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CORC Yoga Products – Sustainable & Beautiful











Is your News Year’s resolution to get more healthy and have some fun? Yoga is a perfect addition to any exercise program.  You can relax, rest, recuperate and stretch – yoga also helps me get the healing sleep that I need.

I’ve seen so many yoga products over the years and they all are made from plastics and rubbers that are not healthy or beautiful. The wood blocks, though natural, are noisy and heavy…. but you can Get Inspired! Take a look at the beautiful yoga mats and accessories that are available at

These beautiful yoga mats will get your NEW YEAR off to a happy, green start.  They are made in Portugal using cork …. a product that is earth friendly, non-slip, created from natural materials and recyclable. These beautiful mats and bags are hypoallergenic, and durable too.

You know that a regular mat is made of PVCs and chemicals — the enduring smelliness tells you that …. and they get slippery and more smelly when wet… besides all that they are hard to clean.

Start with a great material – use Cork products by CorcYoga. They make mats, blocks, bags, backpacks and accessories. Get Bendy and relaxed with an awesome mat. I love mine.


South Lake Tahoe Fun

Camp Richardson is a campground and resort you don’t want to miss! This place is always fun, whether you are just relaxing on the beach, playing a game of sand volleyball, hitting the casinos, or going for a spin on the water with your favorite extreme water sports! Group camping is available.

1900 Jameson Beach Road
South Lake Tahoe, CA 96150

What the campsite has to offer:
Lawn Areas
Hiking and Biking Trails
Activity Rentals (Pontoon Boats, Ski Boats, Waverunners, Kayaks, SUP’s, Peddle Boats, Bikes, etc.)
Launch Ramp (bring your boat, kayaks, jetski, etc.)
Horseback Riding & Hay Rides
Water Taxis
General Store & Deli
Ice Cream Parlor
Coffee & Confectionery Shoppe
and the best restaurant & bar around with live music!


Camp Richardson3 You can make your own fun too…. Get some yoga going, it is so much fun outdoors. Get some Rest! Read a book.


Camp Ricardson2

 Or take a hike.   Lounge in the water. Relax on the beach.



Toiletries (wash clothes, soap, shampoo, lotion, nail clipper)
Wet wipes for a quick cleanup
Lanterns/flashlights (if your roaming the campgrounds)
Drinks (waters, Coffee/Tea and Orange Juice)
Preferred snacks/healthy food / camping favorites (S’Mores?)
Bathing Suit
Firewood for a bonfire
Bug repellant – THIS IS IMPORTANT (there have been West Nile warnings in the area, & mosquitoes are abundant)
Layered clothing – You never know what the weather will be like! Moisture wicking and quick drying are a plus! Cotton will stay wet, wool is a better choice, especially in socks
Loose sleeping clothes
slide on sandals – easier to head to the toilet at night
Hat  or cap
Water bottle
Ice chests + Ice
Lip Balm
skin moisturizer
mole skin for preventing blisters
Band-Aids for cuts
Benadryl Gel  OR Tea tree oil for bug bites
Lavender oil (put on the soles of your feet) for relaxing / sleeping
Advil/Ibuprofen / basic first aid: bandaids, elastic bandage
diluted Dawn liquid soap for poison oak encounters
Earplugs (DON’T FORGET THESE! especially for a large group)
Camp Chair or a few
*Cash* – There is a restaurant & bar
Floaties/inner tubes
Jet Skis
Water shoes
Hiking Boots
Card/Board/Lawn Games
Mountain Bikes
And anything else you think would be fun!
Important Information for boat owners:

Due to the infestation of aquatic invasive species in nearby lakes, Lake Tahoe has mandatory boat inspections before launching any watercraft. Your watercraft MUST have the current inspection sticker & approval before using any Lake Tahoe launching facility. For more information, please click here. The closest inspection station to Camp Richardson is 2128 Keetak St., Meyers, CA near the intersection of Highway 89 & 50. The station is open from 8am-8pm. Click here to view location map.

Getting the Sleep You Need


In the winter, I hear complaints from friends about sleeplessness and waking up in the middle of the night.

