As the World Turns: Vida

health veggieshealth care is changing. (repeat that 1000 times).

And we have waited for this change. Begged for it. Wanted it. Many brilliant people and new companies will help us. VIDA is one.  (refer to Fast Company’s article on Tech Execs heading towards health care) I have watched numerous innovators, start ups, MLMs (BeachBody, Xocai, Juuva… so many in this space)  and medical folks try to address this need …. each one gets a bit closer.  Fit Bit, MUSE meditation, smart phone apps, delivered healthy foods, “brick and mortar” good foods (Proper Food and more) are all available.

Why are we fatter and sicker? Maybe the tide is turning. Put on a smile, change into trainers and talk a walk while you think about it!   Could a health coach that was part of your total health solution help? Along with all the apps, diagnosis, proactive information, cutting edge medical advice???

VIDA is passionate about helping people… Part-time Health Coach!  Does Vida have the right integrated idea? 1-1 approaches work so well, I really like this idea. In part, because not every positive healthy change requires a doctor.

WHY is this significant? Most of our chronic illness come from our LIFESTYLE CHOICES. Not hereditary, not accident, but our intention /laziness/lack of motivation. We can exemplify superb project management, detail-oriented behavior, comprehensive data analysis at work…………….

but what about ?

doing this for our own bodies?


VIDA “Contact Us” Info:

When Business Collides with the Environment

It doesn’t  have to be this way.  And it is gutt-wrenching when a company you trust seems to go astray. But first, ask Why are they participating in this action? Is one of my favorite companies alone in this action OR is this a collaboration with other companies? Are they required to join in?

Most of all, ask is there any community benefit that will be created …. or has new information come to light? Sometimes, something that seems to help underserved communities, ends up harming others or the community.

Environmental Leadership and corporate goals may seem to never go “hand-in-hand”. However, some companies are members of the communities they serve. You can see their involvement by their sponsorship of parades, museums, volunteerism and contributions to non-profits. There are many great stories at Wells Fargo that represent their commitment to the environment, to innovation, to small farmers and much more.

SeaTurtlesFLPlease check out this link.  It will bring you to a collection of Wells Fargo stories.

For any corporation, look into their overall focus, their commitment to positive change, recognition of neighborhood values and also their LISTENING SKILLS.


The Beeswax Workshop – a great Book!

Image resultThis new book has EVERYTHING!

You will learn how to make over 100 items: household cleaners, beauty balms, natural gifts for your friends and family and even hot glue.
The instructions are step by step so the projects are fun and easy to complete.

If you have tried to clean the toxics out of your home….. this is definitely the NEXT STEP. And it is way more fun than reading the labels (with impossibly small print) on all that horrid stuff in the supermarket and drug stores.

There are historical facts about the use of some of these awesome make-it-yourself items…. and facts to help motivate you to try something new.

For example, did you know:

Perfume and cologne are two of the more toxic personal care products on the market. Synthetic fragrance has been linked to dermatitis, asthma, insulin resistance and even cancer. Perfumes and fragrances represent more than 3,000 undisclosed chemical compounds. Manufacturers are not required to list the actual chemicals on the label. Using these recipes, those with sensitivities to fragrance can create their own unique solid perfume blends based on scents that they tolerate well.  from page 85

Some of the recipes are so wonderful, Calendula Hand Balm sounds like what my poor dry hands have been begging for …. (on page 79). There are so many things to try: bronzers, vinegar rinses for hair (my Mom did this), sunscreen and candles.  This book is packed with great information and recipes and …. you’ll get new ideas on hobbies and personal care and more!

It’s available on Amazon  and other stores / bookstores where fine products and great books are sold!

Food From The Heart – a Week of Fun

heart-picThe Ferry Plaza has beautiful views, you can walk along The Embarcadero and soak up the salt air and views. It has is a one-stop treasure of Food, Wine, Appetizers, Tastes, My Favorite Ice Cream, Bread that entices and lovely restaurants and shops.

