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Mariposa Donates During May

MANY MAY EVENTS  are happening at the Ferry Building: During the month of May, Mariposa bakeshop donates a portion of sales to the University of Chicago Celiac Disease Center.

Any purchase made contributes to Celiac disease research. Mariposa believes in the transformation of health through food. And, they are committed to promote the health and well-being of anyone affected by Celiac Disease. Wishing you the best of health and of course, butterflies in your belly!

Pink Man Prevails! A Pink Superhero in a Unitard

Pink Man (real name Michael Maxfield) is a local celebrity from the San Francisco Bay Area. He can be seen riding his unicycle around the cities of Berkeley, Oakland and San Francisco. He gets his name from the shocking pink unitard and cape he wears while he performs impromptu unicycle tricks in public places—spinning, engaging in sudden stops, riding down the street at high speeds, and carrying people on his back.

Need a Smile?  One of the many characters that adds more charm to San Francisco streets. He has amazed people with his fasts moving stunts.

Maxfield was born and grew up in Leominster, Massachusetts, where he discovered the unicycle at age 13. He moved to San Francisco at age 19, and then to Oregon. While in Oregon, he started performing on his unicycle under the name Jester Max. When he moved back to Leominster years later, he found himself spending hours dancing on his unicycle, and pedalling around town, garnering a front page story in the Worcester Telegram. He moved back to Oregon, where he sought out a new unicycle persona; on a whim, he purchased a pink Lycra unitard costume from a dancewear catalog. The new outfit proved extremely popular, and an onlooker at the University of Oregon campus dubbed him “pink man.”[1][2]

Pink Man has performed in Oregon, Los Angeles, Houston, the San Francisco Bay Area, New Jersey, New York, the Pacific Northwest, Jacksonville, Vancouver, Paris, Tokyo, and Germany.[1][2][3] His Tokyo and Paris trips were sponsored by computer-game designer Will Wright, who calls Pink Man “the only real superhero I know.”[1]

Stay Healthy

Most people believe that after about the age of 25, their bodies are destined to steadily decline. And after 50, they are certain to deteriorate.

But in her powerful new article, Food Revolution Summit speaker Christiane Northrup, MD,  tells us why this doesn’t have to be true! In fact, our bodies don’t betray us, and they don’t have to worsen every year.

What is your Fitness story?

Two young ladies from Northwestern interviewed me on my fitness choices. That conversation go me to thing about positive change and whether I “walk the walk”. <grin> I started thinking about the walking program I started in January 2017. I wanted to get out and walk more, I was at about 3 miles a day, wishing to amp it up to 5 miles/day.

I work on the board of Asian Connection and had heard from our members – MORE ACTIVE EVENTS. Ok, I can do that, so Healthy Walks 2017 was born.

What I learned

Do what you can do well. I wanted to make a walking event once a week at noon. ..and offer informal walking events after work.  A smart friend, said no, start with 2 x month and see how it goes.

Make it easy to get involved. Make sure your group can find you… so I held up a stuffed pony at our meeting point. We gathered a group that first day, and the weather couldn’t have been better on The Embarcadero in SF. Our walkers were happy and relaxed afterwards. We got thank you notes. It was so much fun.

Mike the pony, came to every walk after that. He became our mascot. He served so many purposes. He was in the photos, then he starred in the photos, then he became a point of conversation for the walk “newbies”. Mike was way more than a walk helper, he contributed laughter and inspiration for dozens of photos.

It could have been a “bust”, but our Healthy walks are a success. Plan for both. Make small adjustments until you get a formula that works. Pay attention to what your walking group wants.



FarmFresh DATE & TIME Saturday, March 18  11:00 am – 2:00 pm

WHERE: Capay Organic Farm 23808 State Highway 16, Capay CA

You can come see where it Happens! Head to the farm in Capay! Get to know your farmer, harvest your own fruits and veggies, ride the tractor-tram, picnic near the fields and participate in our fun farm activities!

  • Farm Talk with your Farmer–Get to know your farmer! Meet us at the lower event site at noon. Thaddeus and Brendan will share tidbits about Farm Fresh To You, organic produce and sustainable agriculture. Get your questions answered!
  • Kids’ Activities — We will have tractor-tram rides every 15 minutes touring you around the farm. The Esparto/Capay 4-H Club will have a mini petting zoo set up and we will also have a face painting booth!
  • Organic Market Stand — Our Farm Fresh To You Market Stand will be selling seasonal, organic produce as well as fun Farm Fresh To You swag! Pick up a canvas tote featuring one of our favorite fruits/vegetables and load it with seasonal produce.
  • Tasty Treats  — Tacos 911 will have authentic, Mexican tacos available for purchase. Luciano’s Scoop will be selling their artisan gelato, The Rustic Puff will be selling their homemade marshmallows, and Pachamama Coffee will be serving up hot coffee and cold brew. We will also have Township Valley Farms selling their homemade pesto, and Capay Valley Ranches offering premium olive oils.


$5 per adult | Children 12 and under FREE!

No RSVP necessary for Farm Tours. Just come out and have fun!

For more information please visit us at


As the World Turns: Vida

health veggieshealth care is changing. (repeat that 1000 times).