There are many things that contribute to this problem, but the resulting sleep-deprivation can alter you health if it continues. I have a few suggestions, they don’t all work for everyone, but generally using a couple of these suggestions will add a few precious minutes or hours to your sleep cycle. Eventually, when you start getting the rest you crave, you can remove one technique at a time, and enjoy the fact that your body has LEARNED to have healthy sleep.

Things to try!

  • Remove the electronics from your bedroom, keep your bedroom just for sleep.
  • Use aromatherapy to lull you to sleep: lavender, vanilla, chamomile, lime and jasmine are great choices.
  • Rubbing the soles of your feet with lavender oil, this is my favorite way to relax.
  • Soaking your feet in warm water, or taking a warm bath.
  • Stretching gently to remove kinks in your back in neck. Child’s pose in yoga helps; 4 yoga poses that help.
  • Eliminate congestion, to help reduce snoring and difficulty breathing.  Spearmint, eucalyptus, and other mint oils help.
  • Avoid noise, and use calming sound or music to bring deeper breathing and restful thoughts.
  • Set up a sleep routine and get to bed each night at the same time.
  • Lower the light settings at night, avoid bright lights before bed.
  • In the afternoon, get outside, in the natural light (absorb Vitamin D) and set your internal clock this way.
  • Sleep in a dark room. Think about the environment in your bedroom. Is it stuffy, dry, noisy, hot, cold?
  • Check your mattress for support and comfort. Change to natural bedding (wool mattress pads are very nice).
  • Check your pillow and get a comfortable, supportive, hypo-allergenic pillow.
  • Avoid caffeine and beverages before bed.
  • Avoid long naps, monitor how much you sleep. Calculate how much sleep you need to feel rested. If you are feeling sleepy, during the mid-day, try a short walk outside.
  • Losing weight (even 5%) helps with snoring!
  • Melatonin – produced naturally by your body, it can help with jet lag too. Begin with a very small dose. More is not better.
  • Read a great new book, Sleep Secrets,  for more information and many links and videos – a GREAT reference!

Plesant Dreams zzzzzzzzzz!



Meditation is worth a Try!

I really enjoy my yoga community! For getting started meditating, I’ll share a few things that work for me. Meditation has calmed me, lowered my blood pressure, increased my air intake by 200% (yes, I measured), and made my life “lighter”. Phone Picture Fall 2012 429This may be something you are interested in…. so give it a try!  I’d also recommend relaxation yoga, restorative yoga, yoga nidra and attending Compline at Stanford University Chapel (Sundays 8pm) or finding a mediation or yoga hiking group.

I often have ‘monkey mind’ after work and dinner… that makes meditating difficult. Also, experiment with different times of day or days of week and various places. You’ll find one that works.

  1. Take a silent walk around your block at home. Being outside can reset your mind.
  2. Get in the most comfortable position to meditate (but not sleep)… try a chair, if sitting on a mat is not working.
  3. Use bolsters/pillows to stabilize your posture, eye pillows (or washcloths work) to gently shut out light, trying relaxing from head to toe first, calling each area and consciously relaxing that spot.
  4. Breathing – (this is my biggest help!) imagine a square.
    1. Inhale: Count 1 2 3 4 slowly while breathing in  – imagine moving from Left to Right along the top of the square
    2. hold breath for 4, imagine moving down the right side of the square
    3. Exhale: count to 4, gently exhaling, imagine moving from Right to Left on the square.
    4. hold breath for 4, imagine moving up the left side of the square
    5. Repeat  (you may alter the number of counts to 2 or 3 or 5 depending on your breath, but keep a consistent number on each side of the square), the calmness and repetition combined with giving your brain “something to do” really helps.
  5. Meditate with a friend or a sleepy dog or with white noise. To involve your sense of smell try a bit of lavender essential oil on your palms / or soles of feet.


Satori Yoga Studio – Yoga Time for Us!

Sometimes there is something you are wishing for ….. and voila…. like magic… You find it!

Downtown SF, a great place to work, but it can be stressful. What to do? Yoga always helps. I couldn’t find a studio until now. Andrea Stern is the founder, dedicated to you and yoga, funny, friendly, resilient and welcoming. There are many classes and instructors to choose from.

