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You may have your own company or work as a team member in a larger company. However you make your daily bread, you MUST recognize good performance, encourage successes and foster growth. It you leave it until the end of the week or the end of the year….. it won’t get done. Sign up for this weekly hint, you’ll be glad you did! Cindy Ventrice is an expert and an insightful leader.

Take FIVE to Recognize. That’s all it takes.  — the editor

At the End of the Day. Research shows that what happens last makes the greatest impression and is most memorable. This is also true of the workday. End each day on a positive note whenever possible.


Try a:

Quick meeting to announce a success.
Email update with a note of encouragement.
Afternoon ice cream break.
Message by the time clock or coat rack.

At the end of the day, what impression are you leaving your team with?

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When Santa Turned Green

Image result for When Santa turned greenA green Christmas story, that discussing what kids can do to make a change. It is a beautiful book with great pictures and suggestions.  Written by Victoria Perla and illustrated by Mirna Kantarevic, it was published in 2007 but I missed it.

It talks about global warming (scary) and the ice caps melting (more scary). But it manages to show that the children have the power to change the world.


My favorite inspired passage in the book is this:  “Santa knows the world’s children better than anybody. How smart they are. And how good they are. (Remember, he’s been checking that list for a looooooooong time.)  But most of all, he knows that when a child believes… miracles happen.”  — the editor

Other suggestions in the book, that kids can take part in:

  • Walk to school, less fuel, more time to talk about life.
  • Grandpa buys a hybrid car.
  • Compost and recycle, the families trash reduces by half!
  • Use the reusable lunch containers rather than the plastic bags.
  • Start a school recycling program.
  • Invent new energy sources.
  • Turn off all the lights when you leave a room.
  • Plant a tree every month.
  • Select toys that have been made locally.

I love the list and in the book even Santa joins in and becomes more environmentally aware and his toy factory goes solar.

This wasn’t in the book, but would be an important addition for ALL children and adults….. More is just more… we buy too much.  Just because you can buy them,  doesn’t mean that you NEED 20 Christmas or Hanukkah presents. Let’s consume LESS too. We can teach our kids that a thoughtful gift or a handmade gift means the world to the recipient.  We can “down size” our desires to have everything and even then …. the gift doesn’t have to come from the mall or mail-order.

Staying Well, Working Happy and Farm Fresh to You

freeman-farmers-marketWe talk about wellness often at work. We are heading into flu season and many people in our group are feeling crummy. I often share the “news of the day” and no surprise, it is about eating well, living well and enjoying each day.

I have many types of suggestions: exercise, yoga, drinking water, getting more sleep, taking a walk…. but by far the best, most fun, and easiest healthy change is TO PAY ATTENTION TO WHAT YOU EAT!

Companies can brace themselves for many sick days, lost productivity and teams that are worn out and low energy… OR they can get involved in encouraging healthy choices.

Look what FARM FRESH TO YOU does:

Get Started boost workplace wellness

We deliver organic produce and hand-crafted farm products fresh from our own family farm and other local partners directly to homes and offices in many areas of northern and southern California. Wellness program available in those areas. Let us help you hit your workplace wellness goals; contact us »

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Time to Help: Homeless Prenatal Program

homelesspp hpp-mom-babyNatalie was eight-months pregnant and her time at a local emergency shelter was up. With nowhere to go, Natalie and her 3 year-old son packed up their things and began couch surfing and staying at overnight shelters.

A Wonderful organization:  Homeless Prenatal Program.

HOMELESS PRENATAL PROGRAM, 2500 18th St. San Francisco, CA 94110

Natalie was eight-months pregnant and her time at a local emergency shelter was up. With nowhere to go, Natalie and her 3 year-old son packed up their things and began couch surfing and staying at overnight shelters. She came to HPP knowing that she needed safe and stable housing for her growing family. HPP put Natalie and her son up in a hotel for a week while waiting for a space at a long-term family shelter to become available. A week later – on Saturday – Natalie and her son moved into the family shelter. The next day Natalie gave birth to a beautiful baby girl named Nay’ari.

Natalie and her family will be staying at the shelter for many months, giving her and her Case Manager the time needed to secure permanent housing.

Natalie’s story is one that we hear too often at HPP. With so many homeless families in San Francisco, rooms in family shelters are hard to come by: shelter stays have strict time limits and waitlists are long. Natalie needed help when there was no room in the shelter, and HPP was there. Natalie gave birth knowing that she had a place to bring her daughter home to and a plan for moving forward.

We were able to support Natalie and her family because of you. Our donors help support emergency services that are able to respond directly to client needs. Because of the generosity of donors like you, HPP was able to ensure that Natalie’s new baby and 3 year-old son have the promise of stability.

If you can give money that would be so helpful, if you can give time, there are ways to help. This is a critical need in our community. Please consider this amazing group.  — the editor

We hope you will consider making an investment in HPP’s families this holiday season.  Your partnership makes a significant and lasting difference in the lives of our families.

Recycle your CRAYONS!

I didn’t know that you could do this! The Crayon Initiative recycles unwanted crayons and remanufactures them into new ones!  These new crayons are donated to children’s hospitals, art programs and other organizations that are invested in our children.

