Great Green Ideas…Earth Friendly Thinking

EARTH DAY – What Green Deed will YOU do?

April 22, 2016 By: Jacqueline Smith Category: Events, Garden /Plants, Global Understanding

Earth Day (April 22) inspires us to be better greener global citizens! Let’s conserve water and energy, let’s get healthier by walking, hiking and biking. Let’s plant some native drought tolerant trees and smile at whatever the weather brings.  We can buy quality, skip the junk, make things last rather than throw out. We can make GREEN style […]

6 months of THINK PINK at SF Ferry Plaza

April 07, 2016 By: Jacqueline Smith Category: Events

“Think Pink Thursdays” At Ferry Plaza Wine Merchant   If you love rosé wine, you won’t want to miss this! Beginning on Thursday, April 7th and running for SIX MONTHS, Ferry Plaza Wine Merchants are hosting “Think Pink Thursday.” Let the rosé flow, have a great time, not only with your friends, but with those around you, […]

South Lake Tahoe Fun

April 03, 2016 By: Jacqueline Smith Category: Discover earth, Yoga

Camp Richardson is a campground and resort you don’t want to miss! This place is always fun, whether you are just relaxing on the beach, playing a game of sand volleyball, hitting the casinos, or going for a spin on the water with your favorite extreme water sports! Group camping is available. 1900 Jameson […]

“Bee Bread” At Beekind

April 03, 2016 By: Jacqueline Smith Category: Corporate Green, Events, Garden /Plants

   BeeKind is happy to announce the return of their fresh local honeybee pollen. Known in the beekeeping world as “Bee Bread” it is 35% protein and contains 18 Amino Acids, this is an amazing superfood to add to any diet and will even help relieve local allergies if consumed regularly! You can add this […]

Finally! A way to fill YOUR OWN k-CUPS!

March 18, 2016 By: Jacqueline Smith Category: Recycling

Instead of selling pre-filled k-cups, Ekobrew instead is a k-cup filter that you can reuse as many times as you’d like – filling it with whatever brew you prefer. While this does open up many new possibilities, the biggest drawback to the Ekobrew is the loss of the convenience. It took a bit longer from […]

Get Inspired: Garden!

March 17, 2016 By: Jacqueline Smith Category: Events, Garden /Plants

GREAT gardening article:, “Gardening 101: Everything you need to know to plant a thriving garden” (posted 3/18/16) There is so much information in this article (how to, choosing plants, tools), but these natural pest elimination  recipes are great – make your own: Insect repellent: In a large pot, mix two heads of crushed garlic, 3 […]

Cool Chairs- Rustic and hand Crafted

March 15, 2016 By: Jacqueline Smith Category: Corporate Green, Recycling

Vermont Cedar Chair Co. turns forgotten wood into sustainable furniture that fuses comfort, function and form It’s the big, rustic, bark-covered chair, and it’s the most comfortable seat in the house. Based on the concept of using leftover wood from the natural selection process of forgotten trees, Vermont Cedar Chair Company has regenerated outside furniture […]

SHYP – Recycling with eBAY Made Easier!

March 14, 2016 By: Jacqueline Smith Category: Energy Saving, Recycling

*Do you have junk?   *Do you have Collectibles and wish you didn’t?  eBay selling is now easier IF you live in San Francisco, Chicago, Los Angeles or New York.  SHYP does all the legwork, they will pickup, packup and send. NOW you have no excuses to declutter. Enjoy this article on SHYP from Harry McCracken  Shyp’s […]

Farmgirl’s Flowers – a must Read!

March 07, 2016 By: Jacqueline Smith Category: Corporate Green, Garden /Plants

Sometimes I see a Mission Statement that knocks my socks off. Not often. But this one did….. FARMGIRL’s FLOWERS … I am a fan! Farmgirl’s Mission Statement Our goal is to completely change the way flowers are purchased in the United States. We promise to purchase, design, and sell the absolute best quality American grown […]

Learning Something New

March 06, 2016 By: Jacqueline Smith Category: Books, Energy Saving

Some folks hated school. Some don’t like to read. Some have a particular learning style. Even without all that, you could be short-circuiting learning the things you need. ” When confronted with new information—especially knowledge that seemed to contradict what they already knew—the trainees simply shut down.” Excerpt from the book: Be Bad First, author […]