Our annual Slow Food SF benefit Food From the Heart event will kick off Friday, February 10th, at 5pm and the marketplace will stay open until 7:30pm. Our merchants will offer hors d’oeuvres for $2-6 each, and local Napa Valley Vintners will pour wine for $4 per taste.

farmers marketSaturday, February 18th, noon, Charles Phan, Executive Chef and Owner of the Slanted Door, will present a cooking demo featuring the seasonal bounty of the farmers market. The CUESA Classroom is under the white tents in front of the Ferry Building.

In celebration of Valentine’s Day, Acme Bread is pleased to offer rosemary hearts. Each heart is 5 oz of soft-crusted rosemary bread – the perfect size to share with your sweetie, and as tender as your mutual affection. Hearts will be available from Friday, February 10th through the 14th.

We LOVE Beekind. In an age of clean eating, finding the rare and hard to get honey is today’s challenge. Beekind’s Honey kiosk is a great source for special and varietal honeys. Check out the Coffee Blossom Honey and beekind’s San Mateo Wildflower.

Book Passage commemorates Black History Month with inspiring biographies, histories, and books on social activism and justice, for all ages. Don’t see a title you’ve heard about? Special order for delivery within a few days.

Fort Point Beer Company brings San Francisco Beer Week to the Ferry Building with events and featured products! Like Fort Point/Humphry Slocombe Happy Hour Friday, February 17, 4pm-6pm!

Ferry Building neighbors and long-time friends Recchiuti Confections and Humphry Slocombe have teamed up to create February’s Flavor of the Month, Recchiuti Caramel Crunch!  Ohh…. heart be still, this is a great “collaboration”!

Of course the Ferry Building is a transit hub…. get maps, tourist information, catch the ferry…..

Not only have new Rickshaw totes arrived at Bay Crossings, but also starting in February, Bay Crossings will start selling BART passes, along with their normal Clipper and SF Ferry services, and maps and cards and cloth bags and books on the area.

Whatever you delight in…. you can find it here. Let’s celebrate Valentine’s Day and share some love, food, and happy times.

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New Executive Order on Travel to the USA

We all may be wondering how the federal government’s new executive order addressing immigrant, nonimmigrant, and refugee entry into the United States.  That’s understandable.  I’m curious about translators, families traveling, people attending green conferences in the United States. You may have more concerns and questions.

  • Duration: 90 days
  • Countries named: 7 predominately Muslim nations indicated in the order (Iraq, Syria, Iran, Libya, Somalia, Sudan, and Yemen).
  • Does not apply to those holding USA Green Cards and several other groups/ professions.
  • To read the executive order, click this link, you’ll have to sign in for access with your email and zip code. Then click the Join Us button.

We’ll learn more in the days ahead as the order is implemented. There will be that may affect travelers, families, and companies.

Articles, there are many:

What Immigration Ban Means for Business from Fast Company: “There’s no immediate need to panic or take brash action,”….

Text of Order and Comments – NY Times

Year of the Rooster! Good Luck and Auspicious Foods

Good Luck Here are  Auspicious Foods – There are many to enjoy!

Our team is enjoying learning, eating lucky foods, and we are having a Tea Party to celebrate Lunar New Year. We build our social skills and understanding of many cultures by celebrating our diverse work group.