Art projects for kids and their families can be so therapeutic and relaxing. It takes the stress of a new room or hospital bed and puts the emphasis on fun, coloring, pictures, art. It is really a blessing for a family that is working through health issues with their kids. A small distraction, a way to forget about the pain or fear. I’ve seen many pediatric units covered with crayon art,  it helps.

This is really a cool idea.

How can you be a part of the Initiative?

  • Collect crayons
  • Volunteer
  • Donate Funds
  • Share Your Colors. Recycling unwanted crayons into unwanted possibilities.

Food Business School – Lectures & Conversations


farmers market

Kristin Richmond is a co-founder and the CEO of Revolution Foods. Join us on January 11th for a conversation on the revolution afoot in healthy meals for kids and families, and how Revolution Foods has built the leading food business platform for this in the US. Wednesday, January 11 @ 5pm PST Sign up



Celebrate Veterans Day at Golden Gate National Cemetery

On November  11, 2016, there are several events for Veterans Day.

To All Our Veterans, THANK YOU FOR YOUR SERVICE TO THIS COUNTRY.   The Avenue of the Flags Committee has posted information on the Annual event for Veterans Day.

Location:  Golden Gate National Cemetery

1300 Sneath Lane, San Bruno. CA
Band Prelude starts at 10:30 a. m.
Program will start (as it always does!) at 11:00 a. m. 
We have moved the location of our program back to the rostrum area near the hill with the large flag. You can see it from a distance – look for the flag pole as you enter through the main gates.

Please join Post 409 for a no-host luncheon!
American Legion Hall Post 409
757 San Mateo Avenue, San Bruno, CA 94066

Call (650) 589-3102

Advance reservations would be greatly appreciated. Directions: The Post is easy to reach, near hwy 380 where San Mateo Avenue and Huntington Ave. intersect.  Google Maps link
There are a limited number of complimentary lunches available for Veterans.  Please let us know if you are coming and we will reserve a ticket.  You must bring/provide identification that shows veteran status.

jill-stein.jpg (560×362)The only green candidate in many years to get visible traction in a presidential race. Jill Stein is favorably viewed by voters that wanted Bernie.  Then there is also a strong “NEVER CLINTON” movement that is based on the scandals, fraud and lies in the Clinton camp; they seem to view her as a good choice too. She also can win over the disenfranchised group for the many voters who wanted a smart, professional woman that brings CHANGE to this country. This is true,  especially if undecided voters felt that Trump’s “business first” practices, random comments, sexist stance are over the top. However, she has the same “lack of experience” problem as Trump. She could be good for this country and especially on many global green initiatives. No matter what happens, her name is showing up and that is a great green step forward towards more inclusive politics.

The polls are really too random to tell what might happen and the news media seems to be in Clinton’s pocket for the last year, so real data and vetted news is scarce.  The “unlikely voters” which are left out of many polls tend to under-represent millennials and new voters.

Getting to 5% helps the independent 3rd party- it would make a HUGE difference, this would give Dr. Stein a voice to continue. Having enough votes could also make sure that the debates include the third party candidates and open up funding, so that this critical “Who Is Jill Stein?” question could be answered! Now it looks like 3/4 of the voters don’t even know that she is running.


The Basics: 

Jill Ellen Stein is an American physician, activist and politician. She is the Green Party’s nominee for President of the United States in the 2016 election. Stein was also the Green Party’s presidential nominee in 2012.Wikipedia
Born: May 14, 1950 (age 66), Chicago, IL
Candidate for: President of the United States

Group Bike Riding – it’s a Conference Bike

It’s no joke: the ConferenceBike is a revolutionary way to bring people together. The CoBi-7 is pedaled by 7 riders sitting in a circle. One person steers while the other 6 pedal (or not) as the bike moves effortlessly along. More than 300 CoBies are now being enjoyed by a wide variety of groups in 18 countries. It is a tour bike in Berlin, Baltimore and San Francisco; a tool for corporate team-building in Copenhagen and San Diego, a way for blind people to bike in Dublin and Florida. Googlers use this for moving team meetings.  Looks hilarious.  It sorta fits with their multi-colored bikes that are available to get from one part of the campus to the other.

_MG_7957 med

A Fantastic Literacy program: Project READ – Redwood City

Project READ is a free, volunteer-based literacy program that recruits, trains and matches volunteer tutors with low-literate adults, youth and parents. Tutors work with learners to improve his/her reading, writing and critical thinking skills.

If you are interested there is an upcoming tutor training workshop. All volunteer tutors must complete 15 hours of training prior to being matched with a learner.

Give the BEST gift in the entire WORLD, teach a child to read. It’s really true, imagine being able to travel anywhere, have enough confidence to challenge the status quo, contribute to inventions, understand that you are not alone! There are other innovators, dreamers and doers out there. A child can find them in a book… no matter where they are.    — the editor

The workshop will be held at the Redwood City Public Library in the Community Room, located on the third floor. Our address is 1044 Middlefield Road in Redwood City. There are five training sessions from 6:00pm to 9:00pm held Tuesdays and Thursdays.


Start Date : 1/17/2017


  • Should you have any questions or if you need further information, please call us at 650-780 7077
  • Wendy Mallegni
  • Project READ Administrative Assistant

Project READ exists to fuel the fire of hope through literacy. Literacy is not only a human right but also a necessity and a gift of opportunities and hope.