And we have waited for this change. Begged for it. Wanted it. Many brilliant people and new companies will help us. VIDA is one.  (refer to Fast Company’s article on Tech Execs heading towards health care) I have watched numerous innovators, start ups, MLMs (BeachBody, Xocai, Juuva… so many in this space)  and medical folks try to address this need …. each one gets a bit closer.  Fit Bit, MUSE meditation, smart phone apps, delivered healthy foods, “brick and mortar” good foods (Proper Food and more) are all available.

Why are we fatter and sicker? Maybe the tide is turning. Put on a smile, change into trainers and talk a walk while you think about it!   Could a health coach that was part of your total health solution help? Along with all the apps, diagnosis, proactive information, cutting edge medical advice???

VIDA is passionate about helping people… Part-time Health Coach!  Does Vida have the right integrated idea? 1-1 approaches work so well, I really like this idea. In part, because not every positive healthy change requires a doctor.

WHY is this significant? Most of our chronic illness come from our LIFESTYLE CHOICES. Not hereditary, not accident, but our intention /laziness/lack of motivation. We can exemplify superb project management, detail-oriented behavior, comprehensive data analysis at work…………….

but what about ?

doing this for our own bodies?


VIDA “Contact Us” Info:

The Beeswax Workshop – a great Book!

Image resultThis new book has EVERYTHING!

You will learn how to make over 100 items: household cleaners, beauty balms, natural gifts for your friends and family and even hot glue.
The instructions are step by step so the projects are fun and easy to complete.

If you have tried to clean the toxics out of your home….. this is definitely the NEXT STEP. And it is way more fun than reading the labels (with impossibly small print) on all that horrid stuff in the supermarket and drug stores.

There are historical facts about the use of some of these awesome make-it-yourself items…. and facts to help motivate you to try something new.

For example, did you know:

Perfume and cologne are two of the more toxic personal care products on the market. Synthetic fragrance has been linked to dermatitis, asthma, insulin resistance and even cancer. Perfumes and fragrances represent more than 3,000 undisclosed chemical compounds. Manufacturers are not required to list the actual chemicals on the label. Using these recipes, those with sensitivities to fragrance can create their own unique solid perfume blends based on scents that they tolerate well.  from page 85

Some of the recipes are so wonderful, Calendula Hand Balm sounds like what my poor dry hands have been begging for …. (on page 79). There are so many things to try: bronzers, vinegar rinses for hair (my Mom did this), sunscreen and candles.  This book is packed with great information and recipes and …. you’ll get new ideas on hobbies and personal care and more!

It’s available on Amazon  and other stores / bookstores where fine products and great books are sold!

Staying Well, Working Happy and Farm Fresh to You

freeman-farmers-marketWe talk about wellness often at work. We are heading into flu season and many people in our group are feeling crummy. I often share the “news of the day” and no surprise, it is about eating well, living well and enjoying each day.

I have many types of suggestions: exercise, yoga, drinking water, getting more sleep, taking a walk…. but by far the best, most fun, and easiest healthy change is TO PAY ATTENTION TO WHAT YOU EAT!

Companies can brace themselves for many sick days, lost productivity and teams that are worn out and low energy… OR they can get involved in encouraging healthy choices.

Look what FARM FRESH TO YOU does:

Get Started boost workplace wellness

We deliver organic produce and hand-crafted farm products fresh from our own family farm and other local partners directly to homes and offices in many areas of northern and southern California. Wellness program available in those areas. Let us help you hit your workplace wellness goals; contact us »

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Food Business School – Lectures & Conversations


farmers market

Kristin Richmond is a co-founder and the CEO of Revolution Foods. Join us on January 11th for a conversation on the revolution afoot in healthy meals for kids and families, and how Revolution Foods has built the leading food business platform for this in the US. Wednesday, January 11 @ 5pm PST Sign up


Fresh Tomato Sauce from Farm Fresh to You

Here’s a quick sauce that allows you to revel in summer flavor without keeping you in a hot kitchen. Preserve every last precious drop of summer time.

Fresh Cherry-Tomato Sauce
Fresh Tomato sauce
(serves 4-6)

3 pints (approx. 6 cups) cherry tomatoes, halved if large – assorted types okay
2 tbsp extra-virgin olive oil
3 cloves garlic, whole
½ cup, Kalamata olives, pitted and halved
3–4 tbsp fresh oregano, leaves chopped
1 cup fresh basil, cut into ribbons or coarsely chopped
2 tsps unsalted butter (optional)
Freshly-ground black pepper and salt, to taste
Freshly-grated Parmigiano-Reggiano (optional for serving) tablespoons olive oil


Add olive oil to cold pan. Smash garlic cloves directly into oil, slowly softening garlic over gently heat to infuse the oil with flavor. Turn down heat if garlic starts to brown too quickly.

Once garlic is soft and lightly golden, turn heat up to medium and add Kalamata olives or other flavor boosters mentioned above and sauté briefly to warm and soften.

Add cherry tomatoes and oregano to pan. Turn up the heat to medium high and allow to simmer, cooking for 20 minutes or until tomatoes are fully cooked, juices incorporate and sauce thickens. Sauce shouldn’t be rapidly boiling but a heavy simmer is okay. Remove sauce from heat and gently stir in fresh basil and butter. Salt and pepper to taste. Visit our site for more seasonal recipes.

Looking to add cherry tomatoes, garlic, olive oil, or basil to your delivery?  We can help get your ingredients to your door! – this recipe is from FARM FRESH TO YOU