  • Tangerines Mandarin oranges (AKA “cuties”) are said to bring wealth and good luck. That’s because the Chinese word for orange and gold sound similar, while the word for tangerine also sounds like the Chinese word for luck.
  • Long Noodles  The longer the noodle, the longer the life span, or so the belief goes.
  • Tray Of Togetherness During the holidays, it’s customary to both receive guests and pay visits to friends and families. The Tray of Togertherness is filled with snacks like
    • Candied fruit melons (growth and health)
    • Dried coconut (friendship and unity)
    • Kumquats (gold and prosperity)
    • Lotus seeds (fertility)
    • Longan (‘many sons’)
    • Guests will munch on these throughout their stay. The tray should have eight compartments, the Chinese number for good luck.
    • Nian Gao Made of glutinous rice flour, the sweet dessert is supposed to help the eater climb the social ladder as the Chinese word nian gao is a homonym for “higher year.”
    • Pomelo In Cantonese, the word pomelo sounds like the words ‘to have’ and means ‘continuous prosperity.’
    • Whole Fish The key to this dish is to serve the fish whole with head and tail intact to represent a good beginning and a good end for the coming year. Serving fish this way is also supposed to symbolize wealth, as the Chinese word for fish, ‘yu,’ sounds like the word for abundance.
    • Jiaozi While you don’t really need an excuse to tuck into a plate of Chinese dumplings, this dish is particularly traditional for the lunar New Year as the shape of the dumplings are said to resemble old ingot-shaped coins or yuanbao. As such, the dumplings are meant to bring eaters prosperity and wealth. It’s tradition to eat them at midnight on New Year’s eve, and hide a clean coin inside one of the dumplings.
    • Dried Oysters The Cantonese word for dried oysters sounds similar to good business.
    • Lion’s Head Meatballs A dish made of giant meatballs, wrapped in a mane of steamed cabbage, these lion head meatballs are said to represent power, strength and family unity
    • Lettuce Wraps In Cantonese, the word for lettuce sounds like rising fortune, which makes lettuce-wrapped foods popular at this time of year.

Events like this spur our creativity, help us come to know each other and create bonds that make our work environment happier. What can you do with your team?

Kids & Art

Kids & Art is a great organization –  they work with children surviving cancer and bring them art. The artists, parents and community get involved as volunteers by giving the gift of their time and creativity. Volunteers can get involved in a multitude of ways: helping at Kids & Arts events, sanitizing our art supplies, prepping for our art workshops, or creating art bags for the hospitals. Volunteers also deliver the program services and expand our mission of healing through the arts. This organization has an exemplary board and many devoted corporate sponsors.  Their work is compassionate and essential – a great place to help, get involved, give back.

kids and artThe volunteers perform a happy creative service to families and kids.

There are also parties and lots of volunteer appreciation!  The Volunteer Appreciation Party is held on Saturday, January 28 from 2:00pm to 4:00pm at Cafe 360, 101 Post Street, San Francisco.

Contact them, connect and you’ll be grateful for what they do in our community. Purvi Shah is the wonderful Founder and Executive Director of Kids & Art.


Volunteer Spotlight: Matthew Robertson, Volunteer Artist and UCSF Workshop Manager I am a fine artist living and working in Oakland, CA. I discovered the Kids & Art Foundation in the Fall of 2016 during my search for local volunteer opportunities. The mission of Kids & Art deeply resonated with me and I feel honored to be able to take part and lend a hand. I serve as a Volunteer Artist, as well as a Workshop Manager for the Kids & Art workshops at UCSF where I assist with set up and management of the waiting room art programs. My favorite aspect of the workshops is interacting with the children. Kids are natural artists and it’s both refreshing and inspiring to see them effortlessly and happily delve into the projects


  • Volunteer Events Manager – Do you have a love for event organization and coordination? We are looking for an Events Chair for our upcoming Art Fair this Spring.
  • Volunteer Exhibition Manager – Do you have prior knowledge of art installation? We have two exhibitions planned for 2017. One at City Hall in Redwood City in April and one at San Mateo Main Library in May.
  • Volunteer Fundraising Manager – Can you develop and implement an effective fundraising strategy? Are you excited about kids, art, and making sure we can continue to heal our pediatric cancer population? If so, please do contact us.
  • Volunteer Marketing Manager – Can you create and execute a public relations and marketing calendar for the organization?

Email if you have any questions. 

Green Hope and Optimism – Making a Difference!

It’s not always easy….. in fact it’s not usually easy, but you can keep yourself “LIFTED UP”.

