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The Urban Cycling Survival Guide

February 20, 2015 By: Jacqueline Smith Category: Bike riding, Books

Just in time for the Perfect Weather! And if the warm weather hasn’t reached you yet…. it will and your’ll want to be prepared.  Coming Soon – March 1 – A great new book on cycling, The Urban Cycling Survival Guide: Need-to-Know Skills and Strategies for Biking in the City by Yvonne Bambrick.  It’s an accessible, straight-forward guide to getting […]

SOMA and sustainable water filters

February 20, 2015 By: Jacqueline Smith Category: Food, Global Understanding

Since its launch in September 2013, Soma’s incredible success story and meaningful giveback mission has created an indelible legacy for the brand. By incorporating cause, design, convenience and sustainability, the world’s first 100% sustainable water filter has brought attention to the importance of having a proper water filter at home while simultaneously raising awareness about the need for clean […]

Party Like It’s 1915!!

February 19, 2015 By: Jacqueline Smith Category: Events, Food

Great events all over the Bay Area! New Exhibit:  Wells Fargo Museum  – SF 420 Montgomery focuses on the PPIE too. Saturday Feb 21 — It is COMMUNITY DAY at the Palace of Fine Arts in SF near the Presidio. (I think) There are so many pages and type faces I got lost a few times!! […]

Bring your Sweetheart to Filoli Feb 13-14

February 08, 2015 By: Jacqueline Smith Category: Events, Food, Garden /Plants

It’s the opening celebration, and there is lots to do. I’ll be in the Children’s craft area, possibly covered with paint and glue, but having a great time! We’d love to see you there!~    Schedule of Events From magnolia, camellia, and narcissus blossoms, blooming branches of Daphne, quince, and plums to the many playful […]

Stay Healthy and get the Most out of your Health Care Provider

February 04, 2015 By: Jacqueline Smith Category: Food, Health and Beauty

There are many recipe sites… but you might not have checked your health care provider’s site. Most big providers have a whole list of “healthy choices” links, podcasts, presentations and web sites. At UHC, I really like this site for Healthy eating. There are a variety of recipes, including slow-cooker meals that my busy family […]

Researchers: Anonymized Data…. Isn’t

February 03, 2015 By: Jacqueline Smith Category: Corporate Green

A new study shows that even when real names and other personal information are stripped from customer data, it’s often possible to use just a few pieces of the information to identify a specific person, the New York Times reported. In a study published Friday (Jan. 30) in the journal Science titled “Unique in the […]

Deckopedia’s 50 Ways to Go Green

January 30, 2015 By: Jacqueline Smith Category: Books, Discover earth, Recycling

When we’re young, we all want to change the world. Save the planet! Save the whales! And then we grow up, and realize that huge issues like climate change, deforestation and renewable energy are far more complicated than we’d ever imagined. But what if you really could change the world for the better, step by […]

“Farm-to-Fork” movement

January 30, 2015 By: Jacqueline Smith Category: Compost, Corporate Green, Food, Garden /Plants

As the “farm-to-fork” movement continues to gain momentum in the restaurant scene, the owners of Girard Gourmet in San Diego dare to take the concept to the next level. Owners, Francois and Diane Goedhuys, own and operate their very own one acre farm in Julian, sourcing fresh produce to include stone fruit, banana squash and […]

Introducing Parker Time Potions

January 28, 2015 By: Jacqueline Smith Category: Essential Oils, Garden /Plants, Health and Beauty

NURTURING THE PARENT & CHILD BOND ONE MASSAGE AT A TIME Parker Time All Natural Pediatric Massage Potions are Love in a Bottle—For Sleep, Play & Everyday You may have heard massage for babies and children is a good thing, but did you also know massage creates an important bond between parent and child while also improving […]

Capitalism vs. Climate in Perspective— Thoughts on Naomi Klein’s This Changes Everything

January 28, 2015 By: Jacqueline Smith Category: Uncategorized

BERKELEY, CA—January 19, 2015 – Naomi Klein’s remarkable book This Changes Everything: Capitalism vs. the Climate (Simon & Schuster, 2014) is a deeply insightful and unflinching look at the global threats posed by climate change, environmental devastation, and economic injustice. Klein offers up a new framework for understanding the economic and political roadblocks preventing progress […]