You’ll want to check this studio out, here is the schedule for this week:


There is yoga, Pilates, massage, meditation and more. THE SPACE is beautiful, airy, high ceilings from another time period. Come enjoy friendly, relaxing, happy yoga….. and unwind.


110 Sutter Street Suite 100

San Francisco, CA 94104


Restorative Hot Stone Yoga Workshop 5/8

Stressed Out? Try this Restorative Yoga Class!

 planet granite yoga

How can you perform well at work with your heart pounding and headaches? Or maybe its a co-worker that can’t focus or get started on all those deadlines. We all deal with pressure and tension in our jobs and lives – how to survive? Take action and try something new!

A wonderful, soothing Restorative Hot Stone Yoga Workshop is being give in Saratoga by an amazing teacher, Reshimika Lata. There will be a harpist playing music to “transport you” to a calmer place. The information is below, put it on your calendar now.

Friday May 8   7-9pm

$55 and $5 off for all mothers!

Location: Worlds Yoga Saratoga

12988B Saratoga-Sunnyvale Rd


phone:  408-741-9642

Open Heart Yoga Festival May 2 – 3

The Open Heart Yoga Festival is only 2 weeks away    so excited!!!
Don’t wait… Buy your tickets TODAY at
Also, dig into your giving yoga nature…

SEND Your Love to us in donations $$ —  Time  24/7 —- or Social Media! 

  • Donate to the festival at The festival does not fund itself… We need your help and support.
  • Jump on FACEBOOK and Like us! Share our Good News of this event.
  • Post info on Linked In, pictures on Instagram and others.  Let’s get the WORD out!

A BIG THANK YOU in advance!

And dear ones, when you post or tweet or FaceBoook….. use these hashtags below to enhance the search tools to FIND US! We are MANY…. yes we are….. hear us whisper…. namaste! 
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About Open Heart YOGA   Open Heart Yoga — is just what it sounds like! Started with the Yoga program certification of YOGA Teacher Training at College of San Mateo, this group is dedicated to opening our hearts and enjoying health fitness and yoga for students, our community, and our Bay Area. Our students have great training and once they are certified in the 200CYT class, they go out to teach and make the world a better place. WE are amazing, and we are doing good deeds. Come join us! Denaya Dailey is our wonderful teacher.

Adam Lapierre Yoga

Adam Lapierre – This teacher does Yoga on the Labyrinth and Yoga Flow…. he has a devoted following.

After a 3 week hiatus due to Teacher Training and Independence day, Yoga for Beginners is BACK (and still Free!) on Friday from 3-4 PM. I’m also thrilled to lead Basics & Beyond on Sunday from 11-1PM (Sliding Scale $8-$18). These are perfect classes for Beginners and experienced practitioners looking to refine their practice.

If you’re in the mood for a strong, dynamic flow experience, please don’t forget that the Hour of Power classes I get to lead on Tues/Thurs/Fri from 5-6PM are still just $10.

Photo: After a 3 week hiatus due to Teacher Training and Independence day, Yoga for Beginners is BACK (and still Free!) on Friday from 3-4 PM. I'm also thrilled to lead Basics & Beyond on Sunday from 11-1PM (Sliding Scale $8-$18). These are perfect classes for Beginners and experienced practitioners looking to refine their practice. </p><br /><br /><br />
<p>If you're in the mood for a strong, dynamic flow experience, please don't forget that the Hour of Power classes I get to lead on Tues/Thurs/Fri from 5-6PM are still just $10 to drop-in!

Make Your Own Yoga Mat Bag

You can give it personality and spunk! You can add pockets or wider straps, pick the fabric, or repurpose a pants leg from worn out pants, recycle some other fabric or buy a remnant.  Use something that you love (make sure it is washable!)

This is a great first project for beginning sewers! You can even hand sew a bag with a running stitch and strong thread. Useful and Easy.

Make a Yoga Mat Bag! (with pictures) 

Use a pants Leg to make a Yoga Mat Bag  p.s. the MAKE magazine can teach you how to do all kinds of projects

Pinterest delves into Making Yoga Mat Bags

Yoga Mat Bag from Old PantsMarimekko Joonas Yoga Mat Bag

  Look what Jenn made! Wow, it is glorious and inspiring! YES, make it your very own. Yoga is better when you make it “Yours”.  (Thanks for sharing JS, it is a “labor of love”!)