Maybe your goal is to move into a smaller house or help kids get out of the city and into nature. Maybe you’d like to write a book or a guide. Or start an organic garden for your family. Whatever you dream of you can do it.

Hikes and more June 2013 031   tiny homes  Gardening Skin Care

  1. Create a detailed action plan. Set small goals and identify the specific steps needed for reaching each of them. This allows you to experience success along the way to a larger goal and provides a feeling of accomplishment, which can be very motivating.
  2. Be clear on your purpose. Understand your reasons for initiating change. What is your motivation for the goal you have set? Ask yourself: What do I WANT? You’re more likely to invest your time and energy in the change if it’s for something that’s more personally meaningful and satisfying, and consistent with your values.
  3. Visualize your goal. When setting a goal, try to create a detailed mental picture of your successful outcome. How will the achievement of your goal look, feel, and sound? Visualize this every day to stay motivated over a prolonged period of time. Say your goal out loud! It helps clarify what you are doing.
  4. Make personal recovery time a priority. Recovery time refers to activities that support your overall well-being such as taking short breaks, scheduling seven to eight hours of sleep each night, Yoga, a hike in the woods, learn something new. Set aside time for comforting activities.— it is a necessary requirement for attaining great achievements.
  5. Get organized. Eliminating distractions – if you are writing, stop answering emails at the same time. Realize the constant multi-tasking takes a toll on creativity. Organizing your life can help you to better focus on your goals and give you more energy and clarity in everyday activities.
  6. Make it fun. Find ways to make achieving your goals fun. If the effort feels like hard work, there is an increased likelihood that you will avoid and procrastinate taking the steps needed. Have a short green escape to think over your plans. Looking out over a view or scenic area can expand your horizons both literally and figuratively.
  7. Expect and accommodate setbacks. Obstacles occur in every worthwhile endeavor. Recognize setbacks as signals of progress and opportunities for learning.
  8. Have your support in place. Friends and family can be a great source of encouragement when making lasting changes. Making progress is typically easier when we have a team or social media group that focuses on a similar goal to provide support when things get tough.
  9. Use resources available. If one of your goals is to adopt a healthy outlook, consider using:
    • music you love or inspiring stories of others to get you back in the groove.
    • meditation – it really helps relax your brain and reduce angst.
    • Do not isolate yourself, mix with others.
  10. Reward yourself periodically. Acknowledge and reward your progress whenever you reach a milestone — even if it’s a small one — by doing something you like to do.

Remember that the daily choices we make determine the overall quality of our lives. Each of us controls our attitudes and actions, and this is ultimately the key to mastering and maintaining our motivation.

I Want a Great Local Experience

Communications Hill 3You aren’t the only one!

Do you want more for your vacation than holding a guide book the whole time. Figuring out your next step, but ending up at a tourist-dive?

Go Local! This is the fun way to make the most of your time. Hire a local to get you out of the crowd and immersed in the local life. You’ll see the best, and maybe its not the 5-Star plan but rather the places that people who love that city hang out!

Wouldn’t that be fine! ?

“Travelers want to be with locals,” said Jack Ezon, president of Ovation Vacations in New York. “They want to be immersed in a destination. Instead of guides who know a lot of facts, they want insiders who can really give them the lowdown. Or they want a nightlife host who can take them to the coolest bars and nightspots and tell the story from their own perspective.”


Travelers want to connect with human beings.

This might seem counterintuitive. More travelers than ever before are foregoing travel agents in exchange for mobile booking sites. And smartphones have made it easy to travel without interacting with other people. In spite of these developments, travelers still thirst for human connection. They want to interact with locals who reside in the area in which they’re traveling and can add to the authentic feel of a trip. In fact, interactions with locals are a critical element of the cultural immersion modern travelers are seeking. Travelers also expect human service during their travels. They don’t want to interact with an app if they need help. They want to connect with people.

The Latest Trend in Travel Planning