Great Green Ideas…Earth Friendly Thinking

Hike Hidden Villa

April 17, 2014 By: Jacqueline Smith Category: Hike

Put on your hiking shoes and head over to Hidden Villa to share in their discoveries. FYI, there is a $5 parking fee at Hidden Villa paid by the honor system at the entrance station.  The lot does fill up,  you may wish to carpool, it’s a better idea anyway. Distance: 2.5 mile: easy to [...]

Happy Earth Day

April 17, 2014 By: Jacqueline Smith Category: Compost, Energy Saving, Global Understanding, Recycling

 Earth day is April 22…… actually it is everyday, right? Enjoy these graphics, posters, videos and imagine how you can get involved. Everyone can volunteer somewhere, everyone plays a part. Teachers and Parents — please take a look at these artistic graphical images , photos and stories that help explain what our next step must be! You’ll [...]

TP! A “tree free” Alternative

April 17, 2014 By: Jacqueline Smith Category: Discover earth, Energy Saving, Recycling

27,000 trees are flushed down the toilet every day, and 10 million trees are wasted in toilet paper each year. Imagine the waste alone this past weekend. Looking to go green, the organizers of Vestal Village at Coachella reached out to Nimbus Eco to provide tree free toilet paper for their “Vestal Village” event guests. [...]

Attend the Food Revolution Summit, Read the Real Food Action Guide

April 17, 2014 By: Jacqueline Smith Category: Events, Food, Garden /Plants, Health and Beauty

Shared by Claire – THANKS – from the wonderful and informative group: Feminine Power. This morning as the sun was shining in through my window onto the breakfast table in our home in Santa Cruz, California, I read a few facts that hit a little close to home for me . . . I used to joke [...]

Are you hitting LIKE on a Brand or Company?

April 17, 2014 By: Jacqueline Smith Category: Books

Pretty interesting way to get people to agree to arbitration without their knowing that they have done that. Maybe you have voided your right to sue! You may have done just that if you use coupons from FACEBOOK for General Mills, the maker of cereals like Cheerios and Chex as well as brands like Bisquick and [...]

A Must-Read Book: Toxin Toxout

April 16, 2014 By: Jacqueline Smith Category: Books, Toxic Products

TOXIN TOXOUT: Getting Harmful Chemicals Out of Our Bodies and Our World (St. Martin’s, May 6) by Bruce Lourie and Rick Smith, which Booklist called “a book no one in the industrialized world has the luxury of ignoring” Every day, our bodies encounter countless toxins hiding in ordinary household products like makeup, toothpaste, soap and food (there are over [...]

Measure AA – Public Education Reminder

April 16, 2014 By: Jacqueline Smith Category: Discover earth

From the Mid-Peninsula Regional Open Space District (MROSD) This is OUR Open space — which we pay for with our TAXES: As District Volunteers and Docents and people that love the great outdoors, you possess a rich amount of knowledge regarding the District’s history, mission and goals.  We are asking for your help in educating the general public [...]

April 27 -Tahitian dancing and live drumming & music!

April 15, 2014 By: Jacqueline Smith Category: Events, Green Art

From my wonderful friend Julie: My Polynesian dance group Manuia is having a recital show and I’d love if you guys could make it! It’ll be a great show of Tahitian dancing and live drumming & music! There will be some food and shopping vendors as well. Tix are $15. A fantastic show! Feel free [...]

Sugar, Stress, Addiction, Obesity

April 15, 2014 By: Jacqueline Smith Category: Food, Health and Beauty

 This is incredible, easy to understand nutrition information, backed up by science and facts.  New data about sugar. Can your liver handle it? Can you metabolize it? Learn about Metabolic Obesity. Does sugar cause obesity?  You’ll want to take a look at this video by UC TV Fat Chance: Fructose 2.0 Learn more about: Fructose [...]

Yoga for Osteoporosis

April 12, 2014 By: Jacqueline Smith Category: Yoga

Ever wondered why load-bearing exercise builds bone? Wonder which types of exercise are best and what difference yoga might make? And, if you are considering osteoporosis drugs, what are the pros and cons from a doctor’s point of view? Get the answers to these questions in our Sneak Peak video excerpts of the 8-part online course with [...]