mallegni
  • Project READ Administrative Assistant

Project READ exists to fuel the fire of hope through literacy. Literacy is not only a human right but also a necessity and a gift of opportunities and hope.

Treegirl— coming soon!

The folklore, mythology, and symbolism of trees are rooted in cultures all over the world.  But for Julianne Skai Arbor, trees have even greater meaning.  They are her secret love.  In her amazing new book,TREEGIRL:  Intimate Encounters With Wild Nature, Arbor, a.k.a. TreeGirl, invites readers to share her love of the wildness and grandeur of Nature through more than 150 photographs, complemented by personal essays and information about the natural history of trees.

These evocative images and text remind us that amidst the craziness of our modern technological culture and unprecedented climate crisis, we humans are Nature and connecting deeply with Nature is truly healing.

There is no other book quite like TREEGIRL:  Intimate Encounters With Wild Nature.  Since 1995, the author has traveled the world from Northern California to the plains of Africa in search of breathtaking trees.  The resulting photographs are gorgeous and awe-inspiring.  Accompanying each image is information about the tree’s species, highlighting its distinctive characteristics, as well as its traditional and modern uses. TREEGIRL also includes five marvelous essays by Arbor that address various aspects of the human-tree interactions…. published in January 2017

Endangered Edens – New Great Book

Marty Essen has created a beautiful new book, packed with more than 180 glorious color pictures, entertaining stories and great educational materials. This book is a follow-up  to Marty’s award winning book, Cool Creatures, Hot Planet: Exploring the Seven Continents.

You’ll want to visit the glorious places he describes, and better yet, you’ll understand the value of conserving these global treasures.

This is a great book for so many reasons. It is full of detailed, close-ups and real-life “here we are” pictures. The stories are interesting, curious and fun loving. The issues are real, we are tearing apart this beautiful planet in many ways, but it is still stunningly glorious. I don’t feel hopeless, I feel inspired and I have a new understanding. I may never get to actually see some of these animals, but I feel closer to Mangrove Tree Crabs and have a more complete understanding of the Alaskan pipeline because this book really guided me.  Thanks Marty, you’ve done a great job!

Marty took his love of exploration and wrote stories on the Amazon River that were so well received he continued with a story on Australia. His travels continued, and lucky for us, he continued writing, describing, and capturing what he saw through stunning photography. You may not be able to take the journeys Marty did but these books are an armchair travelers best friend.

His sense of our world, it’s delicate balance and the passion for nature make this newest book thrilling to read, learn from and contemplate.


His experience as a teacher and speaker are combined in a travelogue style with entertaining stories and some humorous adventures. Not all the events were so humorous, being bitten by a poisonous snake, stung by a venomous insect, surrounded by wolves and attacked by a hippo are described in his Cool Creatures, Hot Planet book.  This may not be so surprising, because we have been told his first “pet” was a black widow spider. There are some animals I don’t want as friends, but I am grateful that Marty has such a kind heart.

In his latest book, Endangered Edens, he has claimed Amazon #1 rated in five categories and also won the National Indie Excellence Award in Nature.

About Marty:

Marty Essen’s newest book is published by Encante Press, LLC, and distributed by Small Press United. His website is

New Book: “Magic Sack Come Back Come Back”

Author Deborah Watters’ new novel, “Magic Sack Come Back Come Back”, is an adventure through magic and fantasy full of eccentric characters and exotic creatures. Readers join the 9-year-old heroine Soshi in southeastern Australia as she grows toward adulthood with promise and optimism, embarking on rollicking adventures on an enchanted flying carpet, the “Magic Sack”.

“I wanted to write a book full of positivity and empowerment, even in the face of grim circumstances,” Deborah said. “I’m also concerned about the state of the environment, and made sure to weave themes of conservation and sustainability into the story.”

Clinton – Advocate for Fracking?

Hillary Clinton, real green or convenient green for now? For someone that made $28 million in 2015… I would suggest that she is firmly tied to Wall Street and Big Finance. Which will mean profit first. We don’t really know our politicians, they are in the business of convincing us that they are wonderful.  So Read On…..

evil green

In a series of scathing new emails obtained from the Department of State today, new details are revealed of of behind-the-scenes efforts by former Secretary of State Clinton and her close aides to export American-style hydraulic fracturing to countries all over the world. This comes after a recent TV spot she ran in upstate New York touting her work as secretary of state forcing “China, India, some of the world’s worst polluters” to make “real change.” She promised to “stand firm with New Yorkers opposing fracking, giving communities the right to say ‘no.’” The ad, which was not announced and does not appear on the official campaign YouTube page with most of Clinton’s other ads, implied a history of opposition to fracking, here and abroad.

Leading expert on energy policy Kathleen Hartnett White says on energy policy Hillary Clinton is a hypocrite; and she should not be trying to hide her behind the scenes advocacy for fracking, much less lie about it. Her talking points:

  • Fracking has given us hundreds of years’ worth of this clean-burning fuel that reduces greenhouse gas emissions. It has never been scientifically shown to to harm the environment, despite media claims.
  • Far from challenging fossil fuel companies, the emails show State Department officials worked closely with private sector oil and gas companies, pressed other agencies within the WH to commit federal government resources including technical assistance for locating shale reserves, and distributed agreements with partner nations pledging to help secure investments for new fracking projects.
  • This is a hypocritical move by Hillary to pander to left leaning climate activists and many Sanders supporters.
  • Earlier this month, Hillary also decided to campaign on “putting coal miners out of business.”
  • Americans deserve a president with clear positions on energy and how it is is a kitchen-table economic issue that hardworking Americans care about. They need someone in the Oval Office who cares more about working families than scoring political points with their own political base, on either side.

Kathleen is the Senior Fellow-in-Residence and Director of the Armstrong Center for Energy & the Environment at the Texas Public Policy Institute. She is also the author of the new book, FUELING FREEDOM: Exposing the Mad War on Energy. She was formerly Chairman and Commissioner of the Texas Commission on Environmental Quality (TCEQ). Kathleen is in DC this week and is available for interviews. See a clip of her here.