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Computers learning to drive Big Rigs

Read more here: Waymo pilots self-driving cargo trucks for Google’s Atlanta datacenters

Waymo has been testing autonomous cars in the wild for some time and has also revealed plans for a self-driving ride-hailing service and unveiled a self-driving minivan. News emerged last year that Waymo was expanding its self-driving technology to trucks, but little was known about how far along that effort was.

Now Waymo has confirmed that it is about to kickstart a pilot in Atlanta for self-driving trucks that will be used to cart goods destined for Google’s datacenters.

Take our Children to Work Day

Special event: The fun starts on Thursday April 27, 2017, get to see some local history and learn about stagecoaches, the drivers, famous Well Fargo ponies, and communication through the ages!  It’s FREE and Fun!

Wells Fargo has fun activities at the Wells Fargo History Museum – Located in downtown SF:  420 Montgomery St 1st Floor  San Francisco  From 10:00 a.m. to 2:00 p.m. (close to Montgomery BART)

  • Ask questions! The museum staff is glad to help!
  • Learn about checks, money transfers and weighing gold!
  • Play a vintage PONG game
  • Send a package with the help of our express agent
  • Send a telegram (what is a telegram? you can find out!)
  • Ride our Stagecoach Kidde Ride and Full-size replica coach
  • Solve a stagecoach robbery!
  • Many SELFIE opportunities at this museum!

Check in with the museum staff upon arrival. Large groups, please call ahead of time 415-396-2619.

It is a great way to get a sense of history. Imagine no cell phones, selfies, or even cordless phones. Would you send a telegram or write a letter to stay in touch with family and friends?

The Grinch’s GREEN Guide to Holiday Marketing

So much of marketing is focused only on the bottom line. How much can we bump SALES up?

But what about responsible purchases?  This is our big moment to flex our GREEN MUSCLES!  With that in mind I have re-focused this marketing blog… (but you are welcome to visit the original Grinch’s guide here.)

Aquarirum of the BAYConsumers enjoy holidays quite a lot

But sometimes we marketers, frankly, do not.

green refrain:

It seems like they gravitate to the plastic crap

And then put it in glittery  plastic gift wrap

Buyers say their budgets are tight the paychecks are  lean

But let’s help them think sustainable and GREEN

It’s the end of the year! We must budget and plan!

But we try to be festive as much as we can.

As you work and you stress, you may feel your eyes squinch

Though you love what you do, you might feel like a Grinch.

Hikes and more June 2013 031

Responsible Gift Buying and Loving Time Gifts:

  • Buy creative play toys made locally out of sustainable materials (wooden blocks, coloring books, t-shirts to color, cookies to bake)
  • It doesn’t have to be already put together – try a craft (knitting, sewing, painting), or a hobby growing plants, baking bread. Kids love these accomplishments and treasure the memories.
  • Give music or photos or memories.
  • A book gift – a book you love and read – recycle!
  • Volunteer together as a family or gather a group of friends and help out at the food kitchen or pantry.  Planting trees is a great group outdoor event.
  • Afterwards, have a picnic lunch / potluck at someones home or go on a food crawl and visit a few restaurants for appetizers and hot drinks.
  • Most of all, remember the best gift you can ever give is your Time! Take a walk, go on a hike, play catch, chase waves at the beach. These are the best gifts of all.