Yoga for Osteoporosis

Ever wondered why load-bearing exercise builds bone? Wonder which types of exercise are best and what difference yoga might make? And, if you are considering osteoporosis drugs, what are the pros and cons from a doctor’s point of view?

Get the answers to these questions in our Sneak Peak video excerpts of the 8-part online course with Dr. Loren Fishman and Ellen Saltonstall on Yoga for Osteoporosis – Teaching and Practice, see details below! Plus, please note that Loren and Ellen’sEarly Bird Bonus is expiring soon, so be sure to check out the details below.

Yoga for Osteoporosis: Teaching & Practice
8-part Online Course – Listen at Your Own Time! 

Early Bird Bonus! Live Sessions April 21 and 27

Plus New, Expanded Premium Option!

About 43 million Americans are affected by the thinning bones of osteoporosis or osteopenia. Yoga has much to offer to help prevent fractures as people get older, but how does one target a yoga practice to meet the needs of people with osteoporosis?

In this 8-part online course, Dr. Loren Fishman and Ellen Saltonstall, authors of Yoga for Osteoporosis, discuss important new developments in the field of osteoporosis prevention and treatment, and the essential things any yoga teacher should know when working with people with osteoporosis.

Take a Sneak Peak! 

Curious about the osteoporosis course and what is covered? You might enjoy these sneak peaks from a couple of the opening videos with Dr. Loren Fishman. Enjoy!

Module 2.2.  Bone Strength and Bone Density—A Difference that Matters

DEXA scans give us an insight into bone mass, i.e. the outer structure of the bone. However, there is something that ultimately is far more important than bone mass for preventing fractures, says Dr. Loren Fishman in this video. That is the quality of the bone. The inner strength accounts for about 20 to 60% of the strength of bone.  In this video excerpt, Dr. Loren Fishman discusses the difference between compact bone and cancellous bone, why it matters, and the effects of yoga on bone strength.

Module 2.3.  Osteoporosis Drugs—Pros and Cons

Understanding how osteoporosis drugs work is key to evaluating their effects.  In this video excerpt, Dr. Loren Fishman discusses the effects of the main group of osteoporosis drugs—the bisphosphonates, and how they might make bones more fragile, even as they build bone mass.

Check Out Our New, Expanded Premium Option!

Expand your yoga teaching skills and meet the demands of one of the largest, untapped audiences – aging boomers looking for ways to stay healthy and vital the second half of their lives. In the expanded premium option, you will learn how to put together therapeutic yoga courses to meet the needs of aging boomers.

The premium option includes a two-module course on the sister condition of osteoporosis: hyperkyphosis, a.k.a. the dreaded dowager’s hump. Yoga holds much promise for slowing or reversing the deteriorating posture associated with the early stages of hyperkyphosis. In this course, learn why the health consequences of hyperkyphosis are of similar concern to those of osteoporosis and how and why yoga can be immensely helpful for this population.

Be Sure to Catch Our Early Bird Bonuses! 
Register on or before April 15, and get a front row seat in our live talks and Q&As with Dr. Loren Fishman and Ellen Saltonstall on April 21 and 27. Bring your questions!

The course comes with many other great bonuses, including 2 video practices created especially for this course by Ellen Saltonstall with two 30-minute yoga practices for prevention of osteoporosis. Each practice targets a different skill level, and provides a great resource for how to target a yoga practice to boomers with different backgrounds and fitness levels.

Listen at Your Own Time! When you sign up for the Yoga for Osteoporosis Course, you will have a lifetime membership to the course portal, so you can listen and relisten as many times as you’d like! Also enjoy the transcripts of recordings for easy reference!

And, in case you missed it, be sure to catch Loren and Ellen’s free report:

The 12 Do’s and Don’ts of Yoga for Osteoporosis

For more information about Loren and Ellen’s upcoming course and to register, see the full course description here:

Yoga for Osteoporosis: Teaching & Practice

If you have any questions or suggestions, please get in touch with us atYogaUOnline@gmail.comWe look forward to having you join us!

Warm regards,

The Team at YogaUonline